192 Espressos – More Data From Seattle Coffee 2012

Last year I consumed 192 espressos in Seattle area coffee shops. I detailed who was pulling the best shots in the post 192 Espressos – The Best of Seattle Coffee 2012. In that post, I described my biases and the metrics I used to calculate my rankings. I thought I was finished with this project, but I […]

192 Espressos – The Best of Seattle Coffee 2012

I really dislike the Top Coffee Shop lists. They are cheap content usually written by people with minimal coffee knowledge. Hello Seattle Weekly! Rarely do I see a list where the author declares the metrics used to get their rankings or their own personal biases. At the start of 2012, I decided I would try […]

Coffee and Gluten: Say It Isn’t So

Today I read a very sad sentence. From the Perfect Health Diet post Around the Web; PaleoFX Edition: Warning: Dr Clark says that coffee is bad for people with gluten sensitivity, due to cross-reactive antibodies. Say it isn’t so. This is the video of Dr. Clark explaining how people with gluten issues, like myself, could […]

The Best and Worst in Seattle Espresso: 2011 Edition

This year I drank a lot of espresso. The Coffee Club of Seattle visited 113 different coffee places in 2011. Some of the places we visited multiple times. And that doesn’t count the places I went just by myself. The 5 Best Espressos of the Year Victrola Coffee (February 5) -Sumatra Lintong-Triple Picked SO Espresso. […]

What I Learned During My Coffee Detox

The last time I did a serious coffee detox was in 1997. I was long overdue. I got down to a single espresso by August 22nd. In the end, I went 14 days without coffee. During this time, I did still drank tea. I returned to coffee on Saturday. Here is what I learned during […]


I’m so tired of long winded descriptions used to describe the flavor of espresso. I’m even more tired when others expect me to vividly detail every flavor note in a 140 character Tweet. I have no desire to write a 5 minute review for a 30 second beverage experience. I love espresso, but it isn’t […]

Any Given Saturday

Today I went on a coffee crawl with Rose Tosti of the Seattle Weekly and Sebastian Simsch from Seattle Coffee Works. We visited seven different coffee places in Seattle. Looking at the list, I expected most would deliver excellent espresso. After all this is Seattle and the list was solid. But as Sebastian said espresso […]

Returning to the Vivace Dolce Blend

A year ago we learned that Espresso Vivace changed their legendary espresso blend. They removed the robusta component. From the post Espresso Vivace Dolce Now Without Robusta: Last week I learned that Espresso Vivace has removed the robusta component of their Dolce espresso blend. This may not mean much to you, but to me this […]

Possibly? Not a Chance

I went to this espresso place in Kingston, Washington on Saturday. May have been the worst espresso I’ve had in years. Seattle may be a world leader in coffee, but once you break outside city limits, things get ugly fast.

Coffee on Moving Day – The Load Out

This post was moved from Coffee Hero. This week I moved to a new place. Because the move was less than 7 miles, I did it myself with a little help from a friend. The move took place over a few days. Nothing too difficult. My fellow drinkers might be able to spot the dilemma. […]

Jet City Espresso – An Early Mentor

I lived in the Tampa Bay area from 1994-1998. It was during that time that I first became an espresso drinker. I give a lot of credit to Jet City Espresso, which resided in South Tampa. They are long gone, but I will always remember and be grateful for the many outstanding espresso drinks I […]

Daddy Espresso Daycare

I’m babysitting a one-year old for the next two months. Not a one-year human child, but a $1,200 espresso machine. Today I made a little video using my tripod. As the summer gets going, I expect my shots, latte art and video skills to improve. * Video has been deleted.

Snowed In

The week before I left for my ThanksMAS vacation, I made sure to eat all the food in my refrigerator. I didn’t want any of it to go bad while I was in Ohio. The plan was to go grocery shopping when I returned. That was the plan. Mother Nature had another plan. Almost since […]

The God Shot

This month INeedCoffee received a cool article from a new contributor about the bottomless portafilter (aka Naked Portafilter) used in making espresso. The photo below, which is title God Shot, shows you what it looks like. The simple definition of God Shot is a perfect espresso. If you require a more lengthy definition read Defining […]