Coffee Detox Article Up on INeedCoffee

I just released A Month Without Coffee on INeedCoffee. That way it can reach more coffee drinkers, specifically those that might be abusing caffeine.

My next experiment will be seeing if I can handle rum, as it is a non-grain based distilled alcohol. I know nothing about rum. If anyone has a mid-priced rum suggestion, please leave a comment. In the event my body can’t handle rum, I don’t want to be out too much money from buying a premium brand. But I also don’t want to experiment with a ghetto brand that might have impurities that would affect the test results.

UPDATE: I got a comment saying my INeedCoffee post needed to be proof-read. Did anyone see any errors? If I made a mistake, I missed it.

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  1. Becky says

    Bacardi light rum? They have a dark rum, too, but it is probably less pure. As a non-drinker, that is all I can remember about rum. I have a violent allergic-type reaction to alcohol, so I can’t drink it.

  2. says

    Good rum is actually pretty easy to find for a reasonable price since good rum is usually made in Latin American countries. I like Brugal, but I’ve had a hard time finding it in Seattle.

  3. Marisa says

    I suppose the error they’re referring to is the use of “complimentary” instead of “complementary”.
    It didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the post or prevent me from understanding it, though.

  4. Marisa says

    Also the last sentence:

    “…but you might masking the fact you feel out of control without stimulates. At least that is thought that came to me this morning.”

    should be:

    “…but you might *be* masking the fact *that* you feel out of control without *stimulants*. At least that is *the* thought that came to me this morning.”

    But those look like cut and paste errors to me. Ok, I’ll stop now!

  5. says

    @Paul – Thanks for the tip. I’m going to look for that rum. I don’t know why WordPress keeps flagging your comments as SPAM, but I caught it. I wish there was a way I could Whitelist your email.

  6. Dan says

    Mount Gay Rum. Very smooth. Reasonably priced. Highly rated. If you have a juice extractor (pulp ejector type is best for this) grab yourself a pineapple, chilled in the fridge is best. Cut one inch sections, then into strips, skin and all, run it through your juicer to make about 6 oz of fresh juice. Pour 2 oz of Mt Gay Rum into this. You will think you are in the tropics. Squeeze fresh lime into it too. This brings out the pineapple flavor. It is fabulous. You’ll thank me later.

    If you don’t want to make fresh pineapple juice, you can use canned but it’s cooked and dead. No enzymes to help with digesting the fruit. Still good tasting though.

  7. says

    @Dan – You are the 2nd person to recommend Mount Gay. I like the pineapple juice ideas as well. I’m going to get some today.

  8. says

    @Dan – There were 3 Mount Gay Rums. I got the middle priced one which was called Eclipse.

    @Paul – That Kracken bottle kicked ass. It had a higher alcohol content than the Mount Gay, so if my test is successful, I’ll try it next time.

  9. says

    @All – A friend of mine that is a professional writer helped me find all the errors with my INeedCoffee post. All is well again. :)

  10. Dan says

    Eclipse isn’t their middle, it’s their main level for Mount Gay and it’s great. There are two above it, extra old and old cask. Eclipse is better than Myers and certainly better than Bacardi and is in the same price range as both. If you end up liking rum, Appleton is great too.

    The Daiquiri is the classic rum drink, it’s 2 oz rum, 3 or 4 oz fresh lime juice, a bit of sweetener (can be stevia too) a shaker full of ice, shake a good 10 seconds and serve in a martini glass.

    Hemingway used to make his Daiquiri by splitting the fresh lime juice with fresh grapefruit juice and a bit of Maraschino liqueur (which is not the same as the cherry juice in a jar btw). The Hemingway version is very good too.

  11. says

    @Dan – By middle I meant there were 3 types of Mount Gaye. One was cheaper (a clear rum) and one more expensive (aged).

    I haven’t cracked the bottle yet. I’m sure I will like it. The question for me is will my body like it. So far I have a perfect track record of every type of alcohol giving me a screaming headache even in doses as low as 1 ounce.

    Thanks for the drink idea. I love limes and grapefruit.

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