Parking in Seattle

Imagine you are driving through Seattle one morning. The skies are gray and there is a light rain. Up ahead you think you see a parking spot. There is a car coming up behind you.

You glance over to see if it is OK to park there. This is the sign you see. :x

A Sign of True Espresso Love

I’ve probably pulled close to 5,000 shots of espresso at home. What happened Saturday has never happened before. After finishing my espresso, I picked up the demitasse, looked inside and saw a heart. Some people see Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich, I found a heart staring back at me from my empty espresso cup. This isn’t Coffee Tasseography, which involves reading coffee grounds, but perhaps a sign of true espresso love?

When I mentioned how much I loved Velton’s Bonsai Blend espresso, I had no idea it was a reciprocal relationship. ;)


Coffee on Moving Day – The Load Out – My introduction to Velton’s Bonsai Blend Espresso.

Velton’s Coffee – Everett, Washington coffee roaster.

Coffee Mugs of Coffee Fanatics – The INeedCoffee article where I introduced my Degas espresso cup.

Woman ‘blessed by the holy toast’ – Jesus on the grilled cheese story.

It Is Now Known That They Can’t Spell Known

A few days ago, I went past Site 17 and noticed the misspelled quote plaque has been removed. All the other quote plaques around the building are still up. Considering that misspelling has been up since the building was built, I am going to assume someone has been reading this site.

Photo was taken on June 18, 2009 and posted the next day.

Photo taken on July 12, 2009.

Stop Waiting For Godot

According to the Wikipedia, Seattle may be the smartest city in America.

Additionally, survey data by the United States Census Bureau indicated that Seattle was the most educated city in the U.S., with 52.4percent of residents aged 25 and older having a bachelor’s degree.

Even the graffiti can be smart. This Queen Anne Stop sign was too smart for me, so I looked it up.

Waiting For Godot was a play originally written in French that debuted in 1953. Too smart for me.

Is It Unknown How to Spell Unknown?

Site 17 is a condo development in the Belltown area of Seattle. Units currently for sale in this building range in price from $200,000 to $465,000. The building is surrounded with plaqued quotes. Greeting you when first enter the building is this quote.

The Seattle Version of the Prohibido Sign

If you’ve driven around Southern California, then you’ve seen the Prohibido sign. It basically is warning drivers to avoid mowing down future taxpayers as they decide which side of the freeway is el Norte.


Seattle has it’s own version of the sign. Notice the flying laptop? Maybe Washington drivers are more likely to slow down for a laptop than a child?

Seattle Prohibido