Coffee Stories That Annoy Me

I just put out a new article on INeedCoffee called 5 Coffee News Stories That I Never Want To Read About Ever Again. Readers of this blog can probably guess the first item I listed.

#1 Coffee Health Cheerleading Stories

I plan on doing a full article on the topic that will cover some ideas discussed on my caffeine detox posts as well as the comments section.

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  1. thomas says

    Well, OK. But coincidentally I came across this story and since it is nearby to you in Oregon I couldn’t resist, if nothing else you can swap stories with another home roaster. from Craigslist:

    “I’m a home roaster and I’m noticing in the newspaper that animal poop coffee is really popular and expensive. I’ve been growing yellow bourbon arabica in my greenhouse for a couple years and it’s finally starting to produce quality cherry. I will personally ingest this cherry and mimic the “kopi luwak” progress. I will roast this coffee so that it’s ready to brew, in time for the holidays. I will be able to harvest only a couple of pounds of this special kind of coffee so act now before it’s too late.
    ‘I’m 47, healthy, and will guarantee you’ll like my kopi hopi luwak style coffees.”

  2. thomas says

    Mine was obviously not serious but I think people send you coffee links in good spirits. A buddy of mine had some kind of motorcycle and everyone thought he was super into them so every year he would get more motorbike gear gifts even though he hardly ever road it. I dunno maybe you should try making your own kopi hopi luwak as your body won’t reject its own intestinal bacteria; although shouldn’t matter post roast anyway.

  3. Jim says

    I have no idea what poop coffee is (animal or human), and hope never to know.

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