Your Fast and Easy Guide to Making Korean Soup

When I haven’t planned for a meal or don’t know what to make, I know I can always quickly make a few bowls of delicious Korean soup. All you need are some basic ingredients and then follow this guide. It should be noted that I am not Korean. I am from Ohio, yet I’ve had two different women […]

Vietnamese Chicken Congee in the Pressure Cooker

The dish I have been most obsessed with in the past few months has been Vietnamese Chicken Congee (Cháo Gà). The combination of black pepper and fresh herbs over a rice porridge is simple yet has amazing flavor. Prior to getting a pressure cooker, I made the dish a few times using my rice cooker. […]

The Pressure Cooker is a Game Changer

Shortly after arriving in Seattle in 2007, I broke down and bought a good coffee grinder. After years of thinking my old grinder was good enough to grind fine and consistent for espresso, I spent the $350 for the Rancilio Rocky. I’m frugal, so the purchase was tough to make. I’m the guy who tries to squeeze every […]

Faster Pho 2.0 – A Little Slower, But More Tasty

I wanted to do a quick follow up to my Faster Pho recipe. If I have an extra hour, I alter the recipe to provide a richer and more flavorful dish. In the prior recipe I explained how using Chinese 5 Spice you could quickly hack your way to faster pho. Well, maybe my palate […]

Simple Soup Idea – Posole

Recently I went to a local Mexican place and instead of getting my normal tacos, I tried the posole soup. I never had it before. It was great, so I decided to go home and make my own. I figured it would be hard to replicate the flavor, but it turned out to be very […]

Kimchi Spam Soup

Ready for a super easy Korean soup recipe. Here it is. Heat water. Add chopped kimchi. Add sliced or cubed SPAM. Serve when warm. I heated mine for 10 minutes. You can also throw in any cooked rice if you like. Super easy, super fast and tasty. I didn’t measure anything. Old kimchi would be […]

Natto 2: Fermentation Boogaloo

For the second edition of making natto, I traded my homemade incubator (styrofoam cooler with a light bulb) for a slow cooker. You can read about that in the post How to Ferment Natto. This one didn’t go so well. Natto needs a stable temperature between 100-113 F for optimal fermentation. Slow cookers, even on […]

How to Ferment Natto

I want to thank Stephan at for sending me an email about natto. I was well aware of how healthy the Japanese ferment was, especially its very high vitamin K2 levels. What I didn’t know until I researched it further was the fermentation time was just 24 hours. For some reason, I had always […]

A Fast Way to Thaw Frozen Stock

Every so often I’ll get inspired to make a dish that requires stock before I have time to pull one out of the freezer. When this happens, I create a little warm water bath for the jar inside the sink. This process seems to take forever. I’m always adding more warm water to speed up […]

Making Pemmican Cajun Style

It has been almost two years since I last made pemmican. Today I made another batch, only this time I used some Cajun spices. It was a last minutes decision to throw in the Cajun spices. I knew that I didn’t want to use the Montreal Steak blend, so I reached for the Cajun blend. […]

Meatloaf Rebooted – We Don’t Need No Stinking Breadcrumbs

Last year I posted my gyro meatloaf recipe. It mimics the flavor profile of gyro meat in convenient meatloaf format. Unlike commercial gyro meat, my recipe is 100% gluten free. I discovered you don’t need bread crumbs. A single egg is enough to bind the meatloaf. However, I started experimenting with bread crumb substitutes to […]

Faster Pho Recipe

A year ago, I made pho for the first time. Since then I have been making it regularly and hacking away at the recipe to make it faster and better tasting. Fewer steps and minimal ingredients. I’ve seen other Quick Pho or Faux Pho recipes online. They are a good start, but I believe mine is […]

Shepherd’s Pie

I’ve been making Shepherd’s Pie a lot lately. It is a nice break from my normal gyro meatloaf staple. Using my larger Pyrex, I double this recipe. It is a perfect leftover food. Just warm and serve.

Fermented Celery

In the comments of the post Celery Resurrection, I got an idea from Mark to ferment celery. I sliced a bunch of celery and placed into a jar. Then I added a tablespoon of sea salt, covered with water and sat on the counter for 10 days. The taste was OK. It retained most of […]

Korean Bulgogi Tacos with Cortido Sauerkraut

Call this super fusion. Korea meets Mexico meets El Salvador. I took the recipe I posted for Gluten Free Korean Bulgogi Tacos and made one change. Instead of topping with kimchi, I used my Cortido Sauerkraut. It was even better. Beef bulgogi tacos with cilantro, Sriracha and Cortido sauerkraut.

Why My Kimchi is Awesome

I’ve now been making kinchi for three years. During that time I have made it different almost every single time. Also during this period, I have shared my kimchi with many people. The feedback has been extremely positive. One of the compliments I have received several times is that some people who state they normally don’t […]

Making Dairy Kefir is Super Easy

I started making dairy kefir again in December and I’m loving it. Not only do I like the taste, but I’m no longer buying containers of yogurt, which means I’m saving money. And unlike the crap kefir products sold at Whole Fools and other grocery stores, I don’t use low-fat milk. Full fat dairy for […]

Gluten Free Korean Bulgogi Tacos

I was reading the book The Knockoff Economy: How Imitation Sparks Innovation, which had the history of Korean tacos in the Los Angeles area. My mind started to wander. I didn’t care about the economic lesson. I just wanted to eat those tacos. So I put the book down and drove to the nearest Korean […]

Making Ghee in a Slow Cooker

For my latest batch of ghee or clarified butter, depending upon where you draw the line, I put away the saucepan and plugged in the slow cooker. I loaded up the slow cooker with 2 pounds of unsalted butter and put it on low with the lid off. Once the milk solids separate and it […]

Potato Soup with Bugs

I’ve been loosely following the series of posts over on Free the Animal on how potatoes might useful hack in accelerating fat loss. Now that I’ve porked out from my month without coffee, I decided to try his potato soup recipe. Read Richard’s post The Latest Diet & Exercise Hacking Towards a Goal for an explanation on why regular […]

Korean Yellow Croaker Soup

One of the most impressive sections of Korean grocery stores is the seafood section. Lots of care and attention is placed on the seafood options. Up until recently, I hadn’t purchased any fish and instead focused on the beef and pork dishes. Last week I bought some salted yellow croakers. I had no idea what […]

Octopus Take 2

Back in August I had my first attempt cooking octopus. The result was a little on the chewy side. I followed this advice for the first few octopus and 3 minutes was too much. Way too chewy. The remaining ones took about half that time. The chewiness was far less, but still not absent. Even though […]

Chive Talking Kimchi

It was just 2 months ago that I posted Kimchi 2.0. It was my “major release” of all the tricks and ingredients that had been working for me since my original kimchi recipe. It is probably too soon for a Kimchi 3.0, but I just recently made my favorite kimchi to date. I removed the […]

Making Gluten Free Korean Chili Paste (Gochujang)

Recently I started teaching myself Korean cooking and I noticed that one of the core ingredients – Gochujnag – has gluten in it. Gochujang is the Korean chili paste used in several dishes including Bibimbop. I went to many different Asian markets, including the Korean H Mart, and read the labels of every brand. Every […]

Beef Sweetbread Recipe

When I go to the Farmers Market, I walk past all the produce and head for the meat vendors. When I get to the meat vendors, I go straight to the cooler with the nasty bits. Nasty bits is a term used to describe offal or organ meat and other less popular cuts of meat. […]

Pig Uterus – Still an Offal Idea

Back in January I posted Pig Uterus Recipe: An Offal Idea. When I went to Ranch 99, I knew wanted a new kitchen challenge. Something that I never had before. Something exotic. When I saw the package of pork uterus, I hesitated for a moment and then threw it in the cart. The rest of the […]

Anchovy Kelp Stock

Making beef stock is something I’ve been doing regularly for a few years now. As wonderful as that magic elixir is, I have been meaning to make a fish based stock for a long time. My motivation came recently when I started teaching myself Korean cooking. One of the base stocks for Korean recipes is […]

Another Asian Pork Slow Cooker Meal

Back in June, I posted An Asian Alternative to Slow Cooked Pork. A few days ago I forgot about that recipe and made Slow Cooker Sweet and Spicy Asian Pork Shoulder from Real Simple, which is a little bit different. This one is more sweet and less spicy. If you make this recipe, I think […]

Bone Marrow and Cauliflower

I finally got around to cooking up some bone marrow. Instead of putting the gooey center on toast, I cooked up some cauliflower and onions. Butter was also added. The bones were cooked for 15 minutes at 420 F, although I’ve seen recipes that use as low as 350 F. The marrow tasted creamy and wonderful. […]

Eating Silkworm Pupae (aka Ground Cucumber)

One of my favorite hobbies these days is looking for interesting food at Asian grocery stores. Recently I was looking through the frozen seafood section at a Viet Wah grocery store when one item caught my eye. It was labeled “Frozen Ground Cucumber”, but it appeared to be bugs. I pulled out my phone, did […]

Celery Resurrection

I love celery, but it annoys me how quickly it loses it crunch and goes limp. The trick to bringing celery back from the dead is to soak the stalks in cold water. For a while I was doing 30 minute ice baths for the celery in a flat tray. Then a few days ago […]

Kimchi 2.0

I’ve been making kimchi on a frequent basis now for almost three years. Each time I make kimchi, I tweak the recipe. I’ll add something new or take something out. Then I’ll increase or reduce the quantity of other ingredients. I play with the salt level and the spiciness. My tweaking has landed me on a new recipe […]

My First Octopus

Each time I visit an Asian grocery store I make it a point to buy something foreign to me. I want the challenge of taking home a food item that puzzles or scares me. On a recent adventure, I bought a box of baby octopus. I had no clue how I was going to prepare […]

Vietnamese Fermented Carrots

One of the easiest things to ferment is carrots. Earlier this year I posted Fermented Carrots and Ginger as a kid-friendly sweet tasting ferment. I make this frequently, especially when I buy too many carrots and they look like they are going to go bad before I can consume them all. Fermentation is an outstanding […]

Lessons From Two Failed Ferments

This summer I’ve made some of my best ferments to date, however this week I had two failures. It happens from time to time, especially when you are trying something new. I’d like to share what I learned. Photo by Hans Gerwitz #1 Earl Grey Pickles = Yuck! Fresh off the success I had using tea bags […]

Gluten Free Lasagna

I’ve never made a lasagna before, but I love the dish. When I gave up the gluten a few years ago, I also gave up the lasagna. Well I got to chatting with a local gluten free chef that mentioned using wide rice noodles for the pasta portion. The wide rice noodles are available in […]

Beef Brisket Curry From Pakistan

The Perfect Pantry posted a slow cooker recipe for nihari, which is a curry from Pakistan. It also has the nickname of “old clothes”, which is what the beef brisket looks like when you pull the meat apart with forks after hours of cooking . Recipe for Pakistani “old clothes” beef curry (nihari) in the slow cooker […]

Kimchi Stew – Kicking It Korean Style

When I first starting making kimchi I thought I would never make a soup or stew using that prized ingredient. The reasons were it takes a decent amount of effort to make kimchi and that the heat from the soup would kill off all the probiotic benefits. So in other words, why bother going through […]

Ghee and the Canolification of India

My Indian cooking project is still going strong. Yesterday I decided to make my own ghee. It was even easier to make than paneer. I can’t believe I used to buy $7 jars of this stuff. Never again. Here is how you make it. Slowly heat unsalted butter on a low for about 30 minutes […]

Making Paneer

When I first read the recipe for paneer, my initial thought was “it can’t be that easy”. So I checked a few other recipes and confirmed that it was really a ridiculously easy thing to make. QFC had a gallon of full fat milk marked down to 99 cents. Perfect price for practice! Here is my […]

Spam Sushi

I just had to try this recipe. I never could find the masubi maker locally, so I rolled the sushi together by hand. I also left out the furikake, as every type I located at the Asian market had either MSG or gluten. Spam may not be the greatest quality of pork. Oh well. This […]

Pho Photos

My latest food project moves to Vietnam. I used the average of a few pho recipes online. It turned out to be very tasty. The funny thing is that I never actually had pho before*, so I can’t tell you how authentic my version turned out. I suspect I did OK. * I’ve been to Pho restaurants twice before […]

Fermenting Vegetables – Taste As You Go

There a few schools of thought when it comes to making vegetable ferments. One is to create the anaerobic environment using stronger seals or air locks. Someday I plan to experiment with those, but for now I don’t do that. The fermentation is taking place below the water line. The worst thing that could happen […]

Sweet Potato Soup – So Simple, So Yummy

Recently, I was gifted a large amount of sweet potatoes. They were getting old and had already started to grow little vines. I needed to make use of them quick, but I didn’t have the appetite to roast them all. Soup! The great thing about making soup is whatever I can’t eat right away can […]

Indian Style Spicy Cauliflower

I was poking around on Kayotic Kitchen and I found a recipe for Slow-Cooked Bombay Potatoes. It was a great idea, but I didn’t have any potatoes. What I did have was a lot of cauliflower. Instead of making a single dish, I loaded up my slow cooker and made the dish in bulk. Usually I never would […]

An Asian Alternative to Slow Cooked Pork

A month ago I outlined all the food restrictions involved in a low histamine diet. One of the no-no foods is vinegar, which is a sneaky food ingredient. I was just getting ready to load up the slow cooker with pork and BBQ sauce, when I realized that vinegar was in the sauce. I didn’t […]

Cajun Style Sheep Testicles

I wonder if anyone has ever combined Cajun spices with Icelandic sheep testicles before? Besides the fact they taste great, why would anyone eat animal testicles? They are loaded with protein and high in cholesterol. Cholesterol has been demonized as being unhealthy and a cause of heart disease. That is a myth. Several books have been […]

Fermenting Vegetables and Salt Levels

Probably the most asked question to me about making kimchi or sauerkraut is about salt levels. How much salt should one add to their ferment? My experience tells me that there isn’t a single perfect ratio. It depends upon a few factors, with the most important variable being personal taste. If you like or dislike […]

Making Lentil Dal

I’m continuing my journey into Indian cooking. My most recent challenge was the lentil dal. I’ve always loved this soup when I’ve gone to Indian restauaunts, but I had not tried to make it at home yet. Glad I did, because not only was it super tasty, it was super easy. Not Paleo! WAPF to the Rescue! […]

Sheep Testicles Taste Wonderful

Some people go to the Farmers Market to buy colorful and overpriced produce. I used to play that game, but not anymore. My primary interest is to get the highest nutritional density per dollar. Paying $4 for a bunch of kale doesn’t cut it for me. The most nutrient dense food you can buy comes […]

Shrimp Risotto

Years ago I attempted to make risotto and it didn’t turn out that well. I don’t recall what I did wrong, but after seeing the Creamy Vegetable Risotto recipe on dishes and dishes, I decided to try again. I’m glad I did, because it turned out great. I was missing a few items when I went to make […]

Cucumber Kimchi and the Sardine Solution

Recently I made my first ever cucumber kimchi. I’m still dialing in the recipe, so I have nothing to post at this time. This is a shorter fermentation than regular kimchi, because there is no cabbage. I pulled mine after two days. It is sliced cucumbers, chopped garlic, Korean red pepper flakes, sea salt all topped […]

Icelandic Sheep Liver

Did you know that Seattle is just a 7 hour direct flight from Iceland? That means I was able to score some Icelandic sheep liver at my local Farmers Market. Thank you little buddy! I’ve had pastured beef liver many times and goat liver a few times. It tastes closer to goat liver, but I found […]

Pork Vindaloo in the Slow Cooker

My quest to tackle Indian food continues. Since my 5 Spices, 50 Dishes review, I’ve made two vindaloo dishes in my slow cooker. I read several recipes online and used the spice guidelines in the 5 Spices book to come up with this recipe. The first one used pork shoulder and then second used lamb. The […]

Slow Cooking Another Cheap Delicious Meal

This week I made the recipe Unbelievable Crockpot Apple/Onion Pork Butt. The only thing I changed in the recipe was I added fennel. It was cheap and tasty. Let me run the numbers. 2.76 pounds of pork butt = $5.76 1 onion = $0.40 1/2 can of apple juice concentrate = $0.75 Total cost was […]

Taco Meatloaf Recipe

After my success in creating a meatloaf recipe that has the flavor of gyro meat, I decided to continue my research in advanced meatloaf studies. This week I give you The Taco Meatloaf. A super simple recipe that yields a meatloaf that tastes like taco meat. Why would you make a meatloaf that tastes like […]

Cajun Chicken Drumsticks

Trader Joe’s sells packages of organic chicken drumsticks for about $3.30. That yields two meals. This week I made the absolutely best chicken drumsticks I’ve ever had using a Cajun Seasoning spice sent to me by Aviva, who lives in the New Orleans area. This Cajun Seasoning spice blend includes salt, garlic, red pepper, paprika […]

The Gyro Meatloaf Recipe

Last month I created a meatball recipe that mimicked the taste of gyro meat in the post My Gyro Obsession and The Meatball Solution. Well I have taken the same principles and applied them to meatloaf for even better results. This is the best tasting meatloaf I’ve ever had. It tastes like just gyro meat. […]

Spaghetti Squash Now With Italian Sausage

I’ve long since given up regular spaghetti. These days I use the spaghetti squash. I detailed my pasta journey in the post Spaghetti Evolution The Road to Paleolithic Pasta. This week I was inspired by a recipe online to swap out the ground beef for Italian Sausage. It turned out great, both as dinner and for […]

Beef Liver + Asparagus + Garlic

This week my plan was to cook up beef liver with a side of asparagus, but I realized I was short on pans. So I decided to cook everything together. It totally worked and I had one less dish to wash. Recipe: Beef Liver + Asparagus + Garlic Recipe Summary: A simple way to prepare […]

My Gyro Obsession and The Meatball Solution

The past few years I have really taken up the hobby of cooking. Not only has it increased the quality of my health and saved me money, but I honestly love reverse engineering recipes. The one dish over the past few years that has eluded me has been gyro meat. Gyro meat is mix of […]

Fermented Carrots and Ginger Recipe

I decided to take a break from the spicy ferments and focus on making something sweet. Something kid friendly! This ferment is super easy to do. You can adjust the salt and ginger level up or down and it will still taste good. It tastes good with a 3 day ferment or a 10 day […]

Beef Kidney With Mushrooms and Garlic

I just cooked beef kidney for the first time and it came out great. I decided not to look at other recipes and instead take my best ideas from cooking beef liver and apply them to the kidney. My plan worked! I enjoyed the flavor even more than beef liver. Why would anyone want to […]

Making Lau Lau

On my recent trip to Los Angeles, I met up with a friend that grew up on Oahu. She taught me about the traditional Hawaiian dish of Lau Lau. It is very simple to make provided you don’t mind waiting 3 hours for it to steam cook. Recipe: Lau Lau Summary: The traditional Hawaiian dish. […]

Pig Uterus Recipe: An Offal Idea

When I went to Ranch 99, I knew wanted a new kitchen challenge. Something that I never had before. Something exotic. When I saw the package of pork uterus, I hesitated for a moment and then threw it in the cart. After I got home, I went looking for a recipe. There really isn’t much […]

Ghost Pepper Kimchi Recipe

I’ve been making kimchi now for over two years. I’d say that about 90% of the people who have tasted my kimchi have found the heat level to be perfect. But I have yet to win over that last 10%, who feel it could be hotter. The problem isn’t easily solved. Adding more Korean red pepper […]

Fermentation Flop – Smoked Sauerkraut

They all can’t be winners. After successfully reverse engineering Firefly’s Cortido Sauerkraut on the first try and my amazing Ghost Pepper Sauerkraut invention, I was on a fermentation hot streak. Even my Dill Sauerkraut was pretty good and my green cabbage kimchi also was amazing. But I did have one dud. This summer I bought […]

Ghost Pepper Sauerkraut

Are you ready for a sauerkraut with some heat? If you fear spicy, you can stop reading now. The Bhut Jolokia chili pepper is also called Ghost Pepper. How hot is it? According to the Wikipedia, it is 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce. It is so hot that India announced plans to use this […]

Beef Stock Remouillage

My latest kitchen project came from an idea I read in the comments the Beef Stock post over at brilliantly named blog CheeseSlave. I’d had already been making beef stock for a while now, when I read this from commenter riceinmay. Ouch! My heart hurt when I saw you throw those bones away!!!!! Did you […]

Dill and Caraway Sauerkraut

My latest vegetable ferment is a dill and caraway seed sauerkraut. Even though the standard advice is to use fresh dill, I used a spice jar of dill to see what would happen. Dill is known to be anti-microbial. I have discovered that vegetable ferments that use anti-microbial foods such as peppers, garlic and ginger […]

Bacon Egg Cupcakes

Earlier this week I saw a video showing how to make bacon-wrapped egg cupcakes. I was so inspired that I made the recipe twice. The first time I did a scrambled egg version, The second time, I took the advice in the video and did the eggs “sunny side up”. I had made up bacon […]

Rendering Lard in a Crock Pot

My latest kitchen project was rendering lard using my Crock Pot. Using the slow cooker allowed me to leave the house and even go to sleep while it did its magic. Note that I had hoped to be finished with my lard before bedtime, but miscalculated how long it would take. How to Render Lard […]

White Kimchi

If you find kimchi is too spicy or have a food intolerance to nightshade vegetables, you will want to make your kimchi without red pepper flakes. The first time I made White Kimchi, I was unimpressed with the flavor. Kimchi without red pepper flakes can be rather bland. I’ve learned a few tricks since then. […]

Grain Free and Dairy Free Almond Butter Cookies Recipe

Here is my go to recipe when I want something sweet. It is Almond Butter Cookies made without any grains or dairy. Almond butter cookies without grain or dairy Ingredients 1 cup of almond butter 2/3 cup of sugar 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 egg Directions Preheat oven to 350F. Mix all ingredients. Form little […]

Cortido Sauerkraut Recipe

I just sampled my best fermentation to date. It took 3.5 weeks, but it was worth it. Inspired by Firefly Kitchens, I decided to make my own Cortido Sauerkraut. This is a Latin American style sauerkraut. It is has some heat, but not as much as kimchi. The Mexican Oregano really brings out the flavor. […]

Homemade Beef Broth

Update: This is technically a beef stock, as it uses roasted bones. I’ve recently discovered a magical elixir. It helps me recovery from workouts faster, protects me from incoming radiation, keeps my skin looking great and it tastes awesome. The magical potion is a homemade beef broth. It takes 24-72 hours to make, but is […]

Ground Pork and Cabbage Recipe

Yesterday I cooked up some ground pork and cabbage. This is a low carb twist on a classic Irish dish that uses potatoes. If you just got back from lifting weights at the gym, add the potatoes back into the recipe. Otherwise proceed as described. Before I get to the recipe, I want to discuss […]

Beef Heart Stew

UPDATE Feb 2013: This recipe has been updated. See Beef Heart Stew Rebooted (Slow Cooker Recipe) I recently bought my first beef heart at the farmers market. Then I watched the video below, which detailed how to trim the meat. Cleaning a Beef Heart by offalchris Once it was cleaned and trimmed, I cut the […]

Kimchi 101

Several people have asked that I post an updated kimchi recipe. I’ve learned a lot since my original Bok Choy kimchi recipe was posted. One of the things I learned is there are infinite ways to make kimchi. In this post, I want go over the basics for creating your own custom kimchi recipe. It […]

The No Potato Shepard’s Pie

A traditional Shepard’s Pie recipe uses ground lamb topped with mashed potatoes and is then baked. What I did this week was use grass-fed ground beef and instead of topping it with mashed potatoes, I covered it with a mixture of mashed parsnips, sunchokes and celery root. Tasted great. I used the Easy Shepard’s Pie […]

Mini Quiches With No Crust

This is for all you cereal eaters that don’t have the time and energy to make eggs in the morning. Make a tray or two of these crust-less quiches in the evening. Place them in the refrigerator and eat them on the way out the door. Pre-heat oven to 400 F. Cook up some veggies. […]

Rendering Beef Tallow in a Crock Pot

Today I rendered beef tallow from suet. The beef fat came from 100% grass pastured animal. I used the instructions from the post Make Your Own Beef Tallow with one exception. Instead of using an oven, I used my Crock Pot on the low setting. Here are the delicious crunchy remains (aka “the cracklins”). The […]

Chicken Hearts with Brussels Sprouts

Version 1 = Chicken Hearts + Bacon + Apples + Onions. Version 2 = swap out the apples for Brussels sprouts. The dish was outstanding. For whatever reason, the chicken hearts tasted much better. It had none of the liver like gamy and bitter tastes that were slightly present before. The meat was sweeter and […]

Chicken Hearts + Bacon + Apples + Onions

I got this recipe idea from my friend Sue in Portland. Turns out chicken hearts are loaded with that miracle nutrient Co-enzyme Q10 (aka Co Q 10). According to the Wikipedia, it is really good for heart health (yours, not the chicken). Chicken hearts taste like a milder version of chicken livers, which is why […]

Toscana Goat Sausage Soup Recipe

I received this recipe from a vendor at the farmers market. I used raw milk in place of cream and adjusted the ratio of ingredients. This soup was super delicious. Give it a try. If you don’t have goat sausage, go ahead and use a quality pork sausage. Recipe: Toscana Goat Soup Sausage Soup Summary: […]

Making Meatloaf Using Pet Food

I buy the majority of my meat from Thundering Hooves. This is a pasture farm in the Walla Walla Valley of Washington that sells beef, lamb, pork and chicken. One of the items they sell is for pets. It is 1 lb of Beef and Organ Meets for Pets. The description reads: A nice blend […]

Primal Tuna Melt

Who needs bread? Not me. I created a primal tuna melt using a carved out red bell pepper. Topped it off with some cheese and then put in under the broiler for a few minutes. Very tasty. I’ll be making this again. Primal Tuna Melt A tuna melt made without bread. Ingredients Tuna Red Bell […]

Bok Choy Kimchi Recipe

Bok Choy Kimchi Recipe UPDATE October 2011: I no longer use the Brine method described in this recipe. Instead I prefer the “Rub in by Hand” method, which I outline in the post Kimchi 101. My bok choy version of the classic kimchi recipe. Ingredients 1 – 1.5 tablespoons of Redmond Sea Salt 4 cups […]

Cajun Style Pumpkin Seeds

I know I’ve said it before, but I just love making Cajun Style Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. Here is how I make mine. Preheat oven to 385F Take rinsed pumpkin seeds and place into bowl. Add some olive oil. Add some Cajun spices. Mix it up. Look at photos below to see how covered the seeds […]

Tearing Through My First Pumpkin

On Sunday a local grocery store was giving away free pumpkins. Since I like pumpkins and I love free, I grabbed one. It should be noted that I’ve never cut into a pumpkin. It is about time I did. My plans for the pumpkin were for 4 dishes. Roasted pumpkin cubes bathed in brown sugar […]

Poached Eggs – Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

Recently, I was reading about how the body treats oxidized cholesterol different from regular cholesterol. The oxidized stuff is what you want to minimize. US News and World Reports put out Oxidized LDL Cholesterol Linked to Metabolic Syndrome last year which states: Higher levels of LDL cholesterol “packets” that have undergone oxidation are associated with […]