Make and Host Your Own Soundboard

One of the projects I work on is the audio archive site for the late Miami radio host Neil Rogers, which I discussed in the post My Tribute to Radio’s Neil Rogers. Like other radio shows, one of the things Neil did during the show was play sound drops. Last year I created a free soundboard […]

My Tribute to Radio’s Neil Rogers

One of the web projects I am involved with is the tribute site to radio legend Neil Rogers. You may not have heard of him, because he broadcasted from Miami and was never syndicated. People in the industry knew who he was and greatly respected him. Howard Stern wanted him for his Sirius channel and […]

Life After XM Radio

After almost six years of listening to satellite radio, I gave it up and returned to regular old terrestrial radio earlier this year. If you want to know the reasons, read Why I Am Not Renewing My Sirius XM Radio Subscription. How am I holding up? Here were the channels I most listened to on […]

You Either Shut Up Or Get Cut Up

Last night I got the opportunity to watch a local live radio talk show. The show is called TBTL. Other than the show I watched last night, I’ve only heard two hours. It is different than the guy hot talk shows that I normally listen to (Opie & Anthony, Ron & Fez and Adam Carolla). […]

Bob Lassiter RIP

I just learned that Tampa talk radio legend Bob Lassiter died last October. When I lived in the Tampa Bay area I listened to his show frequently. Bob was the one of the greatest storytellers in radio. It may have been late 1996. Bob had been hinting for a week that he might do a […]