New Coffee Brewing Guide on INeedCoffee

Yesterday I released a new version of INeedCoffee. I ended up using the same theme as this blog. After months of searching for a theme that met my needs, I gave up. This is the only theme I love. It isn’t perfect, but it is much better than the older version, especially on mobile and tablet.

My primary focus on INeedCoffee has been updating older coffee brewing tutorials with new text and new photos. Now that I am far enough along on that process, I decided to release a Coffee Brewing Guide. A single page with the best brewing tutorials accessible from the top navigation bar.

Coffee Brewing Guide

Check it out. Share it if you like. Like this blog, one my goals with the coffee site is to inspire and empower readers to take charge and do things for themselves. You can brew and even roast excellent coffee yourself.


Eva Solo

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