Featured on LifeHacker


My latest article for INeedCoffee titled Espresso Tamping Visual Tutorial released two days ago was featured on LifeHacker yesterday. Sweet! Interestingly, I wrote this tutorial from memory as it has been almost 2 years since I sold my … [Continue reading]

5 Ideas From Food For Mood


Matt Stone just released a new book titled Food for Mood: Dietary and Lifestyle Interventions for Anxiety, Depression, and Other Mood Disorders. Like his other books it is an extension of the metabolism discussion. This particular book focuses on the … [Continue reading]

Lean Out While You Sleep


Another story about how cool temperatures can help adults regain brown adipose tissue for metabolic advantage was published in July, but I just saw it this morning. From Let’s Cool It in the Bedroom: The cold temperatures, it turned out, changed the … [Continue reading]