Goodbye Coffee Hero!

Today was a good day. I sold the Coffee Hero web domains. Soon I’ll be transferring over the Facebook and Twitter accounts. Coffee Hero is a killer name and I have confidence that the guys that purchased it will put out a solid web entity in the future.

I spent a huge amount of time from 2009-2010 trying to build that site. It never took off. The web didn’t need another coffee e-zine or a Seattle coffee blog. One coffee website is enough for me. The good news is I got a nice chunk of change today and I can finally stop thinking about what I am going to do with those domains.

Photo by Kate Haskell


  1. Pauline says

    Congratulations! Less is more as they say. More time to devote to other pursuits. Have you come to any further conclusions regarding Dr Ray Peat? I got both those books by Dr Gabor Mate, In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts – I am reading that now (he writes very well), through him I have discovered some of the classic recordings on youtube! When Your Body Says No is finding its way to me from amazon. Unfortunately our libraries don’t stock them.

  2. says

    @Pauline – Before I post on Peat again, I realized that I need a few background posts. Those are coming. I am a little behind on my posting. Another project has taken priority this month.

  3. thomas says

    How did you sell your domain name? Did you advertise it somewhere or were you contacted unsolicited for your site name? Thanks.

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