Nuts, PUFA and Vitamin E

Last December I did a 3 part series on PUFA (polyunsaturated fats). The Common Enemy in Nutrition The Problem with PUFA Quantifying PUFA, Expert Opinion and My Conclusion My very brief summary of those posts were that ALL nutritional camps seems to agree that excess PUFA is bad for health. Finding across the board consensus […]

Weight Gain on a Ray Peat Diet

I wanted to bring up a topic that I see mentioned frequently on forums and comments that relate to the Ray Peat diet. Seems a lot of people experience weight gain. Last month I received this comment from Greatgiantsteppah: I have tried this diet for a couple of months now and have gained a lot […]

Peat-atarians and Fear of Hormetic Stress

Last year my interest in nutrition lead me to look into the ideas of Dr. Ray Peat. I outlined what I learned in the post The Peat-atarian Diet For Those Of Us With Average IQs. There is a lot I like about the diet and I can see where some individuals, especially overweight females with thyroid issues, […]