Pig Uterus – Still an Offal Idea


Back in January I posted Pig Uterus Recipe: An Offal Idea.

When I went to Ranch 99, I knew wanted a new kitchen challenge. Something that I never had before. Something exotic. When I saw the package of pork uterus, I hesitated for a moment and then threw it in the cart.

The rest of the post was how I attempted to make a curry using the pig uterus. The result was that I over cooked the uterus slightly and it had a rubbery taste. Still it didn’t taste bad enough to prevent me from finishing the dish. In the comments, I got feedback that I needed to do a fast cook. I put off trying this dish until last night.

Things didn’t go well.

I did the fast cook and it tasted awful. It smelled bad too. I can usually power through most dishes, but this one went into the trash. When it comes to cooking pig uterus, I’m going to surrender on this dish. If I see it at a restaurant I would try it just to know if it is possible to make this dish taste good. I’m skeptical.


Onions, garlic, ginger, mushrooms and oyster sauce couldn’t save this dish. 

7 thoughts on “Pig Uterus – Still an Offal Idea

  1. sheri

    (._.) ummm. Uh-uh.

    Hi, MAS!! You’re still awesome (as always), but this is freaking me out! That said, I’m sorry it didn’t turn out delicious. Tasting or looking :]

  2. Glenn Whitney

    Good luck finding this in a restaurant.

    For over 20 years I’ve been searching out the earthiest restaurants in France and have never seen uterus on the menu – yes pig’s ears, feet, liver, snout – but never uterus. Haven’t seen pig’s testicles either – but I have seen (and eaten) lamb’s testicles several times.

    This attempt was way, way, way out on the fringe, and I admire you for it MAS!

    My guess is that you might find a recipe in some obscure regional Chinese cuisine, or perhaps Okinawa…

  3. Adam

    You gotta come over to Asia for this kinda thing.

    I eat pig uterus, large/small intestines, brains, maw, brains…etc regularly here. My advice is leave the cooking to the pros. You gotta prepare them carefully before cooking, otherwise it’s gonna stink.

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