The MAS o Menos Bike Race

I was testing to see if Google had starting indexing my new WordPress blog and I stumbled onto the Desert Sports web site, which talks about the MAS o Menos 100 bike race. It is a 100 K race on mountain bikes near the Big Bend National Park in Texas.

This race is calling to me. I must do it. I want that T-shirt. The next race is February 12-14, 2009.

My only mountain biking experience has been a 50 miler in Mexico on a highway. Not exactly true mountain biking, but then again a Mexican highway isn’t exactly a true highway.

What am I thinking? My bike was stolen. Perhaps I could volunteer? Prior to running my first marathon, I volunteered to work the finish line the year before. Volunteering is what inspired me to run the race the next year and if I’m not mistaken I got a free T-shirt!

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