Bailing on Guavaween

The streak will end at 12 years. Looks like I won’t be attending Guavaween this year. Since 1995, I’ve spent the last Saturday in October in Ybor City, Florida celebrating Halloween.

Every year the cost for me to attend the event gets greater and greater. In the 1990s, I would drive in and find a free parking spot. Today a trip to Guavaween requires a cross-country plane trip and 2 nights in a hotel. When I ran the numbers the cost of the trip this year would have exceeded $1200.

I’d love to go, but the cost is now too high. And if I haven’t convinced you it’s the best day of the year yet, I never will.

Clark Kent

Legacy Comments


What?! No Guavaween? I’m SHOCKED!! You need to start earning airline miles! You live in Seattle now…get yourself an Alaska Air card for sure.


The Ybor City Hilton is charging ~$500 for 2 nights. Tampa now has a 12% hotel tax.

For $1200, I can spend a week in Buenos Aires, round-trip flight included.


hey Michael I’m sorry to hear that you are not going to be at Guavaween this year because you and wing man are some of the people I look for when I get there. Well maybe I’ll see you next year.
(your favorite Nazi) Eddie

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