What Do I Normally Cook?

Someone recently asked me what I normally cook. For the past several years a typical meal has been broken down into a protein, a vegetable and a starch. This year I started occasionally swapping out the starch for a second vegetable or a side of beans. Dr. John Berardi of Precision Nutrition likes his clients to only consume starches on days they exercise. To me that seems like a sensible compromise between the starches are good and starches are evil camps.

Most Common Protein

  1. Wild Salmon
  2. Mahi Mahi
  3. Ahi
  4. Turkey
  5. Buffalo
  6. Lamb

Most Common Vegetables (* usually raw)

  1. Spinach *
  2. Broccoli
  3. Bell Peppers *
  4. Tomatoes *
  5. Cauliflower
  6. Asparagus

Most Common Starches

  1. Sweet Potato
  2. Brown Rice
  3. Red Potato
  4. Couscous
  5. Whole Grain Pasta


The above photo is one of my normal meals. It consists of wild salmon, broccoli and a potato. Then I wash it down with a 32oz Pepsi. Just kidding. Water is my mealtime beverage.

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