Even More Security


A few weeks ago I was getting ready to walk in a coffee shop, so I reached down to pull out my wallet. It wasn't there. In my rush to leave the house, I grabbed my old cell phone instead of my wallet. Fortunately, I knew my wallet was back home safe. … [Continue reading]

No More Low Carb Lies


The original title of this post "Tell Me Low Carb Lies" was confusing, so I renamed it. I still recall exactly where I was when I discovered that Gary Taubes was wrong about his insulin theory of obesity. It was January 2012 and I was in Long … [Continue reading]

Newsletter #3 – Eliminate


Yesterday I sent out my 3rd newsletter, which I called Eliminate. For those that aren't signed up, here is a direct link to Newsletter #3: http://eepurl.com/bdt0cL After I sent the newsletter, I noticed an extra word in the first sentence. … [Continue reading]