Top 10 Blog Posts for 2012

With all the end of year Top 10 lists, I thought I’d assemble a Top 10 list for 2012 CriticalMAS posts. I’m going to use three metrics: page view, comments and those that I personally liked the best. Here goes.

#1 The Problem With Boot Camp Training

This was the most popular post I wrote in 2012. Getting linked to by Marks Daily Apple helped.

#2 Better Than Bulletproof Coffee

I didn’t want to write this post, but because I am both an active blogger on nutrition and run a popular coffee website, I got several emails asking my opinion on Bulletproof Coffee. Although many Paleo bloggers loved the taste of putting unsalted butter in their coffee, I didn’t. I also used this post as a way to expose home coffee roasting to the those interested in nutrition.

#3 Why Ice Cream is Better Than Protein Powder

This year I thought deeply about finding the best  post-workout food for ectomorphs trying to gaining muscle. I decided ice cream might be that perfect food. This is the post that started that discussion.

#4 Lower Risk Alternatives to the Barbell Back Squat

This was the sequel post to I No Longer Give a Squat About the Squat, which got almost an equal number of page views.

#5 Running Up That Hill – Spring Salvation For Tall People

I was inspired by the hill next to my apartment as a hack to pain free running for tall people.

#6 My 5 Part series on Exercise and Fat Loss

I think exercise is vastly over-rated as a tool for fat loss. Here are links to my 5 part series.

  1. Walking Didn’t Lean Me Out
  2. How Exercise Indirectly Kept me Fatter
  3. Fat Loss and the Case For Less Exercise
  4. Fat Loss and High Intensity Exercise
  5. Maximizing Fat Loss with Exercise

 #7 Help Me Fix My Neck and Shoulders

I threw out a question and got 47 comments. I am still working on a summary post. This will be a topic in 2013.

#8 My Gyro Obsession and The Meatball Solution

This was the most popular recipe for 2012.

#9 My Problem With “Eat Less Move More” and Part 2

An investor’s approach to understanding dietary failures.

#10 A Month Without Coffee (INeedCoffee

I summarized my coffee free experiment and several posts into an article which I published on INeedCoffee.

BONUS:  What John Gray Missed in Venus on Fire, Mars on Ice

The last post in a series of posts regarding the hormonal aspect to healthy relationships.

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