Home Latte Art Attempt #1 For 2010

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Let me started by saying that I am not skilled when it comes to latte art. Since 99% of the drinks I make at home are straight espresso shots, I rarely get a chance to improve my pour. Today I got to try making latte art using non-homogenized half and half from Lynden, Washington’s Twin Brook Creamery.

According to their website:

Our fresh cow’s milk is gently pasteurized at a low temperature, killing harmful bacteria, but we do not homogenize our milk. Homogenization is a process which alters its natural state by forcing it through small openings at high pressure. Without homogenization, the cream is free to float to the top of the container.

The photo below isn’t great by cafe standards, but a vast improvement over anything I’ve poured in the last 6 months. Oh and it tasted better than ANY latte I’ve ever had. Super creamy.


Twin Brook Creamery – From Lynden, Washington.

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