Clover Coffee Conclusion?

Today I had one of the best cups of coffee I’ve ever had. It was the Kenyan Mwiria roasted by 49th Parallel and served in a Clover Coffee brewer at Trabant Coffee. Earlier this week Starbucks announced they bought the company that makes the Clover and I asked an important question.

Will independent coffee houses still be able to buy Clover machines? The best cafes in Seattle already have one. What about the rest of the country?

I read some bad news today. According to A Clover quandry on, the answer is no.

It seems that Starbucks has intentions of withdrawing the machine from the market and retaining complete control.


The people who have them now (approx 300 machines I think) are the only people outside of Starbucks with access to this technology.

I really hope Starbucks doesn’t go that route. I’d hate to see a bunch of unappreciated Clover machines littering thousands of Starbucks while quality coffee houses suffer without the brewer.


  1. dhammy says


    Have you tried a cup from one of the Keurig coffee makers? I’m not familiar with the Clover machines but they seem to be a commercial version using very similar technology to the Keurig.

    I had a couple of cups from a Keurig a couple of weeks ago and found their coffee very decent but not great. I wonder if the machine might make a great cup of coffee if you could somehow put better (homeroast) coffee into their pods. It wouldn’t seem to be a very difficult engineering effort to achieve.

  2. says

    I’ve had an awful experience with the Senseo machine which is a similar pod-based single serve machine. Search INeedCoffee for my thoughts.

    These single serve machines are not even close to the Clover. The Clover uses a vacuum brewing system with a filter as fine as human hair.

    If *$ has locked down the Clover supply, I’m thinking about getting a crew together a doing a heist once they make it to the *$ locations. :)

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