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2017-03-27 Peace Out
2017-03-24 Stepping Aside From Nutritional Blogging
2017-03-23 The Digital Graveyard of My Health and Fitness Mentors
2017-03-15 How I Approach Fitness
2017-03-15 Why Didn't I Blog More About Economics?
2017-03-13 The Role of Exercise in Preventing Weight Regain
2017-03-11 Left Knee Update
2017-03-06 Frequent Blood Donations and Cold Intolerance
2017-03-03 I Won Blood Donation
2017-02-27 Is There a Metabolic Unicorn?
2017-02-25 Now Are You Going to Setup a Password Manager?
2017-02-10 Medium and Blog Housekeeping
2017-02-02 Podcasts I Listen To (2017)
2017-01-29 More on the Peasant Diet
2017-01-21 The POWS Food Pyramid
2017-01-19 What I Eat and What I Don't Eat - 2017 Edition
2017-01-06 Duolingo Fluency Estimates - My Data
2017-01-02 Removing the Email Masking and Amazon Link Building Tools
2016-12-30 Why the Events of 2016 Did Not Surprise Me
2016-12-28 Would I Still Buy a Chromebook?
2016-12-09 Gluten / Wheat - The Final Chapter
2016-11-27 Designing a Modern Peasant Diet
2016-11-25 The Potato Diet is a Calorie Savings Account
2016-11-20 Learn a Foreign Language SUPER FAST or Not
2016-11-19 The Urban Hiking Interview
2016-11-16 Breaking CriticalMAS - A Return To Blogging?
2015-12-15 Goodbye For Now
2015-12-06 Potato Diet Week 2 - Brief Update
2015-11-30 Potato Diet Week 1 - Results and Observations
2015-11-23 The Potato Diet - My Plan to Lose 15-20 Pounds
2015-11-23 Overcoming My Only Irrational Food Fear
2015-11-23 Solving My Email Problem with Siteground
2015-11-08 No Hunger Games - A Day of Just Boiled Potatoes
2015-10-19 Using 23andMe to Pick the Best Diet and Exercise Plan For Fat Loss
2015-10-15 No Soy Friolento
2015-10-14 The Myth of Stress Notes
2015-10-13 Intermittent Fasting - Finding a New Middle Ground
2015-09-28 My Top 11 Coffee Roasters in the SF Bay Area
2015-09-26 King of the Road
2015-09-24 Maybe HIT Isn't Enough?
2015-09-22 Notes For the Survival of the Smartest Lecture by Diana Schwarzbein
2015-09-15 Irresponsible Health Blogging
2015-09-13 Intermittent Fasting – Context Is Likely Important
2015-09-11 A "Sitting is the New Smoking" Skeptic Spends a Year in California
2015-09-05 Yes Ice Cream is Still Better Than Protein Powder
2015-08-31 Back In Seattle and Other Updates
2015-08-11 Natto 3: Ann's Pressure Cooker Method
2015-08-05 How to Send Email Newsletters to Your RSS Reader
2015-08-02 How to Save RSS
2015-07-31 The Endless Rope Machine
2015-07-22 Change Your Security Question Answers
2015-07-16 For Over 30 Years I Believed I Rigged an Election
2015-07-15 Newsletter #4 - Security
2015-07-08 How I Raised My Body Temperature
2015-07-02 Bread Defenders to the Left of Me, Alarmists to the Right
2015-06-26 Muscle on Weight or Weight on Muscle?
2015-06-16 We Don't Share the Same Fitness Values
2015-06-15 30 Días
2015-06-02 How to Explore San Francisco Like a Champ
2015-05-22 Why Isn’t High Intensity Training More Popular? Part 2
2015-05-18 Why Isn't High Intensity Training More Popular?
2015-05-08 Always Answering the Wrong Fitness Question
2015-05-01 Eating for Volume to Lose Weight
2015-04-30 Learn, Share, Convince
2015-04-24 Did I Heal My Cavities With Ice Cream?
2015-04-22 Learning to Hate Driving Less
2015-04-17 Coffee Levels Coming Down
2015-04-13 Securing My Email Inbox Part 2
2015-04-10 Securing My Email Inbox
2015-04-10 Hello Darkness My Old Friend
2015-04-08 On Health and Fitness Role Models
2015-04-07 Exercise and Fat Loss Revisited
2015-04-07 An n=1 Skeptic
2015-03-30 Still Learning Grammar After All These Years
2015-03-23 5 Desk Stretch Ideas From Indigo Kinetics
2015-03-18 Low Food Reward: Tuna + Tomato Paste + Rice
2015-03-10 How I Reintroduced Alcohol
2015-03-04 Embracing Food Reward
2015-03-02 Stress and Low Body Fat Levels
2015-02-28 Wheat Resiliency
2015-02-27 The Grand Experiment Revisited
2015-02-24 Peanuts and Resiliency
2015-02-20 The Easy Way to Cancel Comcast
2015-02-19 Food Reward and Old School Bodybuilders
2015-02-16 Even More Security
2015-02-12 Make and Host Your Own Soundboard
2015-02-10 No More Low Carb Lies
2015-02-09 My Approach to "Eating Clean"
2015-02-07 Newsletter #3 - Eliminate
2015-02-05 My Definition of a Good Blog Post
2015-02-05 On Friendship
2015-01-29 Approaching Fat Loss Like an Investor
2015-01-27 Chris Kresser Comes Clean on Sugar - It is Not a Toxin!
2015-01-22 My Guide to San Francisco Espresso (2015)
2015-01-18 Will This Cough Ever End?
2015-01-12 Nutritional Guidelines - Where Are We in Early 2015?
2015-01-10 In Defense of Sugar
2015-01-07 Recovering From the Flu
2014-12-27 Feeling Destructive
2014-12-24 I Won Fitness
2014-12-22 My Last Financial Forecasting Post
2014-12-21 Digging My Kindle Fire 6
2014-12-18 My Bulletproof Diet Testimonial?
2014-12-12 Disposable Content
2014-12-11 I Didn't Read That Article or Watch That Video You Sent Me
2014-12-01 7 Ways to Reduce Your Car Repair Costs
2014-11-30 5 Ideas From Food For Mood
2014-11-26 Lean Out While You Sleep
2014-11-24 Measuring Strength and Hating on HIT
2014-11-19 Cold Exposure - Not One Size Fits All
2014-11-18 Newsletter #2 - Chill
2014-11-16 Visiting the Cryotherapy Chamber
2014-11-12 Update on that 20 Pound Fat Loss Goal
2014-11-10 Knock Yourself Out Bro!
2014-11-06 A High Intensity Tune-Up at DeSisto Strength Training
2014-11-05 Your Fast and Easy Guide to Making Korean Soup
2014-10-31 Understanding Willpower
2014-10-28 Another Coffee Brewing Tutorial Reboot - The French Press
2014-10-27 An Unintended Consequence of a $15 Minimum Wage
2014-10-24 Proposal: Vegetarian/Vegan Offset Credits
2014-10-23 10 Awful Nutritional Myths Gets One Half Wrong
2014-10-22 The Worst Advice Always Starts With "You Should..."
2014-10-22 My Initial Review of SiteGround Hosting (2014)
2014-10-13 Back Pain, Quantified Self and My Trip
2014-10-13 Stop Typography Inflammation With Stylish
2014-10-09 Better Sleep for the Too Early Riser
2014-10-07 Vietnamese Chicken Congee in the Pressure Cooker
2014-10-01 Urban Hike San Francisco - 11 Miles, 3 Espressos
2014-10-01 Cool - Not Cold - Showers For Fat Loss?
2014-09-30 Podcasts I Listen To (2014)
2014-09-28 This Morning in the Pressure Cooker Lab
2014-09-27 The Pressure Cooker is a Game Changer
2014-09-25 What I Eat and What I Don’t Eat – 2014 Edition
2014-09-24 Brewing Coffee With the Kalita Wave
2014-09-23 Newsletter #1 is Out
2014-09-22 We Need a Browser Extension to Block Those Newsletter Pop-ups!
2014-09-19 5 Issues I Had With Your Personal Paleo Code
2014-09-16 My Online Password Strategy (2014)
2014-09-11 Scan, Encrypt, Store, Delete, Shred: Going Paperless!
2014-09-08 The Temperature Wimps of San Francisco 
2014-09-05 Gaining Weight on a Paleo Diet
2014-09-05 Stay Away From Site 5 Web Hosting (2014 Review)
2014-09-04 Always on the Run
2014-08-30 Nuts, PUFA and Vitamin E
2014-08-29 Ending 30/30 Experiment With Casein (n=1)
2014-08-28 Anatomy of a Stupid Fitness Comment
2014-08-27 Blog Drafts I Never Finished
2014-08-25 Merging Foundation Training With Hillfit
2014-08-22 4 Words I Don't Like
2014-08-15 CrossFit is Not AntiFragile
2014-08-14 Just Label Your Critics Haters or Trolls
2014-08-12 The Mindful Way to Study and The Ray Peat Survival Guide
2014-08-08 Casein Not Whey For Reducing Appetite (n=1)
2014-08-06 Revising My Seattle Rent Outlook
2014-08-04 You Missed the Point of My Comcast Post
2014-07-29 Back Pain, Headaches and Stress
2014-07-27 I’m Done Talking About High Intensity Training Part 2
2014-07-24 The Food Poisoning Diet
2014-07-13 I'm Done Talking About High Intensity Training
2014-07-10 Healing Teeth, Hypoglycemia and Sandbag Training
2014-07-08 Just Count Protein - More Thoughts
2014-07-06 Just Count Protein For Fat Loss
2014-07-03 How My Diet Got Derailed
2014-06-26 The ROI of Quantified Self
2014-06-26 Forgetting What Type of Investor I Was
2014-06-25 Leaving Seattle For a Few Months
2014-06-25 How to Remove a Podcast From Your iPod
2014-06-23 Answering 3 Fitness Questions About HIT and Running
2014-06-18 New Respect for Assisted Pull Up Machines
2014-06-17 Revisiting the Tim Ferriss 30 in 30 Experiment?
2014-06-13 Muscular Potential and Reality Part 2 - Hardgainer Edition
2014-06-12 Yuck! - I Made a Spreadsheet
2014-06-09 Blogging and Permalinks
2014-06-03 I Survived My First Beer in 5 Years!
2014-06-02 Use Ghost Reps To Reduce Injury Rate
2014-05-31 Muscular Potential and Reality
2014-05-29 The Critical MAS Newsletter
2014-05-28 Focus Friday Fitness
2014-05-24 The Rise of Superman
2014-05-23 Getting More or Getting Nothing
2014-05-13 The 10 Health Myths Article Gets One Wrong
2014-05-12 Natto + Sriracha
2014-05-11 20 Pound Bet: Week 11 Weigh In
2014-05-06 Odd Endorsements
2014-05-04 20 Pound Bet: Week 10 Weigh In
2014-04-30 Wow! A Good Article on Calories!
2014-04-29 Some Quantified Self Honesty
2014-04-26 20 Pound Bet: Week 9 Weigh In
2014-04-24 My Favorite Seattle Coffee Places (2014)
2014-04-23 The "4 Toxins" Revisited
2014-04-20 20 Pound Bet: Week 8 Weigh In
2014-04-18 Have I Been Napping Wrong?
2014-04-17 I Love My Chromebook
2014-04-16 My Last Post on Headaches
2014-04-13 20 Pound Bet: Week 7 Weigh In
2014-04-11 Masking Your Email Address
2014-04-07 Quantified Self and False Pattern Recognition
2014-04-06 20 Pound Bet: Week 6 Weigh In
2014-04-03 Death By Food Pyramid vs The Calorie Myth
2014-04-02 SilverSneakers - Young Trainers Teaching Old Timers Bad Lifting Form
2014-03-30 20 Pound Bet: Week 5 Weigh In
2014-03-28 CrossFit: 73.5% Chance of Getting Injured!
2014-03-25 Ballard Rents - Don't Believe the Hype!
2014-03-24 What Weight Lifting Should Have Taught Me About Quantified Self
2014-03-23 20 Pound Bet: Week 4 Weigh In and Food Journal
2014-03-19 Trying to Cheer Up an Economic Idiot
2014-03-17 20 Pound Bet: Week 3 Weigh In and Food Journal
2014-03-15 Homer Simpson Invented Bulletproof Coffee in 1998!
2014-03-12 Training to Failure is a Tool
2014-03-09 20 Pound Bet: Week 2 Weigh In and Food Journal
2014-03-06 Faster Pho 2.0 - A Little Slower, But More Tasty
2014-03-03 I May Have Finally Found a Headache Cure
2014-03-02 20 Pound Bet: Week 1 Weigh In and Food Journal
2014-02-27 How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds - And Win the Bet
2014-02-27 The Fat Loss Side Bet
2014-02-26 The Fat Loss Bet
2014-02-24 How I Regained the Weight I Lost
2014-02-19 Step Out of the Paleo Echo Chamber
2014-02-18 Shivering Thermogenesis
2014-02-12 Rejecting the Seasonal Approach to Nutrition
2014-02-11 Intermittent Fasting - What Paleo Didn't Teach Me
2014-02-07 Body Language and Exercise Warm Up
2014-02-05 Experiments Update: Sleep, Gray Hair, Tight Neck
2014-01-31 21 Ideas From Eating on the Wild Side
2014-01-30 Paleo Manifesto, Code Red and Eating on the Wild Side
2014-01-29 Finally Had Luwak Coffee
2014-01-27 Simple Soup Idea - Posole
2014-01-22 It's Gettin' Hot In Here (Metabolism)
2014-01-19 An Amazing "Back to Sleep" Hack
2014-01-16 Returning to Glitter...Already!
2014-01-14 Candy Crush Headaches
2014-01-14 How Low Carb Paleo Can Fool You
2014-01-11 My Tribute to Radio's Neil Rogers
2014-01-05 Kimchi Spam Soup
2013-12-31 The Best of Seattle Coffee 2013
2013-12-31 Dorian Yates on Squatting
2013-12-29 On Building Muscle
2013-12-23 Natto 2: Fermentation Boogaloo
2013-12-23 Rage Against the Gluten Skeptics
2013-12-21 How to Ferment Natto
2013-12-16 Headache Remedies That Work?
2013-12-12 A Fast Way to Thaw Frozen Stock
2013-12-09 20 Years of Weightlifting
2013-12-08 Revisiting and Improving The Zone Diet
2013-12-07 My Tweaks to the Latest Free The Animal Paleo Guidelines
2013-12-04 Interview with Stephan Raczak of
2013-12-03 Quantifying PUFA, Expert Opinion and My Conclusion
2013-11-27 The Problem With PUFA
2013-11-25 The Common Enemy in Nutrition
2013-11-25 Commercial Gluten Free Gochujang is Now Available!
2013-11-22 Homeschool Yoga
2013-11-18 Shutting Down the CriticalMAS Facebook Page
2013-11-15 After the Election
2013-11-14 My 3 Issues with Becoming a Supple Leopard
2013-11-14 4th and Madison Rooftop Garden - Seattle
2013-11-12 The View Almost No One in Seattle Knows About
2013-11-05 Stepping Away From the Glitter...Again!
2013-11-02 Life After Quantifiable Self
2013-10-28 Who is the Guinea Pig Dr. Katz?
2013-10-26 Call Me a Saturated Fat Guinea Pig
2013-10-21 Evicted
2013-10-17 Interview on Biohacks
2013-10-16 An Incomplete Explanation for Food Cravings
2013-10-15 The "Now I Know Better" Fallacy
2013-10-11 My Left Knee is Bumming Me Out
2013-10-10 Podcasts I Listen To (2013)
2013-10-08 Ending the Tim Ferriss 30 in 30 Experiment
2013-10-03 Finding My Relatives on 23andMe
2013-10-02 (Probably) My Last Post on Gluten
2013-09-26 Was I Wrong About Gluten? Part 2
2013-09-25 The 30 in 30 Experiment (Protein)
2013-09-24 Making Pemmican Cajun Style
2013-09-23 The Bug Buffet
2013-09-18 Was I Wrong About Gluten?
2013-09-14 Post Workout Fasting?
2013-09-10 Maybe Sprint 8 Should Be Sprint 4?
2013-09-09 Reversing Gray Hair? Part 2
2013-09-07 Weight Gain on a Ray Peat Diet
2013-09-04 Fitness Professionals Fail to Understand Survivorship Bias
2013-09-02 Hunting Headaches - Ending the Hunt
2013-08-29 Fish Oil is so 2010
2013-08-28 Meatloaf Rebooted - We Don't Need No Stinking Breadcrumbs
2013-08-25 Still ENTJ - Myers-Briggs 2013
2013-08-20 Where Seattle Pedestrians are Getting Hit
2013-08-16 Is High Intensity Training Best for Ectomorphs? One Year Later
2013-08-13 Results From the Low Histamine Diet
2013-08-12 Why I Traded Volume for Intensity at the Glitter Gym
2013-08-07 Revisiting the Paleo Books
2013-08-04 Foundation Training is the Real Deal
2013-08-01 4 Reasons Not to Ferment Veggies
2013-07-27 Time to Examine My Current Supplements
2013-07-26 Faster Pho Recipe
2013-07-23 What I Learned About Running and Injuries
2013-07-18 Can Running Be Antifragile?
2013-07-16 J Mascis Plays Nordstrom's Shoe Department - Seattle - July 12, 2013
2013-07-15 Defending Bulletproof Coffee (kinda)
2013-07-15 TV Says Sleep
2013-07-08 Hillfit 2.0: A Zero Budget Approach to High Intensity Training
2013-07-06 BCAA Again?
2013-07-05 First Time in the Isolation Tank
2013-07-04 Shepherd's Pie
2013-07-01 One Confusing Month: My June 2013 Experiment Wrap-Up
2013-06-28 When the Check Engine Light Comes On Part 2
2013-06-25 Cold Thermogenesis - 5 Years Later
2013-06-22 23andMe: Key Health Recommendations
2013-06-14 Maybe I'm Wrong About Exercise Injury Risk
2013-06-13 Sorry, but Science Has NOT Proven That Running is Good For You
2013-06-12 19 Mile Urban Hike - Shoes Matter
2013-06-09 When the Check Engine Light Comes On
2013-06-06 My Squat Article is a "Scare Piece"
2013-06-03 Maybe Paleo Shouldn't Let GMO Crops Upset Them?
2013-06-01 Steam Rooms, Saunas, Opinions?
2013-06-01 June 2013 Experiments
2013-05-31 Post Paleo in Ohio = No Inflammation
2013-05-19 The Twinkie Diet Proved Nothing New
2013-05-10 Never Forget that Size is the Prize
2013-05-07 Thinking About Supplements - 2013 Edition
2013-05-03 Health and Fitness Ideas That Work #1
2013-04-29 Approaching Nutrition From An Investor's Mindset
2013-04-26 23andMe Results
2013-04-23 Hiking Not Blogging
2013-04-21 "Turn Up the Heat" - 1 Month Update
2013-04-18 Car Repair Spreadsheet - Why Didn't I Think of This Earlier?
2013-04-17 Too Many Conflicting Health Goals
2013-04-16 Speed Round: Fitness and Nutrition (April 2013)
2013-04-11 Kefir, HIT and a Touch More Volume
2013-04-10 2 Gallon Blood Donor For Washington
2013-04-10 Fermented Celery
2013-04-09 Am I Paleo?
2013-03-27 I Woke Up Today and Wished For Tomorrow
2013-03-26 My Evolving Opinion of Sugar
2013-03-25 Hunting Headaches - 2 Years Later
2013-03-19 Neck and Shoulder Fixes - One Month Report
2013-03-16 More Bench Press Nonsense
2013-03-15 My Plan for the "Turn Up the Heat" Experiment
2013-03-14 Ending the Ice Cream Experiment
2013-03-11 The Neurotic Approach To Food
2013-03-08 Diet Recovery 2 and the "Turn Up the Heat" Experiment
2013-03-06 Korean Bulgogi Tacos with Cortido Sauerkraut
2013-03-05 Kimchi Chips - Super Delicious But Ridiculously Impractical
2013-03-04 Why My Kimchi is Awesome
2013-03-01 Making Dairy Kefir is Super Easy
2013-02-27 Primal Certification? Are You Kidding?
2013-02-20 Beef Heart Stew Rebooted (Slow Cooker Recipe)
2013-02-18 My Top 5 Books of 2012
2013-02-11 Gluten Free Korean Bulgogi Tacos
2013-02-10 Overview of the Ideas To Fix My Neck and Shoulder
2013-02-06 Making Ghee in a Slow Cooker
2013-02-05 So Much Paleo Drama
2013-02-04 Getting the Genetic Test
2013-01-30 Genetic Knowledge Dilemma
2013-01-28 Diet Colas and Changing My Opinion
2013-01-23 Kefir, Caffeine and Trigger Point Therapy
2013-01-21 192 Espressos - More Data From Seattle Coffee 2012
2013-01-11 Peat-atarians and Fear of Hormetic Stress
2013-01-09 The Minimal Effort Approach and Fat Gain
2013-01-07 A Lesson From Mastery
2013-01-06 What Taleb Got Wrong in Antifragile
2013-01-04 How To Deal With Comcast
2012-12-31 192 Espressos - The Best of Seattle Coffee 2012
2012-12-22 Yuck! The Things People Eat
2012-12-19 Reps, Sets and the Weight Aren't That Important
2012-12-11 Potato Soup with Bugs
2012-12-08 The Stress Disease Connection
2012-12-07 Korean Yellow Croaker Soup
2012-12-05 Help Me Fix My Neck and Shoulders
2012-12-03 RIP Greg Anderson - My Fitness Mentor
2012-12-03 The Kimchi Chronicles is an Excellent Cookbook
2012-11-29 DIY Standing Desk - The $22 IKEA Solution
2012-11-27 Low Caffeine Weight Gain
2012-11-25 The Peat-atarian Diet For Those Of Us With Average IQs
2012-11-23 Octopus Take 2
2012-11-23 Fall Afternoon in Downtown Seattle
2012-11-22 My Car Battery and the Science of Good Luck
2012-11-20 Hunting Headaches - A Favorable Trend
2012-11-16 Podcasts I Listen To (2012)
2012-11-13 Sarno, Back Pain and Coffee?
2012-11-12 3 Books I'm Looking Forward to this Month
2012-11-08 Rejecting Nutrition
2012-11-05 Not a PubMed Warrior
2012-11-04 Price Gouging is Good
2012-11-02 Chive Talking Kimchi
2012-11-01 Did It! A Month Without Coffee!
2012-10-29 Wide Awake at 3 AM
2012-10-25 Space Needle For $1
2012-10-23 Hunting Headaches - Progress?
2012-10-22 Medicating Mood With Caffeine
2012-10-20 Making Gluten Free Korean Chili Paste (Gochujang)
2012-10-16 Odd Caffeine Free Side Effect
2012-10-14 Coffee and Caffeine Detox Update
2012-10-10 Results From My 30 Days Without Grains Experiment
2012-10-09 Beef Sweetbread Recipe
2012-10-09 Pig Uterus - Still an Offal Idea
2012-10-06 Making Some Kimchi
2012-10-04 The Guinea Pig Diaries
2012-10-03 Anchovy Kelp Stock
2012-10-01 A Month Without Coffee - Here Goes!
2012-09-28 My Caffeine Detox Plan
2012-09-27 What John Gray Missed in Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice
2012-09-26 Beet Kvass, Fermented Salsa, Red Clover Infusion
2012-09-25 Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice
2012-09-25 Another Asian Pork Slow Cooker Meal
2012-09-21 Caffeinated Delusions
2012-09-18 Lab on a Chip
2012-09-17 Bone Marrow and Cauliflower
2012-09-16 I Thought You Were a Vegetarian?
2012-09-12 Embrace the Vertical Mouse
2012-09-11 Eating Silkworm Pupae (aka Ground Cucumber)
2012-09-07 Celery Resurrection
2012-09-06 Update on My Ice Cream Experiment
2012-09-05 How I Improved My Chin-Ups
2012-09-04 Commercial Gyro Meat is Absolutely Not Gluten Free
2012-09-02 Less Exercise Equals More Fat Loss - Of Course It Does
2012-08-30 A Loss of Strength From High Intensity Training?
2012-08-29 When I Would Measure My Workouts
2012-08-28 Kimchi 2.0
2012-08-25 My First Octopus
2012-08-25 Bacon Egg Cupcakes Now With Spinach and Ricotta
2012-08-24 Vietnamese Fermented Carrots
2012-08-21 My Problem With “Eat Less Move More” Part 2
2012-08-20 My Problem With "Eat Less Move More"
2012-08-17 Lessons From Two Failed Ferments
2012-08-16 Kurt Cobain Bench
2012-08-14 My Current Experiment: 30 Days Without Any Grains
2012-08-13 The Healthy Optimist
2012-08-11 Using Tea Bags To Make Your Pickles More Crunchy
2012-08-09 Is High Intensity Training Best for Ectomorphs?
2012-08-08 The Endgame for Paleo is WAPF
2012-08-07 Why I Don't Measure My Workouts
2012-08-06 Gluten Free Lasagna
2012-07-30 A Juicing Skeptic
2012-07-28 Beef Brisket Curry From Pakistan
2012-07-27 Safe Use of 5-HTP and L-Tyrosine
2012-07-26 Exercise Update - Summer 2012
2012-07-25 Your Last Meal
2012-07-24 High Satiety Foods - The Results
2012-07-19 Hacking Testosterone and Increasing Oxytocin
2012-07-18 Hacking Hormones in a Relationship
2012-07-17 Kimchi Stew - Kicking It Korean Style
2012-07-13 Why Ice Cream is Better Than Protein Powder
2012-07-11 Thinking About Supplements - 2012 Edition
2012-07-10 My Worst Nutritional Mistakes
2012-07-08 Ghee and the Canolification of India
2012-07-06 Making Paneer
2012-07-05 Spam Sushi
2012-07-02 Why I Post Food Recipes
2012-07-01 Pho Photos
2012-06-30 My Experience With The Zone Diet
2012-06-29 Fermenting Vegetables - Taste As You Go
2012-06-28 Better Than Bulletproof Coffee
2012-06-27 Sweet Potato Soup - So Simple, So Yummy
2012-06-26 Deep Nutrition, Perfect Health Diet and The End of Overeating
2012-06-25 My Problem With the 30 Day Paleo Challenge
2012-06-22 Indian Style Spicy Cauliflower
2012-06-20 Testing Myself For Autism
2012-06-18 Back Pain and Back Exercises
2012-06-17 Who's Your Daddy?
2012-06-15 An Asian Alternative to Slow Cooked Pork
2012-06-13 Cajun Style Sheep Testicles
2012-06-12 The Migraine Solution
2012-06-11 Static Weight Max Pyramid HIT Workout
2012-06-09 "I Thought You Didn't Eat..."
2012-06-07 Heal Your Headache: The 1-2-3 Program for Taking Charge of Your Pain
2012-06-06 Lower Risk Alternatives to the Barbell Back Squat
2012-06-04 I No Longer Give a Squat About The Squat
2012-06-01 Fermenting Vegetables and Salt Levels
2012-05-29 Cold Thermogenesis Interrupted
2012-05-25 Making Lentil Dal
2012-05-24 Sheep Testicles Taste Wonderful
2012-05-22 L-Tyrosine is my NZT-48
2012-05-21 Distraction Diet 3
2012-05-20 Internet Cooking and David Lynch Movies
2012-05-19 The Low Histamine Diet
2012-05-16 Shrimp Risotto
2012-05-15 Chlorine Shower Filter: 3 Month Update
2012-05-14 Gelatin Supplementation and Deep Sleep
2012-05-12 Cucumber Kimchi and the Sardine Solution
2012-05-10 Icelandic Sheep Liver
2012-05-08 The Art of Fermentation Comes Out Next Week
2012-05-08 Pork Vindaloo in the Slow Cooker
2012-05-06 What I Eat and What I Don’t Eat - May 2012 Edition
2012-05-04 Healthy vs Resilient
2012-05-03 How Web Hosting Tech Support Works
2012-05-02 Spacing Out on Extra Spaces
2012-05-01 Loosening the Paleo Collar
2012-04-26 Seattle Photos Mashed With a Thomas Kinkade Painting
2012-04-25 5 Spices, 50 Dishes
2012-04-23 Standing Desk - Ghetto Edition
2012-04-21 Food Reward Test: Almonds vs Almond Butter
2012-04-17 My Response to the Exercise and Overeating Study
2012-04-16 Comments About Comments
2012-04-13 Maximizing Fat Loss with Exercise
2012-04-12 Fat Loss and High Intensity Exercise
2012-04-10 Fat Loss and the Case For Less Exercise
2012-04-07 How Exercise Indirectly Kept Me Fatter
2012-04-06 Walking Didn't Lean Me Out
2012-03-30 Slow Cooking Another Cheap Delicious Meal
2012-03-29 Under the Keyboard
2012-03-28 Taco Meatloaf Recipe
2012-03-26 The Legend of Marlboro Marc
2012-03-24 Returning To Glitter
2012-03-24 Fitness Role Models Revisited
2012-03-23 Cajun Chicken Drumsticks
2012-03-21 Meatloaf Economics
2012-03-20 Blinded By Successful Outcomes
2012-03-16 The Gyro Meatloaf Recipe
2012-03-15 Great News, Meat is Going to Kill You!
2012-03-14 Defending the Quantified Self
2012-03-13 My Chamomile Tea and Sleep Quality Experiment
2012-03-11 Coffee and Gluten: Say It Isn't So
2012-03-09 Do We Really Need WIFI While Donating Blood?
2012-03-07 Spaghetti Squash Now With Italian Sausage
2012-03-06 Hunting Headaches - Side Sleep
2012-03-05 Hunting Headaches - Shampoo Up My Nose
2012-03-03 Dances With Carbohydrates
2012-02-28 Green Beans are Better With Bacon
2012-02-27 Chlorination Elimination Experimentation
2012-02-26 Beef Liver + Asparagus + Garlic
2012-02-25 The Topical Coconut Oil Experiment
2012-02-24 You Are Your Own Gym
2012-02-23 Reversing Gray Hair?
2012-02-21 My Thoughts on Steroids
2012-02-20 Bigger, Stronger, Faster
2012-02-16 Adrenal Fatigue? Not For Me
2012-02-15 My Gyro Obsession and The Meatball Solution
2012-02-14 Responding to a CrossFit Enthusiast
2012-02-13 Fermented Carrots and Ginger Recipe
2012-02-10 Low Kimchi = Low Immunity
2012-02-07 Beef Kidney With Mushrooms and Garlic
2012-02-07 Financial Endgame
2012-02-04 Is HIT Really Less Effective Than Traditional Weight Lifting?
2012-02-01 Thai Pumpkin and Broccoli Curry (Vegan)
2012-01-26 Running Up That Hill - Sprinting Salvation For Tall People
2012-01-25 Making Lau Lau
2012-01-23 Outdoor HIT - Too Cold?
2012-01-19 Destroying 3 Fitness Myths With a Single Example
2012-01-18 Urban Hike Seattle - Snowstorm 2012 Edition
2012-01-16 Hillfit: Strength is Not Just For Hikers
2012-01-14 Now a 1 Gallon Blood Donor in 2 States
2012-01-13 The Problem With Boot Camp Training
2012-01-12 Hunting Headaches: Remaining Suspects in Early 2012
2012-01-11 Pig Uterus Recipe: An Offal Idea
2012-01-04 Outdoor HIT: 2 Months Later
2011-12-28 Long Sleep and Back Pain
2011-12-27 The Best and Worst in Seattle Espresso: 2011 Edition
2011-12-25 The High Road
2011-12-20 Tales From the Glitter Gym (Original Post)
2011-12-20 A Tabata Based Kettlebell Workout
2011-12-18 Patterns in Sick People
2011-12-17 3 Minutes to a Pain-Free Life
2011-12-16 Lesson on Freezing Canning Jars
2011-12-15 MacGyver Humidifier
2011-12-15 Nut Elimination Test Completed
2011-12-14 Paleo in Ohio - Adventures in Inflammation
2011-12-13 Morning at the Ballard Locks
2011-12-11 Writing Your Own Search Engine Using SQL Server
2011-12-01 My First Pemmican
2011-11-30 Ghost Pepper Kimchi Recipe
2011-11-29 Rendered Goat Fat
2011-11-26 Rejecting The Naked Warrior
2011-11-25 Nicholas Carr - Information Overload 2011 Speech
2011-11-21 Filtering Rendered Tallow Innovation
2011-11-21 Quick Start Paleo
2011-11-16 Escaping The Glitter: Taking High Intensity Training Outdoors
2011-11-14 Getting Hit By a Car
2011-11-10 My Bench Press Sucks and I Don't Care
2011-11-08 My Miraculous Back Injury Recovery
2011-11-07 The Reality About Tea and Fat Loss
2011-11-04 Fermentation Intervention?
2011-11-01 The Next 30 Day Test: Nuts!
2011-11-01 Healing Your Sinuses
2011-11-01 My First REAL HIT Injury
2011-10-30 Health Goals - Late 2011 Edition
2011-10-28 The Fermentation Workshop DVD is Outstanding
2011-10-27 Kraut Cabbage - This Sucker is Huge!
2011-10-26 No Longer a Gym Germaphobe
2011-10-24 Intermittent Fasting - Mistakes I've Made
2011-10-23 Slicing the Coffee Data
2011-10-21 My Fermentation Station
2011-10-18 Reviewing My 2009 Health Goals
2011-10-16 Super Mario and Star Wars in Post-It Notes (SEATTLE)
2011-10-15 Hunting Headaches - Trying Acupuncture
2011-10-13 The 3 Stages of Paleo
2011-10-11 Fermentation Flop - Smoked Sauerkraut
2011-10-07 High Satiety Paleo Friendly Foods?
2011-10-05 Intermittent Fasting - The No Hunger Method
2011-10-04 Why I Distrust Doctors
2011-10-01 My First Week Back on Coffee
2011-09-27 Wheat Belly - Here It Comes
2011-09-26 What I Learned During My Coffee Detox
2011-09-25 30 Day No Dairy Test Complete
2011-09-20 Distraction Diet 2
2011-09-16 Coffee Detox Update
2011-09-12 Ranking My Positive Health Changes
2011-09-05 Ghost Pepper Sauerkraut
2011-09-02 Beef Stock Remouillage
2011-08-26 Sluggish
2011-08-22 Do Cold Showers Lead to Fat Loss or Fat Gain?
2011-08-18 The Mentor Workout
2011-08-17 My Case For Self Experimentation
2011-08-14 Half the Ideas in this Blog Are Probably Wrong
2011-08-13 Flavor Signaling and The Shangri-La Diet
2011-08-12 Fermentation Invasion
2011-08-11 Hunting Headaches Take 3
2011-08-09 Summertime Confession
2011-08-05 The Paleo/HIT Cyclical Approach to Fitness and Nutrition
2011-08-04 30 Days Without Cheese
2011-07-30 Dill and Caraway Sauerkraut
2011-07-29 Bacon Egg Cupcakes
2011-07-26 Rendering Lard in a Crock Pot
2011-07-25 Concluding Seasonal Strategies For Fitness and Nutrition
2011-07-21 Nourishing Kitchen 2
2011-07-19 Summer Reading Roundup
2011-07-15 Carb Wars in the Blogosphere
2011-07-13 Finding the Grave of Bruce Lee
2011-07-06 Is Liver High in Tyramine?
2011-07-05 Hunting Headaches Take 2
2011-07-03 Hunting Headaches
2011-07-01 A Little Bit of Gardening
2011-06-28 The Grand Experiment - Abs Without Breaking a Sweat
2011-06-27 The Art of Non-Conformity Review
2011-06-25 White Kimchi
2011-06-24 Training to Failure or Training to Quit Part 2
2011-06-21 Someone Has Been Messing With My Almond Butter
2011-06-20 Grain Free and Dairy Free Almond Butter Cookies Recipe
2011-06-18 Intermittent Fasting - Life After Leangains
2011-06-16 Cortido Sauerkraut Recipe
2011-06-16 One Man's Rebuttal to Eat, Pray, Love
2011-06-15 Long Days, Poor Sleep and Too Much Caffeine
2011-06-13 Numb
2011-06-12 It is Summer Seattle! Put Your Coats Away!
2011-06-09 You Broke Your Own Metabolism
2011-06-07 High Intensity Exercise is the Espresso of Weight Training
2011-06-04 Strength and Fitness For a Lifetime
2011-06-01 High Velocity Super Warrior Foods
2011-05-26 A High Intensity Approach to Cold Weather Training
2011-05-23 Keeping a Workout Journal
2011-05-18 Ice: A Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption-from South Central to Hollywood
2011-05-16 My First HIT Injury?
2011-05-12 Max Contraction Training
2011-05-11 High Intensity Training - My 6 Month Update
2011-05-10 The New High Intensity Training
2011-05-05 The Joy of Pickling
2011-05-04 Beat the Reaper
2011-05-03 Vegetables From The Sea
2011-04-28 Parking in Seattle
2011-04-27 Intermittent Fasting - Not For Everyone
2011-04-25 Gluten-Free is the Latest Excuse To Eat Junk Food
2011-04-22 Think You Know Vitamin D?
2011-04-21 Homemade Beef Broth
2011-04-20 How To Get Lower Rent
2011-04-18 How To Destroy The Wall Street Banks
2011-04-15 Ground Pork and Cabbage Recipe
2011-04-12 The Downside to Life Without Bread
2011-04-11 Be Your Own Dermatologist
2011-04-09 Beef Heart Stew
2011-04-08 Why I Do Not Believe HyperInflation is Coming to America
2011-04-07 The Cigar Defense For Bread
2011-04-06 The Rational Optimist - How Prosperity Evolves
2011-03-31 Kimchi For Beginners
2011-03-29 Ending the 30 Day No Sugar No Fruit Experiment
2011-03-23 Why We Get Fat
2011-03-22 My Nutritional Plan of Attack Against Incoming Radiation
2011-03-21 Spring Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness
2011-03-21 Reviewing Winter Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness
2011-03-17 Training to Failure or Training to Quit
2011-03-16 Power To The People - 10 Years Later
2011-03-15 Kimchi 101
2011-03-14 The Age of Deleveraging
2011-03-11 Help Me Understand CrossFit
2011-03-08 Ending My Disloyalty Card Quest
2011-03-07 Another HIT Advantage
2011-03-05 Intermittent Fasting - Spontaneous and Random
2011-03-04 Make Your Own Beef Liver Pate
2011-03-04 Ranking the Paleo Books - March 2011
2011-03-03 Intermittent Fasting - 70 Day Review of the Leangains Method
2011-02-28 30 Days Without Sugar or Fruit
2011-02-26 Static Contraction Training
2011-02-25 The No Potato Shepard's Pie
2011-02-24 Paleo vs Weston Price
2011-02-19 Could Inflation in America Get Argentina Bad?
2011-02-15 High Intensity Training at Ideal Exercise of Seattle
2011-02-12 Mini Quiches With No Crust
2011-02-09 Seasonal Strategies - Winter Update
2011-02-07 Rendering Beef Tallow in a Crock Pot
2011-02-06 Seattle Pig - Get Well Soon
2011-02-04 The Psychology of Back Pain
2011-02-01 The 4-Hour Body
2011-01-31 How I Fought Off a Potential Cold
2011-01-31 Slow Motion Paleo
2011-01-28 The Myth of Cardiovascular Training
2011-01-23 Not Responding to My Attackers
2011-01-21 Tales From the Glitter Gym - The End
2011-01-20 How Tim Ferriss REALLY Gained 34 Pounds of Muscle in 28 Days
2011-01-18 Preaching Paleo
2011-01-13 Back Pain and Learned Helplessness
2011-01-11 Eat Stop Eat - A Guide Book For Intermittent Fasting
2011-01-07 The 10,000 Year Explosion
2011-01-05 How I Figured Out the Cause of My Back Pain
2011-01-03 Nutrition and Physical Degeneration
2010-12-28 Nutrition is the New Politics
2010-12-26 Chicken Hearts with Brussels Sprouts
2010-12-21 Winter Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness
2010-12-20 The New Evolution Diet
2010-12-19 Update on Fall Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness
2010-12-14 Initial Impression of The 4-Hour Body
2010-12-14 Returning to Slow Motion Weight Training
2010-12-14 The Leap
2010-12-13 Chicken Hearts + Bacon + Apples + Onions
2010-12-12 Information Overload
2010-12-08 The Goblet Squat
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2010-12-05 Leanness Defined
2010-11-30 Thinking About Supplements
2010-11-27 Spaghetti Evolution - The Road to Paleolithic Pasta
2010-11-25 My Brilliant Idea on Fixing Car Alarms
2010-11-24 DreamHost and the Myth of Unlimited Domains
2010-11-24 Your Brain at Work
2010-11-23 Toscana Goat Sausage Soup Recipe
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2010-11-11 A Guide to the Good Life
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2010-10-28 Tales From the Glitter Gym Guide Now Up
2010-10-25 Fixing Politics #1 - The Voter
2010-10-23 To Hellholes and Back: Bribes, Lies, and the Art of Extreme Tourism
2010-10-20 Fall Strategies For Nutrition and Fitness
2010-10-17 Cognitive Surplus: Creativity and Generosity in a Connected Age
2010-10-15 The Problem With WordPress and How I Would Solve It
2010-10-09 How Developers Can Increase Their PayPal Donations
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2010-10-05 Back From Portland, Oregon
2010-09-30 My Review of The Paleo Solution
2010-09-29 If I Were The King of Costco
2010-09-21 6 Reasons I Haven't Been To Your Coffee Shop
2010-09-21 The Fall
2010-09-20 The Talent Code
2010-09-16 Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth
2010-09-15 Hooked: A Thriller About Love and Other Addictions
2010-09-14 The College Debt Alternative
2010-09-13 The College Debt Trap
2010-09-09 If I Were Still a Vegetarian...
2010-09-08 Making Meatloaf Using Pet Food
2010-09-08 Kanji Latte Art
2010-09-07 Learning About Epigenetics From Dr. Bruce Lipton
2010-09-07 Con Ed
2010-09-04 Artifical Light and Cancer
2010-09-02 Nourishing Kitchen
2010-09-01 The Vegetarian Myth
2010-08-31 Diet as Identity
2010-08-30 Summer is Not the Season To Lean Out
2010-08-24 Where the Paleo Message is Failing
2010-08-20 Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us
2010-08-18 Life Without Gluten
2010-08-17 The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains
2010-08-17 3 Brewers Seattle Coffee Fans Need To Try
2010-08-10 My 401k Advice to the Unemployed
2010-08-09 Facebook Won. I Surrender.
2010-08-09 Bellevue Steps Up To Quality Coffee at Vovito
2010-08-08 The Selfish Gene
2010-08-02 Going on a Distraction Diet
2010-07-30 The Perfect Number of Reps Is...
2010-07-29 My First Dated Blog Post Was From July 1996
2010-07-28 My 3 Favorites – Disloyalty Card Round #2
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2010-07-26 Pandora's Seed
2010-07-23 The Best Coffee in Downtown Seattle (2010)
2010-07-23 Primal Movements and Weight Training
2010-07-22 Primal Body - Primal Mind
2010-07-20 Caffe Vita PBS = Public Brewing School
2010-07-16 Vindication
2010-07-13 Espresso Hike #4 - Fremont
2010-07-13 Exercising To Success
2010-07-06 Turning Down the Lights
2010-07-04 Primal Tuna Melt
2010-06-28 Looking For the Roaster Sticker
2010-06-28 The Selfish Case For Donating Blood
2010-06-25 Rambling Thoughts About Gym Survivorship
2010-06-24 Influencer - The Power To Change Anything
2010-06-23 My First Bug
2010-06-18 CDC Confirms That More Exercise Hasn't Helped Obesity Rates
2010-06-17 Carbohydrates, Blue Light and Willpower
2010-06-14 Starbucks Shrugged and Zoka Fights Back
2010-06-14 Espresso Hike #3 – Capitol Hill to Pioneer Square
2010-06-14 Seattle Low Tide Hike
2010-06-10 After 30 Days Without Sugar
2010-06-07 Life After XM Radio
2010-06-04 Tales From the Glitter Gym - The Trouble With Tribbles
2010-06-04 The Fitness Finance Analogy Updated
2010-06-03 Talk Me Down, Safe and Sound
2010-06-03 Top 6 Reasons We Can't Be Business Partners
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2010-05-28 I Graduated From Starbucks Coffee College
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2010-05-24 Urban Hike - Between The Bridges Edition
2010-05-24 This Time Is Different - Eight Centuries of Financial Folly
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2010-05-20 Happiness is a Warm Gun
2010-05-13 Kung Fu Grip
2010-05-12 30 Days Without Sugar
2010-05-09 When All Hell Breaks Loose
2010-05-08 Seattle's Corn Dog Obession
2010-05-07 Me 2.0
2010-05-04 Kimchi Operations Have Expanded
2010-04-29 50% Chance of Rain, 50% Chance of Awesome
2010-04-27 This Isn't IMAX!
2010-04-27 Design Inspires Content
2010-04-24 Man Eating Bugs
2010-04-22 The Laziest Way To Eat Healthy
2010-04-17 Bok Choy Kimchi Recipe
2010-04-14 Simplexity
2010-04-08 That Time I Got a Cease and Desist From Starbucks
2010-04-05 My Exercise Program - April 2010 Edition
2010-04-05 My Ideas on Fixing the Holiday Schedule
2010-03-26 Tales From the Glitter Gym - More People Who Annoy Me
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2010-03-20 What I Eat and What I Don't Eat - March 2010 Edition
2010-03-13 My New Myers-Briggs Score is ENTJ
2010-03-12 Windows 8 Wish List
2010-03-11 The Minimal Effort Approach
2010-03-10 Foraging For Nettles
2010-03-08 Saying Goodbye to Beer
2010-03-04 An Observation About Quality Content and Advertising Revenue
2010-02-27 Fat Loss Metrics For Men
2010-02-26 Meet the Barista - Dubsea Coffee
2010-02-19 Is Slow Motion Weight Training Superior?
2010-02-18 Intermittent Fasting - Improving Your Success Rate, A New Strategy
2010-02-17 Revisiting "Cleaning Up My Diet"
2010-02-15 The Hunter, The Hammer, and Heaven: Journeys to Three Worlds Gone Mad
2010-02-12 Why I Am Not Renewing My Sirius XM Radio Subscription
2010-02-05 Caloric Nonsense at the Glitter Gym
2010-02-05 What Google Should Have Done With Blogger FTP Accounts
2010-02-02 My Super Immunity Project Revisited
2010-01-31 Sunday Suit
2010-01-29 Physician Heal Thyself
2010-01-28 Road Trip to Velton’s Coffee
2010-01-27 The One Book A Week Goal
2010-01-26 Hungry Monkey
2010-01-15 Before Racing Back to College To Pile On More Debt
2010-01-14 Body By Science
2010-01-13 Planes, Trains and Elephants - My 2009 Asia Trip Overview
2010-01-12 I Wanted to "Slow" Burn This Book
2010-01-10 Chiang Mai, Thailand
2010-01-09 Immigration, Customs and Fearing International Travel
2010-01-08 Absinthe & Flamethrowers: Projects and Ruminations on the Art of Living Dangerously
2010-01-07 One Nation Under Fear Book Cover
2010-01-06 A Collection of Gambling Stories
2010-01-06 Tall Skinny Bitter – Notes From the Center of Coffee Culture
2010-01-05 My 10 Gym Tips For 2010
2010-01-01 Cajun Style Pumpkin Seeds
2009-12-31 Reviewing My 2009 Financial Predictions
2009-12-30 Traffic Lights and Menus in Thailand and Cambodia
2009-12-30 Farm City
2009-12-29 Elephant Training Video and Photos
2009-12-28 Amazing Latte Designs at Kitanda Brazilian Espresso and Bakery
2009-12-26 Clear Skies in Seattle
2009-12-24 Good Calories, Bad Calories is the Best Book Ever Written on Nutrition
2009-12-23 The 50 Law
2009-12-23 A Holiday in Cambodia
2009-12-23 Making Spaghetti Squash - The 1 Page, Zero Ad Tutorial
2009-12-21 Elephant Video
2009-12-21 Tiger and Lion Videos
2009-12-21 Angkor Wat - Siem Reap, Cambodia
2009-12-20 Cambodian Landmine Museum
2009-12-19 Why I Dislike American Dentists and What I Did About It
2009-12-18 Physique Hacking
2009-12-18 Floating Village - Siem Reap, Cambodia
2009-12-17 Macchiato Etching at Dubsea Coffee
2009-12-15 The Fish Massage - Siem Reap, Cambodia
2009-12-11 A Rainy Day in Seoul, South Korea
2009-12-11 Photo Gallery For Return to Bangkok
2009-12-10 Coffee Hunting in Seoul, South Korea
2009-12-09 I've Got Seoul and I'm Super Bad
2009-12-08 More Carbohydrate Observations From Malaysia
2009-12-07 Batu Caves - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2009-12-07 Carbohydrate Observations From Malaysia
2009-12-06 Arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2009-12-06 My Return to Bangkok
2009-12-04 Next Stop: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2009-12-03 Ko Samui, Thailand
2009-11-28 Phuket, Thailand
2009-11-28 Thai Cooking Class - Chiang Mai, Thailand
2009-11-28 The Phi Phi Islands in Thailand
2009-11-28 Playing Tug of War With an Elephant
2009-11-28 Feeding a Crocodile in Ko Samui, Thailand
2009-11-25 Elephant Training in Chiang Mai, Thailand
2009-11-25 3 Tigers, 1 Lion and MAS in a Cage
2009-11-24 Floating Market Video
2009-11-21 Here Kitty Kitty
2009-11-21 Posting Bottleneck From Thailand
2009-11-21 Missing Circuit City at the Floating Market
2009-11-21 One Night In Bangkok and the World's Your Oyster
2009-11-18 Your Pants Must Be This High To Enter
2009-11-18 Hot Chocolate Latte Art
2009-11-14 MAS and Big Buddha
2009-11-12 One Last Espresso Before I Leave Town
2009-11-12 Off to Thailand
2009-11-09 Healthcare and Price Discovery
2009-11-07 Canned Roasted Eel Sushi
2009-11-07 Suffer The Little Children
2009-11-06 Metal Tree
2009-11-03 Tearing Through My First Pumpkin
2009-11-03 Tales From the Glitter Gym - Three I Respect
2009-11-02 Romanesco Broccoli
2009-10-26 Some Good Travel News For Me?
2009-10-26 Weight Lifting Wisdom For the Tall Lanky Guy
2009-10-26 The Two Types of Muscle Growth
2009-10-23 Brain Rules
2009-10-23 Maximum Muscle - The Science of Intelligent Physique Development
2009-10-20 Espresso Forgiveness
2009-10-20 My Cold Weather Challenge To You
2009-10-19 Morning Workouts and Productivity
2009-10-19 Monday Afternoon Latte Art
2009-10-16 Vashon Island Coffee Museum
2009-10-15 Clothing Sale?
2009-10-13 The Anti-Estrogenic Diet
2009-10-12 I Don't Know Karate, But I Know KA-RAZY!
2009-10-11 Vashon Island
2009-10-08 Sick of Fearing the Flu
2009-10-08 Reaching Out to the 3 Types of Seattle Coffee Drinkers
2009-10-04 The Best Kind of Glitter is Free Glitter
2009-10-04 Leaving Queen Anne
2009-10-02 Tall Guys and the Bench Press Solution
2009-10-01 South 47 Farm and Corn Maze
2009-10-01 Espresso Vivace Dolce Now Without Robusta
2009-10-01 The Upside of Down
2009-09-27 A Fresh Coat of Glitter
2009-09-25 My Last Comment on Coffee House Pricing
2009-09-21 Who Do I Write This Blog For?
2009-09-18 Throwing Out China Made Food
2009-09-15 Intermittent Fasting - The Common Cold
2009-09-12 Return to Sickness
2009-09-11 Espresso Hike #2 – Queen Anne to Downtown
2009-09-09 Coffee, Commodities and Pricing Shenanigans
2009-09-07 Jet City Espresso – An Early Mentor
2009-09-07 Physics for Future Presidents: The Science Behind the Headlines
2009-09-07 Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking
2009-09-05 Don't Waste Another Text Message On Me
2009-09-01 A Chilly 84 Degrees?
2009-08-31 Good Day at the Gym
2009-08-29 250 Pound Weighted Dip
2009-08-25 Deeply Rooted - Profiles of Uncoventional Farmers
2009-08-25 Guest Financial Predictions by Derek Wilson
2009-08-24 Urban Hike - 22.6 Mile Edition
2009-08-20 Blueberry Picking East of Seattle
2009-08-14 Androstenedione and Baseball Silliness
2009-08-10 Urban Hike - Flat Shoe Edition
2009-08-08 Home Latte Art – The Feather
2009-08-07 Learning How to Walk Again
2009-08-06 Coffee Shops Fight Back Against Laptop Abusers
2009-08-05 15th Avenue Coffee and Tea – First Impressions
2009-08-03 The Ectomorphs Dilemma
2009-07-31 Hyperventilating After Every Starbucks Press Release
2009-07-31 Why America Wins
2009-07-30 Solving the Back Pain Relief Riddle
2009-07-30 Coffee on TV: Futurama – Three Hundred Big Boys
2009-07-28 Collapse - We're Doomed
2009-07-24 Secret Ways to Save Money With AT&T and Vonage
2009-07-23 Affogato = Espresso Over Gelato
2009-07-20 Is Twitter The Borg?
2009-07-20 14 Foot Tall Coffee Drinking Man Looks Down on Pike Market
2009-07-20 Bad Behavior at a Seattle Coffee House
2009-07-20 The Importance of College
2009-07-17 The Millionaire Next Door
2009-07-12 Why So Many Vegetables?
2009-07-09 21 Acres Farm Tour
2009-07-09 The Espresso Hike #1 – Queen Anne
2009-07-07 The Next 100 Years
2009-06-29 Guess Who Signed Up For The 2009 Rock 'n' Roll Marathon?
2009-06-29 17 Lessons For Fat Loss
2009-06-27 Three Reasons to Put Diapers On
2009-06-26 The Primal Blueprint - 10 Old School Laws For Nutrition and Fitness
2009-06-26 Tales From the Glitter Gym - Mr. Sit Up
2009-06-25 Eye of the Hurricane
2009-06-24 Ominous Signs: Juan Valdez Cafe, Seattle
2009-06-22 Killer at Large - Obesity Documentary Without Focus
2009-06-20 Slow (Brewed) Coffee at Seattle Coffee Works
2009-06-19 Guns, Germs and Steel
2009-06-17 When Writing a Diet Book, The First Rule is to Slam the Competition
2009-06-13 Another Reason I No Longer Get Sick
2009-06-11 An Espresso Journey Through Italy – Caffe D’Arte
2009-06-08 Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life
2009-06-06 Stop For Me - It's the Claw!
2009-06-02 The Other Space Needle
2009-05-31 The Desire To Lift Heavy Objects and Witness Stupidity
2009-05-30 Vancouver - Nice and Beautiful
2009-05-29 The Seattle Times Likes Me
2009-05-20 Intermittent Fasting - 20 Times
2009-05-19 Grand Cru Coffee Cupping - Stumptown Coffee
2009-05-18 Outliers - The Story of Success
2009-05-16 Learning From the Espresso Master
2009-05-16 The Email Rant
2009-05-15 Runners Statue - Hidden in Belltown
2009-05-13 Seattle Coffee Works – Downtown Seattle
2009-05-11 Filing Fraud Charges Against XM Radio
2009-05-11 Forming a Local Coffee Club
2009-05-11 The Art of Learning
2009-05-09 The BMI is Still BS
2009-05-07 My Issues With
2009-05-06 No Cardio Clarifications
2009-05-06 Barista Confidence at Caffe Vita - Seward Park
2009-05-04 Poached Eggs - Snatching Defeat From the Jaws of Victory
2009-04-30 Glitter Interrupted
2009-04-29 WaterTown Coffee - Capitol Hill, Seattle
2009-04-28 Can Cold Weather Exposure Increase Muscle Growth?
2009-04-28 Stealing Electricity From the Office
2009-04-27 Health Goals - Last Year and Today
2009-04-24 Don't Waste a Tuesday Reading This Book
2009-04-22 White Asparagus
2009-04-21 My Cheap Camera Tripod Rocks!
2009-04-20 Intermittent Fasting - Tips and Advice
2009-04-20 Intermittent Fasting - Adventures in Not Eating
2009-04-20 Intermittent Fasting - Fears and Motivations
2009-04-17 The Coffee Protein Mystery
2009-04-16 You Either Shut Up Or Get Cut Up
2009-04-16 Move Called Off - Staying in Queen Anne
2009-04-13 MichaelAllenSmith - The Sharpie Redesign
2009-04-13 Revisiting The Warrior Diet
2009-04-13 My Favorite Cookbooks
2009-04-12 An Urban Version of The 48 Laws of Power
2009-04-10 Updating the Moving Scorecard Again
2009-04-10 Triggering the Cold Weather Response For Fat Loss
2009-04-09 Coffee As A Pre-Workout Meal
2009-04-09 The Media Discovers Brown Fat
2009-04-09 Happy Anniversary Pain
2009-04-07 Tales From the Glitter Gym - The Kayaker Goes MacGyver
2009-04-07 Latte Art Etching From Makeda Coffee
2009-04-07 Autophagy and Loading Trucks For UPS
2009-04-06 The Fat Tail
2009-04-05 Still No Jacket Required
2009-04-05 Leaving Las Vegas - Google Returns Queen Anne to Seattle
2009-04-04 Seattle Sunshine Traffic
2009-04-01 La Dolce Vita
2009-03-26 Urban Hike - Magnolia Edition
2009-03-26 Hormonal Balance: Understanding Hormones, Weight, and Your Metabolism
2009-03-23 Tales From the Glitter Gym - The Commando
2009-03-18 My Reaction To What Bernanke Did Today
2009-03-18 When Fitness and Finance Intersect
2009-03-17 Sushi Freedom
2009-03-16 Evolving Health - Calling Doctor Caveman
2009-03-16 The Drunkard's Walk - How Randomness Rules Our Lives
2009-03-13 My Thoughts on Hiring a Personal Trainer
2009-03-11 Crazy From the Heat
2009-03-10 Not As Short As I Used To Be
2009-03-09 Drawing Dilbert Upside Down
2009-03-09 If You Like Tales From the Glitter Gym
2009-03-06 Debt and Leverage
2009-03-04 When Glitter Turns Orange
2009-03-02 New Orleans 2009
2009-03-01 Grown Up Digital Is An Awful Book
2009-02-27 Santa Claus Rally - Hope You Got Out
2009-02-20 Will The Housing Crisis Start a Civil War?
2009-02-18 Leaves Are Falling All Around, It's Time I Was On My Way
2009-02-17 The Next Round of Real Estate Price Drops
2009-02-16 Urban Hike Seattle - 22.5 Mile Edition
2009-02-15 Mean Genes
2009-02-15 Ending The Quest To Be Decent
2009-02-15 Flashbacks on a Dead Lift Gone Wrong
2009-02-14 Instead of Makin' Me Better, You Keep Me Makin' Me Ill
2009-02-09 Your Inner Fish
2009-02-06 Mr. Microsoft vs Seattle Billy
2009-02-04 I Miss Hiking in San Diego
2009-01-31 An Update on Seattle Billy
2009-01-29 Photo Stitch of Kerry Park View Tonight
2009-01-28 Timing the Stock Market
2009-01-22 I Just Woke Up From A Fuzzy Dream
2009-01-21 Waistland
2009-01-19 I Hate Your Guts
2009-01-18 Today I Am Dirty, I Want To Be Pretty
2009-01-17 Maybe I Think Too Much But Some Thing's Wrong
2009-01-16 When I See Your Face Like the Morning Sun You Spark Me To Shine
2009-01-16 Sign of the Times - The Counter Offer
2009-01-15 My Glitter Gym Offer
2009-01-12 You Can't Hyperinflate Wages in a Global Economy
2009-01-11 Iconoclast: A Neuroscientist Reveals How to Think Differently
2009-01-08 Simple Math Says Get Out of the Stock Market
2009-01-07 How Mickey Rourke Gained 27 Pounds of Muscle For The Wrestler
2009-01-03 Fighting Sickness Ninja Style
2009-01-03 2009 Financial Predictions
2009-01-01 2009 Polar Bear Plunge - Matthews Beach in Seattle
2008-12-31 Jim Cramer, Me and One Week in July
2008-12-31 Best Books of 2008
2008-12-30 Revolutionary Wealth
2008-12-29 Tales From the Glitter Gym - Unsafe At Any Speed
2008-12-28 The Calm Before the Storm
2008-12-23 The More You Cook, The Better You Look
2008-12-22 Seattle Snow Continues
2008-12-22 Am I Bored?
2008-12-22 Maximum Strength by Eric Cressey
2008-12-20 Another Snow Storm, Another Urban Hike
2008-12-18 Urban Hike Seattle - Snow Edition
2008-12-18 Google Thinks Queen Anne is in Las Vegas
2008-12-17 Quirkology
2008-12-17 The Lovely Ladies of Texas?
2008-12-17 Paying to be Considerate
2008-12-17 Osama MAS Laden
2008-12-13 Anatomy of a Good Trade
2008-12-10 No Jacket Required
2008-12-09 The Scientific Fitness Program
2008-12-07 Anatomy of a Bad Trade
2008-12-06 Signal vs Noise - Consume vs Create
2008-12-03 Smile When You're Lying
2008-12-02 Seize The Day
2008-12-02 The Lack of Trust in the New World Economy
2008-11-30 The Softening Seattle Rental Market
2008-11-28 Tales From the Glitter Gym - The 105 Pound Dumbbells
2008-11-28 Tales From the Glitter Gym - The Cold Trainer
2008-11-27 This White Man Can't Jump
2008-11-26 Short Term Bear, Long Term Bull
2008-11-26 The Power of Persuasion
2008-11-24 The Quest To Be Decent Part 5
2008-11-20 He Bought At The Bottom
2008-11-19 The Quest To Be Decent Part 4
2008-11-17 The Quest To Be Decent Part 3
2008-11-16 The Rat Altoids Display
2008-11-13 There Will Be Blood - Home Edition
2008-11-13 Satisfaction Formulas
2008-11-13 Satisfaction - The Science of True Fulfillment
2008-11-12 Oil Hits $55
2008-11-11 The Quest To Be Decent Part 2
2008-11-10 The Quest To Be Decent Begins
2008-11-06 You Hit It Once, Then Break Away Clean
2008-11-05 Not a Certified Financial Planner
2008-11-05 The Cuban Family Revisited
2008-10-30 The Science of Fear
2008-10-28 Did Fraiser Live in Queen Anne?
2008-10-25 How Joseph Campbell Spent His Days During The Great Depression
2008-10-22 Financial Logic Fails
2008-10-20 The Most Effective Natural Cures on Earth
2008-10-20 Another Fitness Nutrition Book
2008-10-19 Why Do I Diss Cardio?
2008-10-16 Frank Sinatra Probably Wouldn't Have Liked Me
2008-10-15 Picking a New S&P 500 Target
2008-10-15 The Easiest Fitness Debate I've Ever Won
2008-10-11 Investing 101 - The 401K
2008-10-09 They Were Chopping Them Up and They Were Chopping Them Down
2008-10-08 Save a Horse, Ride a Pig
2008-10-07 Nudge Me When This Book Is Over
2008-10-07 Hey Ladies in the Place I'm Callin' Out To Ya
2008-10-06 Investing 101 - The Biggest Lesson
2008-10-05 Investing 101 - Before You Invest
2008-10-02 Here Comes My Power Sleep?
2008-10-01 Walk Away and Taste the Pain, Come Again Some Other Day
2008-09-28 Can I Have Another Piece of Chocolate Cake?
2008-09-27 Yes, It's Over, Call It A Day, Sorry That It Had To End This Way
2008-09-26 Trying to Understand George Soros
2008-09-26 And Here Is What Happened When They Decided To Cut Loose
2008-09-25 Tales From the Glitter Gym - Traffic Patterns
2008-09-22 Watching Wall Street and Waiting
2008-09-20 As Soon As I Get My Head Round You
2008-09-17 My Counter Party Is Over
2008-09-09 The Body Fat Test
2008-09-08 250 Pound Pull-Up
2008-09-07 When You Come Undone
2008-09-04 Tales From the Glitter Gym - Nonsense
2008-09-03 Another Reason Real Estate Prices Will Drop Further
2008-09-02 The Stick Boy Explained
2008-09-02 The End of Summer in Seattle?
2008-08-28 The Geography of Bliss
2008-08-24 I Don't Like the Nightlife, I'd Rather be Lean
2008-08-24 Irrational on the Way Up, Rational on the Way Down?
2008-08-21 Funny Finance Book
2008-08-15 Peeping Jane
2008-08-13 Not the Sleep I Was looking For
2008-08-12 Financial Book Picks
2008-08-12 I Can't Quit You Coke Zero
2008-08-11 I Don't Like the Night Life
2008-08-11 The Alchemist
2008-08-07 I Don't Want To Ride A Donkey Down The Grand Canyon!
2008-08-06 Tales From the Glitter Gym - The Pickup Part 2
2008-08-04 Eating the SuperFoods Revisited
2008-08-02 Why Cooking and Why Now?
2008-07-31 Won The Lottery Revisited
2008-07-30 Financial History Repeating Itself
2008-07-28 Returning to Basketball
2008-07-28 Tales From the Glitter Gym - The Pick Up
2008-07-26 In Defense of Food
2008-07-24 Hope Your 401K is in Fixed Income
2008-07-23 Tales From the Glitter Gym - Early Influences
2008-07-21 Sleep and Other Updates
2008-07-19 Don't Cry For Me and My Diesel Engine
2008-07-18 The Omnivore's Dilemma
2008-07-17 I'm Not A Vegetarian
2008-07-15 Hedging Financial Risk For First Time Homebuyers?
2008-07-15 Shooting The Messenger
2008-07-13 Buffalo Meatball Recipe
2008-07-12 True Job Insurance Means Shorting Your Own Company Part 2
2008-07-11 IndyMAC Is Gone, Who Warned Ya?
2008-07-10 True Job Insurance Means Shorting Your Own Company
2008-07-07 Bailing on Bad Movies
2008-07-06 More Than You Know
2008-07-05 Creepy Fountain or Art?
2008-07-02 Rainbow Shrimp Curry
2008-07-02 IndyMAC - Dead Bank Walking?
2008-07-01 The Wisdom of David Lynch
2008-06-27 Buying Individual Stocks Doesn't Math Out For Me
2008-06-22 The Book on Creativity
2008-06-18 I Wouldn't Bank There
2008-06-15 While America Aged
2008-06-12 Intervention at the Glitter Gym
2008-06-11 Body Language at the Coffee House
2008-06-11 The Big Tipper
2008-06-11 The Definitive Book of Body Language
2008-06-11 The Wisdom of Crowds
2008-06-10 Tales From the Glitter Gym - The Smell
2008-06-09 My Take on the Barbell Investment Strategy
2008-06-07 Way of the Peaceful Warrior
2008-06-07 Growing Up During the Pixel Depression
2008-06-05 Moving Scorecard
2008-06-02 Meet Nassim Nicholas Taleb
2008-05-27 How to Win Friends and Influence People
2008-05-24 Nature Girl
2008-05-23 An Unreasonable Man
2008-05-22 Double Check That Movie Listing
2008-05-15 The Cuban Family
2008-05-11 Seattle Coffee Works
2008-05-09 Meet My Neighbors
2008-05-06 Mindless Eating
2008-05-04 Mastery
2008-05-04 Am I the Last One to Read The Long Tail?
2008-04-29 Revisiting NeanderThin
2008-04-29 Shivering My Way To Leanness
2008-04-28 Vagabonding
2008-04-27 A Rogue Way To Run a Brewpub - Issaquah Brewhouse
2008-04-27 MAScene 2.0 - The Marilyn Manson Workout Mix
2008-04-26 Why Every Diet Works in the Short Run
2008-04-25 Tales From the Glitter Gym - The Bodyfat Test
2008-04-23 Running Away From Wall Street and the Adventurist
2008-04-16 Mr. Financial Planner - Go Home and Get Your Shine Box!
2008-04-15 Why Are We Predictably Irrational?
2008-04-14 The Simplest Investing Rule
2008-04-14 Creating a Filtered RSS Feed Using Yahoo! Pipes
2008-04-12 Secular Bear Market or Range Bound?
2008-04-11 Military MAS
2008-04-11 Home on Holly Oak Lane
2008-04-10 The Internet is the New Electricity
2008-04-09 Ranking the National Coffee House Chains
2008-04-07 Reminiscences of a Stock Operator
2008-04-06 Calculate Your Grecian Ideal
2008-04-04 Is MacroShares Ready For Primetime?
2008-04-03 Returning to Columbus, For a Weekend
2008-04-02 Vulcan Quote Worth Repeating
2008-04-02 Eight Months in Seattle
2008-03-29 Tampa Bay Satire 1997-1998
2008-03-29 Ybor City Scrapbook (1994-1998)
2008-03-27 Devil Take the Hindmost
2008-03-27 The Financial Wisdom of Seattle Billy
2008-03-24 My Food Stamp Story
2008-03-24 Picking a Real Estate Bottom
2008-03-23 Fooled By Randomness
2008-03-22 150 SuperFoods, Because 14 Just Wasn't Enough
2008-03-22 The Runner 1989-1995
2008-03-21 E-4 and Holding
2008-03-20 Taco Bell and the Speed Zone
2008-03-20 Bear Market Investing
2008-03-17 IndyMac I'm Never Coming Back
2008-03-16 Ultra ETFs and Counterparty Risk
2008-03-08 I Hate BlogSpot Too
2008-03-07 Investing in Stocks For the Long Term?
2008-03-03 Chasing a Dog up a Mountain
2008-02-29 Coffee Tour At Seattle's Caffe Vita
2008-02-28 RainMan RIP
2008-02-27 The Origins of the Crash
2008-02-18 Urban Hike Seattle
2008-02-18 Accidental Mind
2008-02-17 Death to Blogger
2008-02-16 Just What I Said
2008-02-09 Ignore My Financial Advice
2008-02-03 Dean Karnazes - The King of Pain
2008-02-03 Culture Shock Japan
2008-02-02 Waking Up in Costa Rica
2008-01-31 Civil Unrest Means it is Time to Order Coffee
2008-01-21 To Be a Badass Kung Fu Master
2008-01-17 Release Me California
2008-01-16 Recommendation Zombies
2008-01-11 Meeting Hulk Hogan and Macho Man
2008-01-10 The First Time I Met Bill Clinton
2008-01-09 That Time I Got in a Car Chase With Hulk Hogan
2008-01-08 Firing My Mutual Fund
2008-01-05 The Futurist
2008-01-03 My Drudge Report Oil Short Investment Tip
2008-01-01 Leaving the Glitter, Embracing the Rust
2007-12-31 Best Books for 2007
2007-12-31 Defending the 4-Hour Workweek
2007-12-30 Little Thoughts
2007-12-28 Back From Canada Eh!
2007-12-20 Diamond Knot and Budweiser Urinal
2007-12-20 Taking off to the Great White North
2007-12-15 Super Crunchers - A Better Freakonomics Book
2007-12-15 Not Much of a Culture Shock
2007-12-14 My Useless SuperPower
2007-12-11 Defending the Seattle Position
2007-12-01 The Black Swan
2007-12-01 Return HTML Page Source From Web URL in C#
2007-11-27 Not Building Equity?
2007-11-24 The Myths of Innovation
2007-11-24 Here is the Real Secret
2007-11-23 Noise
2007-11-22 When Genius Failed
2007-11-22 The Wolf of Wall Street
2007-11-19 Two Types of Travelers
2007-11-05 Sluggish in Seattle
2007-11-05 Insane Amount of Coffee Sunday in Seattle
2007-11-03 The Most Dangerous Places in the World
2007-10-30 Culture Shock Chile
2007-10-28 It’s a Boy!
2007-10-27 Rainman Survives the San Diego Fires!
2007-10-27 Chris Matthews - Inside the Beltway Laws of Power
2007-10-22 San Diego Fires 2007
2007-10-21 Why I Don't Like Oranges
2007-10-21 The Secrets of Overachievement
2007-10-20 Kaizen, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Dip
2007-10-18 Are These the 14 SuperFoods?
2007-10-17 California Uber Alles - DMV Edition
2007-10-14 Finally Read Freakonomics
2007-10-14 Stumbling on Covert Persuasion
2007-10-13 The Anabolic Quality of Food
2007-10-10 Single Line If Statement in C#
2007-10-03 Glitter Gym Hijinks
2007-10-01 Hiking in Seattle vs San Diego
2007-09-29 Amarillo Slim - The Worlds Greatest Gambler
2007-09-28 Best Cup of Coffee Ever
2007-09-25 Home Prices A Year Later - Who Was Right?
2007-09-20 Stories By Ed, Jim and Danny
2007-09-16 Wearing the Buckeye Uniform
2007-08-10 Tales From the Glitter Gym - Locker Room Edition
2007-08-08 Tales From the Glitter Gym - Bellevue Edition
2007-07-08 Selling
2007-07-05 The History of Search
2007-07-04 A Decade Without TV
2007-05-15 Retirement Age or Retirement Place?
2007-05-13 A Decent Bench Press?
2007-05-03 Mixing Photos With Classical Artwork
2007-04-18 Seattle vs San Diego
2007-04-15 Real Estate Cassandra
2007-04-09 Polyester and Cheese: My Ultimate 70s Pop Mix
2007-04-08 The Day After (the Dead-lift)
2007-04-07 No More Morning Dead-lifts
2007-03-30 Now, Discover Your Strengths Overview
2007-03-25 Too Many Choices - The Science of Influence
2007-03-23 Fitness Role Models
2007-03-10 The Greatest Blog Post Ever Written
2007-03-08 Renters Lose Money - 1 Year Later
2007-03-02 West Coast Time
2007-03-01 When Buying or Renting Downtown Consider
2007-02-19 The World is Flat and I Feel Fine
2007-02-15 The Marine Haircut
2007-02-13 The Meaning of Work
2007-02-01 Bob Lassiter RIP
2007-01-24 Does My Last Employer Miss Me?
2007-01-23 MAS Saves Energy - A Lot of Energy
2006-12-02 Inverse Investing Made Easy
2006-10-30 Guavaween 2006
2006-10-24 My Fast Food name is SAM
2006-10-13 Cleaning Up My Diet 2
2006-10-13 Cleaning Up My Diet 1
2006-09-29 7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs
2006-09-25 The Presidential Motorcade
2006-09-13 New Zealand Trip Overview
2006-08-31 Rio to Buenos Aires Overview
2006-08-31 Travel Weight
2006-08-30 Back From South America, Next Trip Announced
2006-08-08 Funny Comment on The Big Picture
2006-08-06 Investor Psychology - Market Sentiment
2006-08-02 Summer (of George) Reading
2006-07-18 Law 2: Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends ...
2006-07-10 Turn it Down
2006-06-27 Are You Really Busy?
2006-06-26 Step into Liquid - Day 3
2006-06-16 Step Into Liquid - Day 2
2006-06-14 Step Into Liquid - Day 1
2006-06-05 Summer of George Tips
2006-05-15 My Advice on Selling Your House
2006-05-10 Socially Irresponsible Investing
2006-04-21 Summer of George
2006-04-18 For Sale By Owner - Don't Do It
2006-03-30 Renters Lose Money?
2006-03-12 Buy Low, Sell High
2006-03-09 Won the Lottery
2006-02-28 Glitter and Rust
2006-02-12 Kato (1999-2006)
2006-02-10 The Espresso Stout
2006-01-30 The Savings Rate is Nonsense