Batdorf and Bronson In Olympia

On my way back from Portland yesterday, I stopped off in Olympia for lunch. I’ve never been to Olympia and the only thing I know about it is that song by Hole. Driving through downtown, a parking spot opened up on the main drag. It was right in front of Batdorf and Bronson Coffee. Not only is that parking mojo. That is coffee mojo!

The espresso was pretty good. Darker than most Seattle and Portland options. Still good. The next time I am in Olympia, I will return here for another espresso.


Batdorf and Bronson – Olympia, Washington roaster and cafe.


  1. crunchysue says

    Everything tastes better in a blue cup … and they gave you a white cup.

  2. Marian says

    Have you seen the book Tall Skinny Bitter? It’s written by the owner of Fuel Coffee and covers coffee culture in Seattle and Portland. I think there’s an entry or two for Olympia too.

  3. says

    @Marian – Yes I have. I read that book earlier this year. In fact I was at her book signing in Capitol Hill. Honolulu Mark hosted the event.

  4. Jack says

    Next time you’re in Olympia don’t go to Batdorf unless you like the darker roasted coffee. Best coffee shop in Olympia is Olympia Coffee Roaster. You will spend a bit more money there but will enjoy your coffee or espresso way more. Just my experience from living here.

  5. says

    @Jack – Will do. I had their Big Truck blend in Portland and here in Seattle. I do plan on heading down to Olympia for a visit this summer. Thanks!

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