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Since March 2000, CriticalMAS has been a one-man operation. To help me pay my web hosting fees, consider starting your Amazon shopping here. It doesn’t cost you anything more and helps me. ;) There is also a few other offers listed below.

Affiliate disclosure: All the programs listed on this page are affiliate relationships. I get a small amount of referral income when visitors click on the links and complete a purchase. This disclosure extends to all Amazon product links found throughout this website.

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Health and Fitness

Hill Fit
Hiilfit Strength - (my review).

Foundation Training Movement

Foundation Training – (my review)

Eat Stop Eat by Brad Pilon (my review)

Examine Supplement Guide

The Supplement-Goals Reference Guide from Examine (my review)

Photo Storage

SmugMug photo and video sharing

Save $5 when you open a new SmugMug account using code IzodUqeQndZYc.

Web Hosting (WinHost and Site5)

I have used WinHost to run both ASP.NET sites as well as WordPress. Superb service and fast servers. Some people advise not using Windows servers for WordPress. That may have been sound advice a few years ago, but not anymore. I run INeedCoffee on WinHost.

WinHost ASP.NET Web Hosting


For this blog I use Site5. I have been very happy with the stability and speed of the server. Their customer service is top notch. And if you host a website where you know most of the readers will reside in a particular area of the country, you can pay a few dollars extra a month to get your servers located there. This makes page draws even faster. I considered using Seattle servers, but my audience is spread out, so my site is hosted out of Dallas.

If your site is media heavy or gets lots of visitors, be aware that Unlimited doesn’t mean Unlimited. They use resource points and then have rather strict limits on those. This shouldn’t be a problem for most sites, especially those just starting out.

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