Urban Hike San Francisco – 11 Miles, 3 Espressos

From 2008-2013 I did a few posts mapping my urban hiking adventures in Seattle. Now that I am temporarily in the San Francisco area, I thought I’d post one for this city. I’ve done many already. I’d say I’ve urban hiked over 100 miles in the city since my July arrival. Probably closer to 200 […]

Odd Endorsements

There are two signs in my Seattle neighborhood of Ballard that are puzzling to me. #1 Bop Street Records This record store proudly displays a sign in the front window stating “One of the five best music stores in America” as proclaimed by The Wall Street Journal. The WSJ? What does the Wall Street Journal […]

Candy Meth

I posted this photo on Facebook in September when everyone was talking about Breaking Bad. It belongs here on this site. Back when I was a kid they had candy cigarettes. Today it is candy meth. This is from a sweets store a few blocks from my home in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. And […]

4th and Madison Rooftop Garden – Seattle

My last post was about an amazing 17th floor view from the Russell Investments building in the heart of Seattle. This view isn’t as high up, but is still an impressive find. During weekday business hours, go to the 4th & Madison building. You’ll actually enter the building from 3rd Avenue. When you go in […]

The View Almost No One in Seattle Knows About

Ever since I arrived in Seattle in 2007, I have been an exploring machine. I’ve seen more of this city than many people that have been here since birth. But until one evening this summer I had no idea about this killer view overlooking downtown Seattle. Back in 2006 when Washington Mutual was busy printing […]

Fall Afternoon in Downtown Seattle

Maybe it has something to do with the angle of the Earth to the Sun during the winter, but I’ve always loved the look of Seattle on clear days from November to February. Here are some photos I took walking North on 4th Ave in Downtown Seattle. Full Gallery

Space Needle For $1

This summer has been the 50th¬†anniversary of the Space Needle, which debuted at the 1962 World’s Fair. In honor of that event, they rolled back the admission price to just $1. I think it is normally $19. Rain was expected, but it didn’t come. The views were excellent. Full Gallery for Space Needle + Sculpture […]

Kurt Cobain Bench

It has been a long time since I did a Seattle specific post. Earlier this summer on one of my urban hikes, I made my first stop to the Kurt Cobain bench. How this landmark escaped me until recently is a mystery. I must have walked past this little park twenty times. Vieretta Park is […]

Seattle Photos Mashed With a Thomas Kinkade Painting

Five years ago I was playing with mashing up photos and classic art using Photoshop. These days I use the free Paint.NET for my image work. Well, it turns out with a third party plugin you can do the same mash up in Paint.NET. For this post I used four photos I took in Seattle […]

Urban Hike Seattle – Snowstorm 2012 Edition

A good snowstorm doesn’t happen in Seattle every year, so I took advantage of the day and went for an urban hike. Three years ago, I did a 16 mile hike through the snow. Today I did 20 miles. My hike took me through Ballard, Phinney Ridge, Wallingford, University, Montlake, Madison Valley, Capitol Hill, Downtown, […]

Summertime Jump

I’m a lazy blogger this week. Maybe it is the caffeine detox or the nice weather or my other web projects keeping me quiet. Anyway, here is a photo of me and my sister taken many summers ago.

After the Art Walk

Yesterday I attended the Seattle Art Walk, which is always on the first Thursday of the month. One of the pieces of art was this cool night photograph of the Elephant Car Wash. Seattle has some of the most amazing late evening skies. Put some pink neon in front of it and it really pops. […]

Summertime Confession

The photo below is me at 18 months. If you look behind my head, you can see a mailbox. A few summers later me and some neighbor kids would put handfuls of gravel into it. I think we did everyday for a week. Then the post office removed the mailbox from our street. I wonder […]

Finding the Grave of Bruce Lee

The weather has been so nice in Seattle, that I feel more like exploring than blogging. Today a few members of the Coffee Club of Seattle walked over to the Lake View Cemetery and located the grave of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee is buried next to him. If you go to Lake […]

It is Summer Seattle! Put Your Coats Away!

Today was another wonderful day in Seattle. I took some photos as I urban hiked from Upper Queen Anne to Downtown. Upper Queen Anne looking west to Magnolia Sculpture Park. Looks a lot different when the sun isn’t out. Train tracks going underneath Sculpture Park Seattle Waterfront Behind Pike Place Market I think summer is […]

Retro Ants

I got some ants this spring in my kitchen. I set a trap of mixing sugar, Borax and almond butter. The mixture was smeared onto a business card. It was highly effective. I took this photo as they were taking the bait. Then I went to VintageJS.com and made an Instagram-like version of the photo.

Parking in Seattle

Imagine you are driving through Seattle one morning. The skies are gray and there is a light rain. Up ahead you think you see a parking spot. There is a car coming up behind you. You glance over to see if it is OK to park there. This is the sign you see.

Fall Day in Queen Anne

Here are some photos I took on my walk today. I’d love to take artistic credit for timing the first shot, but it was pure luck that the bird dove into frame at that moment. larger version of image

Seeing the Space Needle From Ballard

On my first night at the new place, I squinted real hard and thought I could see the Space Needle from my apartment window. Then we had some rain and some fog and I couldn’t see anything. Today we had was super clear skies, so I took out my camera and fired up the zoom. […]

Kanji Latte Art

My failed home latte art attempt ended up looking like a Kanji symbol. I think the Chinese meaning of this particular symbol is “keep practicing” or possibly “seek medical attention“.

Eat Prey Die

I think Julia Roberts is playing the piranha in this movie. Or is that a different movie I’m thinking of?

I’m So Blind

Today I will be returning my camera to Canon for repairs. I still have two days left in the warranty period, so it shouldn’t cost me anything. What is the problem? I noticed a thin white line in some of my photos. My photographer friend helped me figure out that it was a sensor problem. […]

Some Photos From the Lavender Festival

This weekend I headed out to Sequim, Washington for the Lavender Festival. I never knew that there are so many different varietals of lavender. Each one has a slightly different smell. My friend Melissa will be pleased to know that there is a Melissa varietal and it smelled the best. Larger version of bee photo

Avoid That Bridge

When crossing between the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas, be sure to take the Hood Canal Bridge. Alternate routes could be painful. Photo taken on the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry.

Northgate Starbucks Misspells Colombian

If you are in the business of selling coffee there are two words you should absolutely know how to spell. The first is espresso (not expresso) and the second is Colombian (not Columbian). This photo was taken today at the Northgate Starbucks inside the QFC. UPDATE October 2010: The spelling is now fixed. Behold the […]

2010 Fremont Solstice Parade Photos

This was my third year attending the Fremont Solstice Parade. Instead of watching the parade, I got there early and went straight to the staging area. From there I took most of my photos. I have a video of the naked bikers, but I am not sure where to upload it. Even though it is […]

Seattle Low Tide Hike

This weekend the tide was at lowest level for the summer. It was so low, you could walk from Golden Gardens to Carkeep Park on ground that is normally covered with water. Below are some photos from the hike. Photo Gallery for Low Tide Ballard (2010)

More Lightbox Practice

Here are the latest photos taken from my homemade light box. And to think I was ready to drop a grand on a fancy camera. All I needed was a cardboard box, cloth, poster board and some free time. Not bad for a $149 camera. Canon PowerShot SD1200IS 10 MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical […]

Project Lightbox

My goal is to start putting better photos up on INeedCoffee, so I decided I needed to get a lightbox. A lightbox should give me a nice clean surface with minimal shadows. They sell lightboxes, but I liked the idea of making my own. I used the tutorial How to Make An Inexpensive Light Tent […]

My Coffee Setup From 2001

This post has been moved from Coffee Hero. It was originally written on September 18, 2009. Time for another caffeinated trip down memory lane. Here are two photos showing off all my coffee gear from May 2001. This is sort of like a family photo of a coffee fanatic. A lot of the equipment you […]

Possibly? Not a Chance

I went to this espresso place in Kingston, Washington on Saturday. May have been the worst espresso I’ve had in years. Seattle may be a world leader in coffee, but once you break outside city limits, things get ugly fast.

The Pig Problem in Seattle?

I passed by this sign today here in our nation’s espresso capital of Seattle. I have yet to see anyone walking around with a pet pig, yet apparently it is important enough to create a city ordinance and make these signs. Photo No Pot Bellied Pigs in Seattle by Flickr user INeedCoffee / CoffeeHero Sources: […]

Home Latte Art Attempt For March 2010

I didn’t get a great froth on this one, so the fine detail is missing. However, I think I nailed the stem. If you want to see outstanding home latte art check out Naug’s Latte Art Blog. Whenever I think I need better equipment to make latte art, I am reminded that he has the […]

Silver Surfer Turns 100,000

My VW Golf TDI (the Silver Surfer) celebrated its 100,000 mile birthday last night while driving through Lower Queen Anne. Here is a breakdown of the first 100,000 miles. No wonder I like Seattle. I’m driving almost half as much as I did in San Diego.

The Face

Here is a preview of an upcoming post. This latte art etching photo was taken at Dubsea Coffee yesterday.

Metal Tree Rebooted

My November 6th post Metal Tree had a broken image link that I just discovered. I was able to see the photo, because I was logged into my photo host site, but nobody else could. So today you are getting a rerun.

Sunday Suit

Guess the month and year this photo was taken. There are enough clues in the background that one should be able to figure it out. Larger Image

Decaf Americano

Even decaf can look cool if placed on a shiny table under the nighttime glow of a red neon light. Source: Fremont Coffee Company – Photo taken from the table under the sign in the front room.

Home Latte Art Attempt #1 For 2010

This post was moved from Coffee Hero. Let me started by saying that I am not skilled when it comes to latte art. Since 99% of the drinks I make at home are straight espresso shots, I rarely get a chance to improve my pour. Today I got to try making latte art using non-homogenized […]

Elephant Training Video and Photos

The long awaited video and photos to my day of elephant training are finally ready. Enjoy my gracefulness! This highlight video was made using Windows Live Movie Maker, which I just downloaded and am still learning how to use. Elephant Training in Chiang Mai, Thailand Photo Gallery For Elephant Training in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Amazing Latte Designs at Kitanda Brazilian Espresso and Bakery

This weekend I went to Microsoft’s neighborhood of Redmond, Washington. I really didn’t expect to find good coffee there, but I did. Kitanda Brazilian Espresso and Bakery made some amazing drinks for the Coffee Club of Seattle. Here are a few of their latte art etchings. Sources: Kitanda Latte Art Photo Gallery – From INeedCoffee […]

Clear Skies in Seattle

Here are some photos taken in Seattle today and yesterday. Got to love the clear skies. Golden Gardens Beach in Ballard Lake Union view from east Queen Anne Looking at Mt. Rainier from Madrona Kerry Park view of Seattle before sunset Kerry Park view of Seattle at sunset Photo Gallery for Clear Skies in Seattle

A Holiday in Cambodia

How did I end up in Cambodia when my original travel plans only included Thailand? It was me discovering what type of traveler I am. The thought of spending two weeks on the white sand beaches of Thailand may sound like paradise to many, but I got bored quickly at the beach. I needed a […]

Cambodian Landmine Museum

The sad history of Cambodia involves land mines. Lots of them. I read an estimate that there may still be 2 million land mines buried in throughout the country. And no one bothered to document where they were placed. As a result, people are still being killed andmaimedtoday. While in Cambodia, I saw quite a […]

A Rainy Day in Seoul, South Korea

On the return flight home to Seattle, I had a 12 hour layover in Seoul, South Korea. Urban hiking in 41F rain felt a lot like Seattle. Like Kuala Lumpur, Seoul has an airport which connects right into a train/subway system. I was able to get to the heart of downtown Seoul in about an […]

Arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The adventure continues. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur late last night.This is an awesomeairport. The KLIA Ekspreshooks right into the terminal and drops you off in the center of the city, which is a 28 minute journey. Once at the center (KL Sentral)you can takea train orget a prepaid taxi. This is the slickest arrival […]

Ko Samui, Thailand

After escaping the hell known as Patong Beach, I headed for the quieter beach setting of the island of Ko Samui. Although the vendors were still pushy, it was far less than Patong. If you only have a few days to spend on the beaches of Thailand, I’d go to Ko Samui instead of Phuket. […]

Phuket, Thailand

The prime vacation destination for Thailand is probably Phuket. That should have been a warning. I did not care for Phuket. It was loud and the vendors were beyond obnoxious. It was probably my mistake for staying at Patong Beach. Once I got away from Patong, the rest of thePhuket was much better. Patong is […]

Metal Tree

I took this photo today at the Seattle’s Olympic Sculpture Park. The art piece is a stainless steel tree called Split. View Full Gallery

A Sign of True Espresso Love

I’ve probably pulled close to 5,000 shots of espresso at home. What happened Saturday has never happened before. After finishing my espresso, I picked up the demitasse, looked inside and saw a heart. Some people see Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich, I found a heart staring back at me from my empty espresso cup. […]