Odd Endorsements

There are two signs in my Seattle neighborhood of Ballard that are puzzling to me. #1 Bop Street Records This record store proudly displays a sign in the front window stating “One of the five best music stores in America” as proclaimed by The Wall Street Journal. The WSJ? What does the Wall Street Journal […]

4th and Madison Rooftop Garden – Seattle

My last post was about an amazing 17th floor view from the Russell Investments building in the heart of Seattle. This view isn’t as high up, but is still an impressive find. During weekday business hours, go to the 4th & Madison building. You’ll actually enter the building from 3rd Avenue. When you go in […]

The View Almost No One in Seattle Knows About

Ever since I arrived in Seattle in 2007, I have been an exploring machine. I’ve seen more of this city than many people who have been here since birth. But until one evening this summer I had no idea about this killer view overlooking downtown Seattle. Back in 2006 when Washington Mutual was busy printing money […]

Fall Afternoon in Downtown Seattle

Maybe it has something to do with the angle of the Earth to the Sun during the winter, but I’ve always loved the look of Seattle on clear days from November to February. Here are some photos I took walking North on 4th Ave in Downtown Seattle. Full Gallery

Space Needle For $1

This summer has been the 50th anniversary of the Space Needle, which debuted at the 1962 World’s Fair. In honor of that event, they rolled back the admission price to just $1. I think it is normally $19. Rain was expected, but it didn’t come. The views were excellent. Full Gallery for Space Needle + Sculpture […]

Kurt Cobain Bench

It has been a long time since I did a Seattle specific post. Earlier this summer on one of my urban hikes, I made my first stop to the Kurt Cobain bench. How this landmark escaped me until recently is a mystery. I must have walked past this little park twenty times. Vieretta Park is […]

Seattle Photos Mashed With a Thomas Kinkade Painting

Five years ago I was playing with mashing up photos and classic art using Photoshop. These days I use the free Paint.NET for my image work. Well, it turns out with a third party plugin you can do the same mash up in Paint.NET. For this post I used four photos I took in Seattle […]

Urban Hike Seattle – Snowstorm 2012 Edition

A good snowstorm doesn’t happen in Seattle every year, so I took advantage of the day and went for an urban hike. Three years ago, I did a 16 mile hike through the snow. Today I did 20 miles. My hike took me through Ballard, Phinney Ridge, Wallingford, University, Montlake, Madison Valley, Capitol Hill, Downtown, […]

Summertime Confession

The photo below is me at 18 months. If you look behind my head, you can see a mailbox. A few summers later me and some neighbor kids would put handfuls of gravel into it. I think we did everyday for a week. Then the post office removed the mailbox from our street. I wonder […]

Finding the Grave of Bruce Lee

The weather has been so nice in Seattle, that I feel more like exploring than blogging. Today a few members of the Coffee Club of Seattle walked over to the Lake View Cemetery and located the grave of Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee’s son Brandon Lee is buried next to him. If you go to Lake […]

It is Summer Seattle! Put Your Coats Away!

Today was another wonderful day in Seattle. I took some photos as I urban hiked from Upper Queen Anne to Downtown. Upper Queen Anne looking west to Magnolia Sculpture Park. Looks a lot different when the sun isn’t out. Train tracks going underneath Sculpture Park Seattle Waterfront Behind Pike Place Market I think summer is […]

Parking in Seattle

Imagine you are driving through Seattle one morning. The skies are gray and there is a light rain. Up ahead you think you see a parking spot. There is a car coming up behind you. You glance over to see if it is OK to park there. This is the sign you see. 😡

Kanji Latte Art

My failed home latte art attempt ended up looking like a Kanji symbol. I think the Chinese meaning of this particular symbol is “keep practicing” or possibly “seek medical attention“. 😉

Seattle Low Tide Hike

This weekend the tide was at lowest level for the summer. It was so low, you could walk from Golden Gardens to Carkeep Park on ground that is normally covered with water. Below are some photos from the hike. Photo Gallery for Low Tide Ballard (2010)

Sunday Suit

Guess the month and year this photo was taken. There are enough clues in the background that one should be able to figure it out.

Amazing Latte Designs at Kitanda Brazilian Espresso and Bakery

This weekend I went to Microsoft’s neighborhood of Redmond, Washington. I really didn’t expect to find good coffee there, but I did. Kitanda Brazilian Espresso and Bakery made some amazing drinks for the Coffee Club of Seattle. Here are a few of their latte art etchings. Sources: Kitanda Latte Art Photo Gallery – From INeedCoffee […]

A Holiday in Cambodia

How did I end up in Cambodia when my original travel plans only included Thailand? It was me discovering what type of traveler I am. The thought of spending two weeks on the white sand beaches of Thailand may sound like paradise to many, but I got bored quickly at the beach. I needed a […]

Cambodian Landmine Museum

The sad history of Cambodia involves land mines. Lots of them. I read an estimate that there may still be 2 million land mines buried in throughout the country. And no one bothered to document where they were placed. As a result, people are still being killed andmaimedtoday. While in Cambodia, I saw quite a […]

A Rainy Day in Seoul, South Korea

On the return flight home to Seattle, I had a 12 hour layover in Seoul, South Korea. Urban hiking in 41F rain felt a lot like Seattle. Like Kuala Lumpur, Seoul has an airport which connects right into a train/subway system. I was able to get to the heart of downtown Seoul in about an […]

Arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The adventure continues. I arrived in Kuala Lumpur late last night. This is an awesome airport. The KLIA Ekspres hooks right into the terminal and drops you off in the center of the city, which is a 28 minute journey. Once at the center (KL Sentral) you can take a train or get a prepaid taxi. […]

Ko Samui, Thailand

After escaping the hell known as Patong Beach, I headed for the quieter beach setting of the island of Ko Samui. Although the vendors were still pushy, it was far less than Patong. If you only have a few days to spend on the beaches of Thailand, I’d go to Ko Samui instead of Phuket. […]

Phuket, Thailand

The prime vacation destination for Thailand is probably Phuket. That should have been a warning. I did not care for Phuket. It was loud and the vendors were beyond obnoxious. It was probably my mistake for staying at Patong Beach. Once I got away from Patong, the rest of Phuket was much better. Patong is […]

Monday Afternoon Latte Art

Here is a little afternoon pickup for you. This drink was made by Urban Coffee Lounge in Kirkland, Washington yesterday. For those of you outside Seattle, Kirkland is the birthplace of Costco, which uses the Kirkland name as a brand. Sources: Urban Coffee Lounge – Kirkland (Juanita) area coffee house. Stumptown Coffee – UCL uses […]

Vashon Island

Yesterday was a great day to visit Vashon Island. Here are a few photos. I did visit an interesting historical coffee site. Look for a post later this week on that.

A Chilly 84 Degrees?

I admit that when it comes to cold weather, I am a nut. I went last winter without wearing a coat for all but the 2 week snowstorm. Everyday I take a 2-3 minute ice cold rinse at the end of my shower. When it comes to cold weather, I’m special. 😉 With that disclaimer […]

21 Acres Farm Tour

Saturday morning I went out to Woodinville, Washington to check out the 21 Acres Farm. 21 Acres is a local, organic sustainable farm. About once a month they have a Sustainable Saturday, which includes a tour of the farm. I first learned about 21 Acres after seeing the movie Fresh. When the movie the ended […]

The Other Space Needle

Did you know Seattle has a 2nd Space Needle? This version of the Space Needle can be found at the corner of 2nd and Bell in the Belltown area, which is just north of downtown. Details on this art project can be found on ANDIE DE ROUX – ART BLOG.

Runners Statue – Hidden in Belltown

Earlier this week I found this statue hidden up off street level in the lower part of Belltown. Considering I’ve walked past this area several times before and never noticed it, I’d consider it hidden. While researching this post, I discovered it called Runners and was done by David Govedare. The best part of this […]

My Cheap Camera Tripod Rocks!

I got a cheap little tripod for my camera and I am very pleased. Photo “Take me to your leader!” by Flickr user shawnmebo The tripod is just $10 on Amazon and easily screws into that hole on the bottom of most compact digital cameras. I think my photos have gotten better with the tripod. […]

New Orleans 2009

Well I am finally getting around to posting on my trip to New Orleans. I arrived on the Sunday before Fat Tuesday and left Thursday afternoon. This was a great way to see the city both during the chaos of Mardi Gras and the normalcy just afterwords. From 1994-1998, I lived in the Tampa Bay […]

Photo Stitch of Kerry Park View Tonight

A friend of mine emailed me a link to some free software called HUGIN that connects multiple photos into a single panoramic image. When evening arrived, I decided to test it out. I’m using a Canon PowerShot SD 800 IS. My tripod is (sadly) 3 stacked business cards. My first stitch attempt used 5 images. […]

Seattle Snow Continues

I just finished emptying my camera of more Seattle snow photos. I’ve hiked almost 50 miles around Seattle since the snow began. This is my idea of taking a week off from lifting weights. Look at the above photo. That is my street! YouTube is being flooded with videos of people skiing, sledding, snowboarding and […]

Urban Hike Seattle – Snow Edition

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea that I was going to do an urban hike. I looked out the window and the snow was pouring down. Oh yeah! There would be no stock trading today. It was time to play. Armed with a digital camera, 2 bottles of water and a […]

The Rat Altoids Display

Back when I worked for Nielsen Media Research in the 1990s, I loved Altoids. I still love Altoids, but nearly as much I did back then. During the dot-com days, I would go through almost a full tin a day. Some guys became drug addicts or had gambling problems. My vice was Altoids. Instead of […]

Creepy Fountain or Art?

Just north of the Seattle Aquarium there is a fountain sculpture of a nude man reaching out to a nude boy. Maybe I can’t appreciate art, but to me this looks like a prequel to an Amber Alert. The uproar over this statue happened back in 2005.

Home on Holly Oak Lane

I’ve dug around and assembled a photo gallery for my first home located on Holly Oak Lane in Escondido, California. Although I’m glad to have sold the house at the top of the San Diego market, I do miss that house. Maybe someday I’ll buy it back. The new owners put in upgraded floors and […]

Coffee Tour At Seattle’s Caffe Vita

The Seattle Coffee Meetup got a tour of Caffe Vita last night. They roast 2,000 to 4,000 pounds of coffee daily. Many coffee shops and restaurants use their coffee in the Seattle area. Unlike Victrola, they pre-blend their espresso prior to roasting.

Back From Canada Eh!

Vancouver was an amazing city. Think San Diego with frostbite. Actually it’s downtown is further built out than San Diego. Despite the rain and cold temperatures, I was able to get some good photos. And I now have a new favorite coffee house: Caffe Artigiano. Great food, Clover and my new favorite drink the Americano […]

Guavaween 2006

I’m back from my 12th Guavaween. Another year, another great time. The first thing I learned once I arrived in Ybor City was that the Tampa Bay Brewing Company relocated. They left 15th St and reopened in Centro Ybor next to the 20-screen Muvico. They lost their upstairs, balcony and dart boards. They gained a […]