Natto + Sriracha


Oh nooz carbs, legumes and fermentation!

The Paleo and Peat godz are weeping. I can feel the diabeteez and super bug mycotoxins killing me. Lordy lordy this inflammation is eating me up!

Ahh!!! Must do a Hole30 DETOX for my purity.


My lunch was great.

5 thoughts on “Natto + Sriracha

  1. garymar

    What is this, The Critical MAS Asylum? (ha!)

    I must say, after 40 years of turning up my nose at it, I have gone crazy over natto since the start of this year. Been eating it every day. I may have to start making it myself.

  2. @Gman – YES! And the Mycotoxins too! Bulls**tProof Natto!

    @dhammy – Great idea. I think that would work even better.

    @Garymar – Yep. I am a fan of Carbsane and even enjoy reading her enemy ItsTheWoo, who is either brilliant, insane or likely both.

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