Shutting Down My Other Blog

I’ve decided to shut down the blog portion of my technical website Digital Colony. It has been almost 2 years since my last post. When it comes to my web priorities it has always come in dead last. I don’t see that changing. After almost 15 years, that site only has 85 posts. Meanwhile this […]

Getting Mauled by a Panda

I was mauled by a panda. Not the panda you find at the zoo, but Google Panda. Google Panda is the code name for the latest Google search engine algorithm. It is Google’s latest attempt at making their search engine results more relevant. Although it did not affect this site, it hammered my coffee site […]

ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets

This past summer Packt Publishing found my technical website Digital Colony and liked it enough to extend an invitation to be a technical editor for the book ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets. The book has just been published and my name is in it. ASP.NET Site Performance Secrets is by Matt Perdeck. This is my first […]

How Developers Can Increase Their PayPal Donations

In the last year I have donated money to four developers via PayPal. Their code was of benefit to me and they had established a relationship with PayPal. Putting a few bucks in their tin was easy for me to do. Of the four developers, one did something that I deeply appreciated. He thanked me. […]

Web Goals for 2010

The primary focus of my web goals for 2009 was to redesign INeedCoffee. That never happened, because that goal changed intolaunching the new Coffee Hero website. Coffee Hero then became the clear focus for 2009. Also in 2009, got a redesign and DigitalColony now looks like Seattle instead of Southern California. What is in […]

Amazon’s Weak Defense

After lashing out at Amazon for moving the images to books used by Associates, I got a response. Here is their defense. It seems that you are using a Third party application to build your links. If that is the case you need to contact them about links breaking. We offer online automated link-generating tools […]

A Little Digital Colony History

In April, I celebrated 10 years of my coffee site For some reason I thought that my second site had a September birthday. I was wrong. After digging through old backup discs, I have uncovered that it went live in May 1999. Happy belated birthday! Digital Colony logo from 1999 Last year I […]

Amazon Link With Image Tool Has Been Updated

Because Amazon developers are incapable** of creating affiliate tools that are XHTML compliant, I built one two years ago. This morning I updated the tool to add some additional stores. I also added the ability to create text only links. If you have an Amazon Associate ID, feel free to use this tool. Build Amazon […]

My 10 Year Web Commitment

Today I extended the domain registration for these domains out until July 31, 2018. and a new site not yet launched Why would I take on 10 years of registration costs now? I only saved a few bucks by extending out a decade. Last year I learned that the search engines […]

Alexa Rank Inaccuracies is a web site ranking system developed by They do their best to figure out web traffic patterns and then rank sites from 1 to (I think) 10 million. The top 3 sites globally are: Google Yahoo YouTube You can find a site rank by using the search box on their site. FireFox […]

New Coat of Paint For DigitalColony

Now that I’m firmly planted in the Pacific Northwest, I thought it would be nice to update the look of my technical web site Digital Colony. I traded the hot desert look of Joshua Tree for a photo I took of the Space Needle this afternoon. Theme: Joshua Tree Theme: Space Needle Much better!

Web Goals and Predictions

While moving my blog posts over from Blogger to WordPress, I came face to face with a few old posts where I declared grand plans for my web sites. What became immediately obvious was how far off my predictions were. Everything was off. Although I exceeded my goals with DeepFitness, I fell far short with […]

Saying Goodbye to 11% of My PageViews

Way back in 2003 I went to a Chinese restaurant which used paper place mats. On my place mat was the Chinese Zodiac Compatibility chart. It showed all the animals and what years represented which animals. And it also showed which animals were compatible and which were not compatible. Before spilling Kung Pao sauce on […]

Bloggers Easily Build Links to Amazon Products

Bloggers will often link to media on Amazon. Many have affiliate accounts and earn a small commission if the link referral converts to a sale. However, the process of going to Amazon, locating the book, looking for the ASIN number and hand building a referral link that is XHTML compliant can take a while. Adding […]

Digital Pat on the Back

I just received a nice thank you for my Mask Email Generator. This page helps webmasters post email links in a way that greatly reduces unsolicited email (SPAM). Thanks for being there for me!!!! As you may know, there are several websites that will generate code to help you hide email addresses in a form. […]

Google Giveth, Google Taketh Away

Just a few days ago I was doing cartwheels over how much traffic had increased to my web sites as a result of adding sitemaps. From The Importance of Search Engine Sitemaps: Google referrals – DeepFitness 6/14/07: 71 6/21/07: 152 6/28/07: 755 Google referrals – INeedCoffee 6/14/07: 1,658 6/21/07: 1,509 6/28/07: 3,056 Google referrals – […]

ASP.NET Article of the Day 2

On June 16th one of my Digital Colony posts was selected for ASP.NET Article of the Day. Today I earned my second Article of the Day. The article selected was Roll Your own Drudge Report in ASP.NET.

The Importance of Search Engine Sitemaps

After Carl convinced me that creating a search engine sitemap was a wise thing to do, I jumped headfirst into the project. Along the way I learned a lot. I even cranked out the ASP.NET Article of the Day on the topic. Are the sitemaps working? Have they resulted in more web traffic from the […]

ASP.NET Article of the Day

The last week I’ve researched and coded multiple approaches to developing search engine sitemaps. After completing the sitemaps for DeepFitness, INeedCoffee and DigitalColony, I posted an article on what I learned. Build a Search Engine SiteMap in C# Today I discovered that Microsoft has listed it as the ASP.NET article of the day. Cool.

Ode to Matt Drudge

Over on my technical site Digital Colony, I just finished the tutorial Roll Your own Drudge Report in ASP.NET. I also built a working demo called ASP.NET Report. Sometimes the fun coding projects are the simplest.

Updated SPAM fighting tools

The most popular page (by far) on my technical site Digital Colony has been the Mask Email Generator page. There are 2 tools. The first one helps hide your email address by using ASCII codes so those sneaky spiders have trouble finding email addresses inside the source code of a web page. The second tool […]

Fun with SmugMug

Last year I started using SmugMug to host my photos. Prior to that I hosted my own photo galleries. In order to not exceed my allocated disk space, I trimmed each image down to a smaller size. In the days of broadband, it just makes more sense to have a dedicated media host like SmugMug […]

Mask Email Image Revisited

In 2002, I created a cool little tool that builds an image from an email address. The purpose is to allow people to put a contact email address on a web site without spiders seeing it and sending them spam. This page is quite popular. So when my web host decided to remove the component […]

Bulk GeoEncoding

Last weekend I was contacted by a guy in Illinois about my Using Yahoo! Maps GeoCoding API in C# article. In the article I show how to encode a single address using a mapping service provided by Yahoo!. This guy was interested in doing bulk encoding. He wanted to encode 25,000 addresses at time. This […]

Using Yahoo! Maps GeoCoding API in C#

Over the last few years, my professional site has become ignored. I never meant for that to happen, but on the priority list it keeps coming in last place. INeedCoffee has had a monthly commitment for almost 7 years now. This site has had a near daily blog for most of the last 5 […]