Coffee Cupping At Trabant

Yesterday I participated in a coffee cupping at Trabant. Trabant is located in Seattle’s University District. Since starting INeedCoffee back in 1999, I’ve received many coffee related invitations. What is interesting about the cupping invite was it came via this blog post here on CriticalMAS and not from INeedCoffee.

Photo by Flickr user Gaber

The blind cupping was comprised of 8 coffees. The first pass was dry fragrance, which consisted of just smelling the freshly ground coffee. The second pass was wet fragrance. On the third pass we sipped each coffee.

In my previous attempts at cupping, I’ve been OK at determining the region and country of the coffee. Last night I did extremely well. Of the 8 coffees, I guessed the correct region (Central America, South America, Asia, India, Africa) for 7 of the coffees. And I nailed 4 coffees down to the country level. Thats impressive considering I’m just a hobbyist that hasn’t even brewed a non-espresso drink in 15 months.

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