Disposable Content

Recently someone told me I should write coffee shop reviews. As with most advice prefaced with the word should, it was bad advice. I’ll explain why later, but first a little history. I’ve had a personal website since 1995 and been “blogging” since 1996. Yet if you look at the archives on this site you […]

Featured on LifeHacker

My latest article for INeedCoffee titled Espresso Tamping Visual Tutorial released two days ago was featured on LifeHacker yesterday. Sweet! Interestingly, I wrote this tutorial from memory as it has been almost 2 years since I sold my espresso machine. But pulling a shot of espresso is like riding a bike. Once you learn, you never forget.

New Coffee Brewing Guide on INeedCoffee

Yesterday I released a new version of INeedCoffee. I ended up using the same theme as this blog. After months of searching for a theme that met my needs, I gave up. This is the only theme I love. It isn’t perfect, but it is much better than the older version, especially on mobile and […]

DeepFitness.com Domain Auction Has Begun

If you are interested in starting a fitness site and want a killer domain name, I have just put DeepFitness.com up for auction. I will also transfer over the @DeepFitness Twitter account to the winner of the auction. This blog and INeedCoffee take the bulk of my web attention span. I also have a few […]

Newsletter #2 – Chill

Yesterday I sent off my 2nd newsletter, which I called Chill. I was very reluctant to start a newsletter. My thinking is that readers already have RSS, Twitter and can even have each post sent via email. Why should I add more noise and yet another newsletter? It turned out that I really enjoyed putting together […]

My Initial Review of SiteGround Hosting (2014)

I am very hesitant to ever endorse a web hosting company. The reason is the relationship usually starts out strong and then something happens and I am forced to move to another host. SiteGround is the 4th web host I’ve had this year. After leaving Site 5, a few people have asked me how SiteGround is […]

Stop Typography Inflammation With Stylish

This is a topic that I can not drop. I am so sick of websites that use small gray fonts. My theory is that all designers are under 30 years old, have perfect vision and work on the best monitors money can buy. They design webpages primarily to make photographs look better and not to make […]

Podcasts I Listen To (2014)

Another year, another list. I love podcasts. I love them more than I have hours in the day to listen to them. And because new shows or recommendations are coming at me faster than I can keep up, I have to keep pruning my list. For those interested, here were my top 10 podcasts in […]

Brewing Coffee With the Kalita Wave

My latest coffee brewing tutorial is up on INeedCoffee. This one is for the Kalita Wave. Kalita Wave Coffee Brewing Tutorial In the next month, my plan is to replace the espresso tamping article, the french press tutorial and the introduction to tea guide

Newsletter #1 is Out

I finally got around to playing with the MailChimp application long enough to publish the 1st CriticalMAS newsletter. The theme was Summer of Moving. Not sure if I’ll have a theme for every newsletter, but it seemed right for this one. I did not plan to put off sending the first newsletter for almost 4 months. […]

We Need a Browser Extension to Block Those Newsletter Pop-ups!

I am so sick of the trend that every site have a newsletter and that they launch a pop-up window in your face 2 seconds after you visit their page. The pitch is that if you like what you see, you should sign up for the newsletter so you don’t miss anything. Well, I can’t see […]

My Online Password Strategy (2014)

My last post Scan, Encrypt, Store, Delete, Shred: Going Paperless! was about physically securing sensitive data in my home. The other half of a security plan is securing your online accounts. I am not an expert on security. My strategy is to be more secure than the vast majority of people on the Internet and […]

Stay Away From Site 5 Web Hosting (2014 Review)

Yesterday I moved this blog off Site 5. My page draws were fast, the server was stable and with one exception the service was excellent. Why did I leave? Because my account exceeded their in house metric of Resource Points. When I signed up for the account, I didn’t even see a mention of Resource […]

Always on the Run

Looks like I will be forced to change web hosts again. Site 5 has turned out to be no better than the rest. In many ways they are worse. More on that in a future post. They claim I am exceeding their resource limits. This is a number they calculate, which I have no way […]

Blog Drafts I Never Finished

Yesterday I deleted about 12 blog post drafts that had been piling up. Most were from early 2014 and late 2013, although one I started back in 2011. As someone that has been blogging since March 2000* or was it July 1996, one thing I’ve learned is that when an idea comes to you, it is […]

Blogging and Permalinks

This is a post about my thoughts regarding permalinks and blogging. My opinions are likely different than what you’ll hear from an SEO “guru”. I’m not an SEO “guru”. I’m just a blogger that has been at this since at least July 1996. I am now seeing a majority of blogs, especially new ones, moving to a […]

Shut It Down!

Today I finally pulled the plug on DeepFitness.com. That site has been an embarrassment. For a few years I haven’t even linked to it or mentioned it here or on my portal page. For those that never saw the site, it was a collection of over 1,000 reprinted articles. Ten years ago when the site was […]

The Critical MAS Newsletter

For the longest time, I have rejected the idea of having a newsletter for this site. There are too many spammy sites out there that have jumped on the “win the inbox” meme. But there are some people doing it right. They cultivate content and limit the number of emails they send. And although I […]

New Version of INeedCoffee Released

I haven’t posted much in the last week, because I was knee deep in a tricky redesign. I moved my coffee site INeedCoffee to WordPress. Prior it was on a hand-built content management system I coded many years ago. Moving 15+ years of content and doing it in a way that no link would break […]

Spinning Off a New Coffee Website

Right now I am working on the next version of my coffee site INeedCoffee.com. As I was going through content from the past 15 years it became clear the site had too many voices (175 contributors) covering too wide a range of coffee topics. Back in 1999 when INeedCoffee was launched, it made sense to cover […]

Masking Your Email Address

This was originally written in May 2002. It was updated in February 2007 and April 2014. Some of you are probably aware of spiders. They are these little programs that surf the internet looking for data. Some spiders assist search engines in helping you find the web page you are looking for. Those are the […]

Shutting Down My Other Blog

I’ve decided to shut down the blog portion of my technical website Digital Colony. It has been almost 2 years since my last post. When it comes to my web priorities it has always come in dead last. I don’t see that changing. After almost 15 years, that site only has 85 posts. Meanwhile this […]

INeedCoffee Turns 15 Years Old Today

My other website INeedCoffee turned 15 years old today. Feels like forever. Although I have spent far more time and effort on this site in recent years, I am currently working on a complete rewrite of INeedCoffee. Moving 15 years of content from a custom hand written content management system to WordPress isn’t trivial, but […]

Google Alerts are Mostly Worthless

Yesterday I was catching up on some blog reading and I saw an excellent post on The Friendly Anarchist about rejecting Quantified Self. The post quotes a post on this blog and uses my full name spelled correctly. I would think this is something Google Alerts should be able to pick up. The Friendly Anarchist […]

Web Hosting: Goodbye Arvixe, Hello Site5

I moved this site to a new web host yesterday. My one month experiment with Arvixe was a disaster. They were worse than BlueHost. In less than a one month I had submitted a full page of tickets for just when I caught the site was down. I’m sure the site was down much more […]

New Web Host

I moved this blog to a new web host today. I got tired of the poor performance and outages with Bluehost. Hopefully, the new host Arvixe will work better. So far it appears to be running faster. I am seeing page draws in the 1.5 second range, which is outstanding for WordPress on Apache. I […]

Introducing the Stuff I Like

With the new redesign, I wanted to create a single page with all the best books, gadgets and videos that I’ve come across throughout the history of this blog. The first version of the page is now live. Stuff I Like It is easily accessible from the top menu bar. My plan is to keep […]

Shutting Down the CriticalMAS Facebook Page

I have some pretty strong opinions when it comes to the web, especially when it comes to owning and controlling your own work. In recent months I’ve become increasingly frustrated with Facebook. I think it is a fine social network for individuals, but when it comes to Pages, I have some issues. #1 Facebook is […]

Welcome to the Redesign – It’s Awesome!

The redesign of CriticalMAS is finally here. I love it. It took months of looking to find a theme that met my needs. Large readable fonts, mobile friendly, a fixed “sticky” header”, clean layout and fast. Posts look good with or without images, which is not true for the majority of themes. Also, I found […]

Interview on Biohacks

This past weekend I got to meet and spend time with Stephan from Biohacks.net. We are both fans of each others blogs, so I was honored to be interviewed for his site. Interview with CriticalMAS  

Where Seattle Pedestrians are Getting Hit

In June, the Seattle PI put out the article “Where Seattle Walkers Get Hit”. It pulled data across 3 years to show which were the most dangerous intersections. As someone that has been hit by a car in Seattle, this article was of interest to me. However, the data was in a horrible format. Instead of […]

Lost My Blog Idea List

Whenever I would get an idea for a blog, I’d add it to a list. Often the ideas came from someone leaving a comment. Well I transferred the paper list to a text file and threw away the original. Now I can’t find the blog idea list. The one file I recovered only has two […]

Design Inspires Content

I’m already tired of the redesign. As much as I love how this site now looks on mobile and the new search, I’m sick of the new version. It is too boring. The previous version had a Seattle backdrop, which was nice, but since the blog rarely mentions Seattle anymore, I didn’t feel it was […]

Two Week Blog Break

I am going to be mostly offline until May 30th, so I probably won’t have any new posts until June. The redesign is mostly finished. There are still a few things I want to fix, but that will have to wait for now. The good news is the site looks awesome on mobile and the […]

The Next Version of Critical MAS

I plan to release a new version of this blog sometime in June. Some ideas I have so far include: New theme. The current theme I am using hasn’t been updated in a long time and unsupported themes can be problematic. Better typography. Although I like the fonts on this site better than 95% of […]

Critical MAS Fitness Book Giveaway Contest

I have 2 fitness books that I’d like to giveaway to one of my readers. Power to the People! : Russian Strength Training Secrets for Every American by Pavel Tsatsouline The Grip Master’s Manual by John Brookfield Power to the People has a well worn cover and The Grip Master’s Manual is in great shape. […]

Goodbye Coffee Hero!

Today was a good day. I sold the Coffee Hero web domains. Soon I’ll be transferring over the Facebook and Twitter accounts. Coffee Hero is a killer name and I have confidence that the guys that purchased it will put out a solid web entity in the future. I spent a huge amount of time from 2009-2010 […]

Site Performance Updates

The problems I outlined in the post Chasing Down Site Performance Issues have all been resolved. The 80 legs bot is no longer hammering my server. This blog should be responding much faster than it did a few weeks ago, especially in the morning hours. Photo by me

Chasing Down Site Performance Issues

I’ve been spending the last week chasing down site performance issues. Every so often, usually in the morning the site starts hanging. At first I thought it was a WordPress plugin issue, so I went plugin by plugin with no benefit. BlueHost showed me a page that detailed when my site was being CPU throttled. […]

Why I Post Food Recipes

I love cooking and then food blogging about what I made. As honorable as sharing my kitchen adventure is to others may be, I realized that my primary motivation is selfish. Whenever I take on a new dish, it usually involves looking at several recipes online and then based off my own likes, dislikes and […]

Removing the Readability Publisher Tool

UPDATE: Readability has confirmed this bug exists in Internet Explorer. I’ve added back the plugin at their request so they can perform testing.  UPDATE 2: Readability has fixed the bug. Yeah! As a user I absolutely love the Readability browser plugin. I can go to any site that uses hideous typography and with a single […]

Critical MAS Facebook Page

I finally setup a separate page for this blog on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/CriticalMAS It is for those that don’t use RSS, Twitter or have the Email Newsletter. I promise not to pimp for LIKES. Photo by Rishi Bandopadhay

How Web Hosting Tech Support Works

Last night this site was offline sporadically for an hour. I submitted a Support Ticket to my web host and waited. I don’t know why I even bother with the tickets, because I know how it is going to end before I even start typing. My ticket goes into a queue. By the time support […]

Spacing Out on Extra Spaces

One year ago an article I read convinced me that one of my deepest beliefs was wrong. The article was Space Invaders: Why you should never, ever use two spaces after a period by Farhad Manjoo. Can I let you in on a secret? Typing two spaces after a period is totally, completely, utterly, and inarguably wrong. […]

Comments About Comments

This site recently passed a great milestone of having over 5,000 comments. I love the comments this site gets. I’ve gotten so many great ideas. Last year I added comments to my coffee site INeedCoffee. It was a disaster. Despite having ten times the traffic this site has – very few readers left comments and […]

Case Study: Failed WordPress Update Due to Database Issues

This post is about symptoms that broke my install of WordPress and how I was able to get everything fixed. This past Saturday I noticed some bizarre blog behavior. I was getting an email backup of this WordPress blog every minute for several days. Even after disabling the backup plugin, the email backups kept coming. […]

The INeedCoffee Redesign is Live

Way back in April 1999, I launched a coffee website for fans called INeedCoffee.com. This was before blogging or blogging software was available to everyone. So I hand coded my own content management software for the project, which I still use. Today was a major milestone, as I released a long overdue redesign. Check it […]

Who is Attacking My Web Server?

This week I noticed something very interesting. Whenever I get a fresh comment on the post Filing Fraud Charges Against XM Radio, it is usually followed by a barrage of SPAM comments. Of the almost 1700 posts on this blog, that is the one with the most comments. And almost three years later, the comments […]

Creating a Search Engine Without Google’s Help

Most websites these days use content management systems that already have their own built-in search functionality. This solution is for websites that run on IIS and have their content inside a SQL Server database. Like INeedCoffee. It was surprisingly easy to create a smoking fast search engine that delivered relevant results. I can’t help but […]

Writing Your Own Search Engine Using SQL Server

My coffee site INeedCoffee needed a better search engine. I had thrown some basic SQL together when the site was launched back in 1999. It did an OK job when the site didn’t have much content. Over the years, the quality of the search results got worse and worse. So I did what any coder would do, […]

Winter Blogging Break

I’ll most likely be off the blog for about 2 weeks. So don’t think I got hit by a car when you don’t see any new posts until mid-December.

Nicholas Carr – Information Overload 2011 Speech

If you haven’t read The Shallows by Nicholas Carr and have concerns about the distracting nature of data overload, I highly recommend watching this 15 minute video. The presentation is titled The dark side of the information revolution and took place in June 2011 for The Economist.

Is Critical MAS now Mobile Friendly?

This morning I installed and configured the WordPress Mobile Pack plugin. It detects if the site is being viewed by a mobile device and returns a more friendly version of the site. I was able to test it using an iPod 4. With two exceptions, it appears to work great. Following the small link to […]

The Website I Don’t Speak About

In addition to this blog, I have a few other websites. The one I have stopped speaking about is DeepFitness.com. The reason is that as my understanding of fitness and nutrition has improved over the past few years, the more I dislike the content over there. The content is a collection of shared articles. Some […]

Adding a Recipe Category

Up until this morning, I had been placing all my recipes into the Nutrition category. That kind of made it hard to find things, so I spun off 24 posts into their own category. And more recipes will be coming. Critical MAS Recipes The recipes are mostly Paleo/Primal or Nourishing Traditions inspired. If you are […]

Moving Away From CriticalMAS.com?

Three years ago I reached out to my readers and asked about moving my blog away from CriticalMAS.com to MichaelAllenSmith.com. The response was overwhelmingly in favor of staying on CriticalMAS.com. I listened to you guys and stayed on CriticalMAS and although I like the name, a new problem has surfaced. Google now “auto corrects” my […]

Getting Mauled by a Panda

I was mauled by a panda. Not the panda you find at the zoo, but Google Panda. Google Panda is the code name for the latest Google search engine algorithm. It is Google’s latest attempt at making their search engine results more relevant. Although it did not affect this site, it hammered my coffee site […]

Top 10 Posts For 2010

I see other bloggers doing an easy Top 10 list. Why not me? Here are the 10 most popular posts on Critical MAS written in 2010. 2010 Fremont Solstice Parade Photos Intermittent Fasting Improving Your Success Rate, A New Strategy Why I Am Not Renewing My Sirius XM Radio Subscription Four New Books That I […]

5 Years Later

Five years and 10 days ago this blog was relaunched. I decided that I would no longer post about the news of the day. I would post about things in my life that I found interesting. In order to keep the blog interesting, my life had to be interesting. At first I explored San Diego […]

Blowing Up Coffee Hero …Again

This morning I pulled the plug on Coffee Hero. Version two was more focused than the initial launch, but it bored me. I’d rather be over here discussing nutrition than over there posting about latest coffee shop in Seattle. There are so many blogs about Seattle coffee now. It has one fewer now. It’ll survive. […]

DreamHost and the Myth of Unlimited Domains

DreamHost promotes unlimited domain web hosting for $8.95/month.  It seemed like a sweet deal, so I signed up for it.  The reality is that their offer is misleading.  DreamHost offers 100 MB of memory per account.  If you exceed this number – even for a second – they unleash a procwatch to kill the process. At this […]

ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets

This past summer Packt Publishing found my technical website Digital Colony and liked it enough to extend an invitation to be a technical editor for the book ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets. The book has just been published and my name is in it. ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets is by Matt Perdeck. This is my first […]

Urban Hiking Guide Now Up

My first Best-Of guide is now up. Urban Hiking I added some tips for those of you that wish to start urban hiking yourself. Now that weather has cooled, I expect the long hikes to begin again. Yes, I prefer urban hiking when it is 40 degrees to 70 degrees.

The Problem With WordPress and How I Would Solve It

I use the WordPress content management system to publish this blog. As much as I love WP and think it is the best blogging software available, there is a problem. Sitting on top of the blogging engine there are plugins, widgets and themes. The code for the plugins, widgets and themes could be clean, fast, secure and […]

Some Latte Art Photos

I wanted to share some of the great latte art designs that we get here in the Pacific Northwest with a wider audience. So I posted Latte Art Gallery over on INeedCoffee, which features designs from Seattle, Vancouver and Portland.

Ideas on How to Find Posts on Critical MAS?

Recently I’ve had trouble locating older posts. Considering that I was the one that wrote them, this isn’t good. This means the readers of this site are most likely having problems as well. This blog has an Archive page, which is broken down by month. Who looks for posts by month? I don’t. The Categories […]

How Developers Can Increase Their PayPal Donations

In the last year I have donated money to four developers via PayPal. Their code was of benefit to me and they had established a relationship with PayPal. Putting a few bucks in their tin was easy for me to do. Of the four developers, one did something that I deeply appreciated. He thanked me. […]

Portland Coffee Adventures

My guide to the Portland, Oregon espresso scene is now finished. Head over to INeedCoffee if you want to read Portland Espresso Vacation. As if living in Seattle with all its wonderful coffee isn’t enough, we are fortunate to have Vancouver to our north and Portland to our south. Many coffee professionals cite these 3 […]

Technical Problems on the Blog

This morning I installed and tested a new plugin. It worked fine, but I decided it didn’t look right on this site, so I uninstalled it. That act corrupted the blog and now the root home page no longer loads. The author of the plugin is working with me to help fix the problem. This […]

Facebook Won. I Surrender.

I tried to go 30 days without connecting to Facebook. I failed. Besides being an agent of distraction, Facebook is the best contact management system ever created. I was receiving emails for events that required a response before September. And I got some new friend requests. It would be rude to leave them hanging for […]

MichaelAllenSmith.com Now Drinking Sprite

Not the beverage. Joe from ArtLung discovered a cool new feature in CSS called Sprites. Sprites allow the web developer to create a single master image and then load parts of that image based off instructions in the style sheet. Joe took what he learned and created an updated home page for my portal site. […]

My First Dated Blog Post Was From July 1996

I’m digging through some very old files right now. Although I had a personal website as far back as late 1995, I think I have uncovered my first dated content. Since the term blog had yet to be invented I don’t think this technically qualifies. Or does it? However, I do have a stamped date […]

DC Medfly

This morning I went looking through some old backup files and I uncovered my home page from my early days in DC. For some reason I traded the named CriticalMAS for DC Medfly between mid 1998 and early 2000. Here is a blast from the past. The DC Medfly just flew in from the Tampa […]

Internal Renovations on INeedCoffee

With over 11 years of content, not every article on INeedCoffee is good. In fact, there are a handful of articles that are terrible. Some are outdated. Many need to be edited and most could benefit with higher quality photos. Fixing it all is going to be a lot of work. Instead of changing the […]

Going Forward With DeepFitness

After fixing the branding issues with this blog and Coffee Hero, I knew that the next site that needed to be addressed was DeepFitness.com. The site has been running since 2004 and has the most inconsistent traffic of any site I’ve ever developed. The site would get impressive traffic for a few months and then […]

Coffee Hero is Back!

This morning I relaunched the Coffee Hero website. I believe that I solved the branding problems that I discussed in the post The Lessons Learned From One Year of Coffee Hero. Coffee Hero needed a clear mission that was distinct from INeedCoffee. Taking time off made me realize that the distinction was Seattle. Coffee Hero […]

Welcome to the New Critical MAS

After dealing with the branding problems with Coffee Hero, a friend pointed out that this blog had major problems as well. It was too confusing. The blog title MAS o Menos had nothing to do with the site. There was a photo of a kid at the top, but the site had nothing to do […]

Design Inspires Content

Since I pulled the plug on Coffee Hero, I have noticed that I am writing less here on CriticalMAS. It should have had no effect, but it has. I think the reason is that both sites use the PressRow theme. When they were both humming along, all was well. Now that Coffee Hero is rusting […]

That Time I Got a Cease and Desist From Starbucks

This post has been moved from Coffee Hero. It was originally written on July 25, 2009. With all the talk about the new Starbucks location opening up that will serve alcoholic drinks, I think this story is relevant. Way back in 2001, INeedCoffee published a collection of Espresso Martini recipes. One drink recipe used a […]

Rebooting Coffee Hero?

It was this time last year that I decided to freeze INeedCoffee and start a new coffee site called Coffee Hero. My stated goal was to start something fresh. From the post The Song Is Over, It’s All Behind Me: At some point this spring, I will launch a new coffee web site. It will […]

Interesting and Innovative Data Driven Websites?

I usually post about my own thoughts, but this time I want yours. The other day I was thinking about the evolution of how information is presented on the Internet. Fan pages became e-zines. E-zines became blogs. Then came podcasts and videocasts. Wikipedia popularized the Wiki format. Social networking succeeded with aggregation of social status […]

Windows 8 Wish List

I may be the only Windows user out here that was unimpressed with Windows 7. Sure it was pretty, but so far I have found it slightly less stable than VISTA. Windows 7 turned my working printer/scanner into a stand alone scanner that refuses to print. Oh well, time to discuss the future. Here is […]

Where Have All the Comments Gone?

Even though the number of visitors to this site is pretty constant, I have noticed a drop off in comments. My first thought was the Math Captcha wasn’t working properly, but after many tests I can say it works like a champ. My second thought was my recent focus on travel, photos and fitness is […]

Amazon Thank You and Netrition

I want to thank all my readers that started their Amazon purchases on this site. I had a really good December and January, which helped me feel a little bit better about the $3,000 in car repairs I had between October and January. Even though the software developer in me has issues with Amazon, I […]

Color Career Quiz

I just took the Color Career Counselor Quiz, which tries to match your color preference to a career path. My results are below. (h/t Caffination) BEST OCCUPATIONAL CATEGORY You’re a CREATOR Key Words: Nonconforming, Impulsive, Expressive, Romantic, Intuitive, Sensitive, and Emotional These original types place a high value on aesthetic qualities and have a great […]

The Antidote to TMuscle’s Horrific User Design

I’m going to make this quick for those that already know. I have always hated the look of the fitness website TMuscle. Blinding gold text on black background may sell lots of worthless supplements, but it makes reading comprehension difficult. In the March post I Can See Clearly Now, The Glare is Gone, I thought […]

What Google Should Have Done With Blogger FTP Accounts

Not that Google cares about what I think or even bugs I’ve found using their products, but I thought of a simple solution to their Blogger FTP problem. Google states they are abandoning support for FTP based Blogger accounts, because few people use them. The reality is their software architecture was flawed. Without getting technical, I am going […]

The Case For Online Photo Storage

Every year I pay to have my photos stored with SmugMug and Flickr. I use SmugMug for my personal photos and Flickr for the coffee photos used on Coffee Hero and INeedCoffee. My SmugMug account has 9,831 photos. The Flickr site holds 2,762 photos. Let me quickly tell you my story of why I am […]

Testing Out the Math Captcha

In the past 24 hours, this site has been getting hammered with SPAM from a certain country. I don’t know if it will work, but I’ve added a Math Captcha to the comment form. Hopefully the math isn’t too difficult. If it is, you can use a calculator. I’d rather have you add two numbers […]

The Flood of Worthless Comments

I can’t recall when it started, but I’ve noticed a gradual increase in the number of worthless comments on my two blogs. A worthless comment is a non-specific comment, usually a compliment, posted by a spammer. The spammer then has a link back to their site. They are hoping the search engines and my readers […]

Tweaking the Sharpie Redesign of MichaelAllenSmith.com

Last April I redesigned my portal site using a piece of typing paper, a Sharpie pen and a scanner. It was a hit, but it had two problems. I insultingly referred to INeedCoffee as the “old” coffee site and it was too large. Unless you had a large desktop monitor, it required vertical scrolling to […]