Oil Hits $55


A year ago it seemed everyone thought oil would keep going up in price. I heard predictions for $200 and even $300 a barrel. Would would have guessed one year ago that oil would be down to $55? That would be me.

From my 2008 Predictions post on MarketTicker on 12/27/2007:

OIL = $55
President Mitt

Even though I was dead wrong on Romney winning the 2008 election, I nailed the fact oil would hit $55 by the end of 2008. This calls for a celebration dance.

I promise not to bring out the dancing banana until the S&P 500 hits 600 or Paulson is lynched. Whichever comes first.

3 thoughts on “Oil Hits $55

  1. Jenn, aka JeSais

    gas here in NM is UNDER $2 / gallon at a couple of stations. cRAzY

    and since I only drive about 15 miles per week, it doesn’t much matter to me anyway.

    now if the price shoes goes up significantly I may be affected….

  2. aviva

    wanna hear something jacked up? we’re paying $4.06 for gas since forever ago. because that’s what they bought the gas at here and now we’re still paying. effing ridiculous.

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