Talk Me Down, Safe and Sound


If you live in Seattle or plan on coming here for vacation, I highly recommend taking the Seattle Underground Tour. It is 90 minutes long and full of fun history on how the city got started. Most of my photos did not turn out, so I found some better ones from Flickr. The tour is in the Pioneer Square district.

Photo Seattle Underground Tour VII by Crashworks

Photo Bill Speidel’s Underground Tour by cliff1066

For more photos check out the Seattle Underground gallery.

Post title is from the song 6 Underground by the Sneaker Pimps.

2 thoughts on “Talk Me Down, Safe and Sound

  1. TigerAl

    There is no ghost stuff in this tour, is there? I was going to do it this weekend but thought that I would check..

  2. No, the ghost stories are better covered in the night tour of Pike Market. That is a fun October activity.

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