Back To School Coffee Orientation

Another academic year will be starting soon for Seattle college students. I am sure the colleges do a swell job providing information on classes and activities, my guess is they aren’t going to provide you with the caffeine guidance you’ll need to make it through to finals. Have no fear, Coffee Hero is here for […]

Coffee Hero Unplugged

Over on my personal blog, I confessed that I have drastically cut back on my coffee intake in the past month. So if you haven’t seen in me in your coffee shop in a while, don’t take it personally. From the post 30 Days of Low Coffee Intake: Over 30 days ago I was able […]

3 Brewers Seattle Coffee Fans Need To Try

Not only does Seattle have some of the best roasters, cafes and baristas in the world, we also some of the best equipment. Seattle is the home to three unique coffee brewing systems that most of the country does not have. If you live in Seattle or came here on a coffee vacation, here are […]

My 3 Favorites – Disloyalty Card Round #2

Today I completed my second Disloyalty Card. In Round #1, my 3 favorites were Urban Coffee Lounge, Makeda and Tougo. Here are my 3 favorites from Round #2. Trabant Coffee – I think the Epic Espresso Blend is back to its former glory. Urban Coffee Lounge – I love this place. They pulled another amazing […]

Seattle’s Disloyalty Card

Seattle now has something called a Disloyalty Card, which is idea to promote the independent coffee shop. The idea started in London and the way it works is you visit the ten coffee shops on the card. At each place, order and drink and receive a stamp. When the card is completed (10 stamps), you […]

Trabant Coffee – Espresso Perfection

Trabant Coffee has two locations in Seattle. One is the University District, the other is on the edge of Pioneer Square. They use 49th Parallel’s Epic for their espresso blend. 49th Parallel is an extremely popular roaster in Vancouver. I believe Trabant is the only Seattle location that uses them. I love the Epic Espresso […]

Best Cup of Coffee Ever

Last evening I was invited to the grand opening of the second Trabant location in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. In a previous post I mention that Trabant is one of my favorites. The primary reason I left my house and ventured to the new location was the speculation that they would be serving Panama Esmeralda. This […]

Coffee Cupping At Trabant

Yesterday I participated in a coffee cupping at Trabant. Trabant is located in Seattle’s University District. Since starting INeedCoffee back in 1999, I’ve received many coffee related invitations. What is interesting about the cupping invite was it came via this blog post here on CriticalMAS and not from INeedCoffee. Photo by Flickr user Gaber The […]