My Glitter Gym Offer


Any reader of this site knows that I love to trash Glitter Gym trainers. Although there are some good ones, most of them are horrific. I thought about writing another Tales of the Glitter Gym after today’s trip to the gym. It was one of those special days when little blips of stupidity were firing off every few minutes. I so desperately want to call out these trainers, but I just can’t.

What is my Glitter Gym dream scenario? What if a friend of mine joined the gym and decided to workout at the same time I did? And let us say my friend asked me for advice during such workout. Now this would be my friend and not my client, as I would not charge a single cent.

My ideal friend would be a woman between 35 and 55. She would be between 20 and 50 pounds overweight. Decent alignment and injury free. Why 35 to 55 overweight women? The greater the challenge. Also, I feel this the group that trainers do the worst job with.

A typical workout will be split between doing proper compound functional movements and me pointing out how stupid the trainers are in the gym. Yes, I will be trash talking. You’ll be my opening. During our friendship, I will point out other women in the gym with similar body types and explain how in just a few months you will be in far better shape than them. I’ll even point out a few men.

It is possible that I could get thrown out of my gym, so you must be ready to deny that I’m training you. I’m not prepared to lose my membership over our friendship. I’m also not listing my gym name here in the event they have an alert set for their name. It is an independent gym in Upper Queen Anne. I like to go to the gym between 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM, but I’m flexible.

If you are interested in being my friend, my email address is Be sure to read my post Hey Ladies in the Place I’m Callin’ Out To Ya. If you disagree with that post, we can’t be friends. If however, you are willing to give it a try, we can be great friends.