The Endless Rope Machine

When the new Glitter Gym opened up I walked through the floor of equipment passing judgment. Good, bad, awful, and so on. I was doing some recon on what I would use to build workouts. One piece of equipment made me laugh. It was a flat bench with an arm that held a thick black rope. […]

How I Raised My Body Temperature

A little over two years ago I became interested in metabolism. In the post Diet Recovery 2 and the “Turn Up the Heat” Experiment I explained my thinking at the time. Back then I was not a believer that a higher body temperature would benefit my health or that it was even possible. But I […]

Muscle on Weight or Weight on Muscle?

I’m sure I’m not the first have this thought. I have no doubt many others have looked around a gym and noticed that almost everyone models their workouts as if they were machines designed to do as much work as possible. Should the muscle move the weight or should the weight move the muscle? Let me […]

We Don’t Share the Same Fitness Values

I’ve grown tired of posting about fitness. What started as an exciting journey of exploration and sharing has become one battle after another. The debates never end. The name calling. My guru is better than your guru. This study showed this and that study showed that. Make it stop. Why is there so much disagreement when […]

Why Isn’t High Intensity Training More Popular? Part 2

In my last post Why Isn’t High Intensity Training More Popular? I covered a few reasons why HIT (not HIIT) doesn’t seem to be gaining in popularity. When I put the post together I was viewing HIT through my own experience and in doing so I missed a few reasons. I’ll conclude with my own definition […]

Why Isn’t High Intensity Training More Popular?

I am an enthusiastic supporter of High Intensity Training. I’ve done many posts on the topic, but the one post I haven’t done is why it isn’t more popular. I am a believer that good ideas spread and gain popularity. Poor ideas might be faddish for a while, but over time they fade away. HIT has been […]

Always Answering the Wrong Fitness Question

Normally I don’t read T-Nation, but an article being shared on Twitter caught my eye. I knew it was going to be lacking, but I had to look. The article is titled 6 Reasons Why You’re Always Hurt. Can you guess what reason never made the list? Exercise selection. Never in the article does the idea […]

On Health and Fitness Role Models

I have been thinking about the different types of health and fitness role models. These are the people who we look to for education and inspiration when we decide to improve our health. Before I started digging deep into health and fitness, I only had two role models, which I picked based off their height and […]

An n=1 Skeptic

I spent last week fixing years worth of grammar errors on this site. Over 300 posts were updated. While fixing the posts I was reacquanted with many of my old n=1 experiments. A lot of what I read made me cringe. Yeah I got a few things wrong. Many of the n=1 experiments that I […]

5 Desk Stretch Ideas From Indigo Kinetics

I just returned from a two week visit to Seattle, where I met up with Nikki Naab-Levy of Indigo Kinetics and Healthy Photographers. I’ve known Nikki since 2008. In addition to Pilates and massage, she focuses on movement. In 2013, she helped me solve the riddle of my tight neck muscles. Since most of us these […]

Stress and Low Body Fat Levels

A year ago I posted How I Regained the Weight I Lost. There I speculated on what was my ideal weight. If I were to ask my body what it believes my ideal weight is, I’d get different answers. My shoulders, chest and legs, would say I look most muscular at 215. My abs might say […]

The Grand Experiment Revisited

One of the wonderful things about having a blog that goes back years is you can revisit older posts and see not only what you were up to but how you interpreted those events. With more time and knowledge, we can revisit those experiences with new analysis. Today I am going back to 2011 to revisit what I called […]

Recovering From the Flu

The flu hit me hard about a day after my Feeling Destructive post. My guess is the poor mood I exhibited in that post was probably because I was already coming down with something, but didn’t realize it yet. The fever went away in a few days, but I still have a lingering cough and lack […]

I Won Fitness

I didn’t want to title this blog “My Last Fitness Post”, but it could end up being my last post about getting stronger. It has been a long journey, but I’ve found the answer. Maybe not for you, but for me. Don’t get hurt. That is it. Pick safe exercises. Challenge yourself. Allow time for recovery. Trust […]

Lean Out While You Sleep

Another story about how cool temperatures can help adults regain brown adipose tissue for metabolic advantage was published in July, but I just saw it this morning. From Let’s Cool It in the Bedroom: The cold temperatures, it turned out, changed the men’s bodies noticeably. Most striking, after four weeks of sleeping at 66 degrees, […]

Measuring Strength and Hating on HIT

I am so sick of the logic used in article written by “strength” coaches to dismiss High Intensity Training. The articles all go something like this: Using higher volume and lower intensity produces greater strength gains than using HIT. Strength is measured by PR (personal records) in classic bodybuilding exercises such as the bench press, squat […]

Cold Exposure – Not One Size Fits All

Probably the thing that annoys me most when I read health information is how articles fail to define their audience. What is good for some must be good for all. The classic example is coffee. Yes my favorite beverage has had a lot of positive health buzz about it in recent years, but not everyone […]

Visiting the Cryotherapy Chamber

For the past six years I have been fascinated by cold temperature exposure. When I left the perfect temperatures of San Diego in 2007 for Seattle, I became uncomfortable at temperatures as high as 65 F. I had gotten way too soft. I wanted to reverse that. Inspired initially by Art De Vany, I set […]

Update on that 20 Pound Fat Loss Goal

This past February I set the stage for a 20 pound fat loss goal. When I set the goal, several people told me that was too much weight for me to lose. My primary motivation for dropping 20 pounds was to increase the odds that my left knee, which had been in pain for a while, […]

Knock Yourself Out Bro!

This post isn’t for my regular readers. It is for those that leave hostile comments challenging my views on fitness. Instead of repeating myself over and over in the comments, I’ve created this post.  Dear Bro, You’ve been directed to this post, because I am too tired to respond directly to your comment. For a few years now I […]

A High Intensity Tune-Up at DeSisto Strength Training

I recently was invited to do a High Intensity Training workout at DeSisto Strength Training in San Francisco. It has been over 3 years now since I had those two HIT workouts from legendary trainer Greg Anderson (RIP). I learned that Dave DeSisto got his certification from Greg Anderson. Small world. This past summer I haven’t been […]

Better Sleep for the Too Early Riser

I was recently asked about what tips I had for better sleep. Instead of responding directly to the email, I thought it might make for a good post where others could read and comment. Most of the sleep advice you read online is written for the person who has trouble falling asleep and not for my […]

Cool – Not Cold – Showers For Fat Loss?

I got a really interesting comment yesterday on my 2011 post A High Intensity Approach to Cold Weather Training. From Rick D: My first exposure to thermogenics was from a french physician who wrote a book in the early 80’s about his pioneering work using cool temperatures to lose weight. He advocated cool 25 degree […]

Anatomy of a Stupid Fitness Comment

Most of the 10,000 comments this blog has received since December 2005 are respectable and informative. This post is about one comment that was neither. Comments like this represent less than 1% of the total comments received.  On a few fitness posts, I have started closing comments. I usually wait a few years, which is […]

Merging Foundation Training With Hillfit

Regular readers of this site know that I am a proponent of High Intensity Training (HIT) and that the bodyweight approach I discuss the most is the Hillfit program. As great as that routine is there is one exercise in it that I never got much benefit from: the Hip Extension. I tooled around with […]

CrossFit is Not AntiFragile

I’ve seen a few proponents of CrossFit try and claim because of the randomness of the daily workouts (WOD) that they are following the principles of Antifragile. For those unaware Antifragile is a book written by Nassim Taleb describing a state for which we do not have a word for in the English language. Fragile […]

Just Label Your Critics Haters or Trolls

One of the things I most dislike about the health and fitness blogosphere is that certain people with some level of popularity can dismiss honest criticisms from less popular bloggers or commenters by labeling them haters or trolls. Sometimes it might be justified, but the labels are thrown around too easily. I’m not going to […]

Another Top Fitness Writer Fails to Impress Me

Who needs safety when you got abs? Tom Venuto writes his 30 things learned in 30 years of lifting. Never mentions injury avoidance or exercise safety. #Fool #SurvivorshipBias — Michael Allen Smith (@CriticalMAS) July 27, 2014 Better to read the conclusion of my 20 Years of Weightlifting post. The greatest gains you will make will […]

Back Pain, Headaches and Stress

It isn’t very often that a true insight into our own health hits, but I believe I had one a few weeks ago. Long time readers of this blog know that I tackled and overcame my back pain issues years ago. After I admitted that I didn’t understand what caused my back pain, I did […]

I’m Done Talking About High Intensity Training Part 2

This is a follow up the post I’m Done Talking About High Intensity Training. But before I start I want to be clear that post was about conversations outside this blog. Not this blog. I will continue to blog about HIT. I even have a post planned that extends the Hillfit 2.0 protocol with a new […]

I’m Done Talking About High Intensity Training

Last night I made a decision that I would never talk about High Intensity Training unless someone solicits my opinion on the topic. I’ll still blog about it here, but I’m done discussing it in conversations. People don’t get it. I used to think it was a failure on my part to articulate the principles […]

Just Count Protein – More Thoughts

Two days ago I posted Just Count Protein For Fat Loss, which theorizes that the minimum effort one needs to do to lose weight is increase protein. Get the grams you need and that should reduce appetite, create a caloric deficit and trigger fat loss. Now I am thinking about timing. If I need to consume […]

Just Count Protein For Fat Loss

I’ve been thinking a lot about low effort sustainable dieting and I’ve come up with an idea that I was certain someone else had figured out before, but I haven’t seen it articulated anywhere. That either means my searching skills aren’t that good or it is a terrible idea or it is brilliant. My thought […]

How My Diet Got Derailed

I haven’t posted about my 20 pound fat loss bet in a while. The reason is after losing 10 pounds, I stalled and then starting gaining again. This post will explain what went wrong. #1 Coffee Addiction Coffee is a complicated tool when it comes to appetite. At normal or low levels, it can suppress […]

The ROI of Quantified Self

After being an early enthusiast of Quantified Self, I now consider myself to be a critic. My last post on the topic was Some Quantified Self Honesty. That was two months ago. In that post and the posts linked to from that article, I cover my issues with quantified self. In this post, I’ve decided […]

Answering 3 Fitness Questions About HIT and Running

I received an email with three fitness questions. Instead of responding privately, I decided to answer them in a blog post. I will need help with the third question. The email came from someone who read and successfully tried some of the ideas from the post Lower Risk Alternatives to the Barbell Back Squat. 1) You say […]

New Respect for Assisted Pull Up Machines

I’ve never been a fan of Assisted Pull Up Machines. From my 2012 post How I Improved My Chin-Ups: When you get under one of these machines, if you start with a decent pull, the lifter slides upward almost effortlessly. In other words, the tension is reduced just when more muscle should be engaged. The lifter games […]

Revisiting the Tim Ferriss 30 in 30 Experiment?

Last year I unsuccessfully tested Tim Ferriss’s idea of consuming 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. Instead of curbing my hunger, it increased it. Here is what I posted on Ending the Tim Ferriss 30 in 30 Experiment: It not only isn’t working, but I’ve actually gained 4 more pounds. It has […]

Muscular Potential and Reality Part 2 – Hardgainer Edition

In the comments of the post Muscular Potential and Reality, Skyler Tanner mentioned that the Casey Butt book had a second formula for calculating muscular potential for ectomorphs and hardgainers. Stephan at BioHacks went to work and created a second online calculator to support that formula. Here is an updated table using my numbers for […]

Use Ghost Reps To Reduce Injury Rate

Today in the gym I watched a lady doing “squats”. I use quotes because her form was atrocious. It wasn’t really a squat, but more like a good morning where the knees give out at the last minute. Her torso was so far extended early in the movement that she had to crane her neck […]

Muscular Potential and Reality

Stephan over at put together the Maximum Lean Body Mass Calculator. The formula used to make the calculation includes wrist and ankle size, which is a wise thing as ectomorphs tend to have smaller wrists and less muscle potential than someone with thicker wrists. But the formula is still incomplete. I’ll explain later. My […]

Focus Friday Fitness

I am so sick of what has become of the modern gym. Flat screen TVs everywhere and not just in front of the treadmills, but everywhere, including the free weight room. The TVs show sports news, regular news, and tabloid news. Meanwhile the gym blasts high energy dance music at 7:30 AM, when everyone in […]

20 Pound Bet: Week 11 Weigh In

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet. Week #11 Weigh-In: -1. Total Loss: -9. These posts are getting boring. This will be the last regularly scheduled weekly weigh in. From here on out I will be updating a spreadsheet instead. I like what Pauline said in […]

20 Pound Bet: Week 10 Weigh In

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet. Week #10 Weigh-In: +2. Total Loss: -8. Not a good week. A step backwards. A few things went wrong. My average daily fasting window dropped from 14.85 hours to 13.29 hours. My knee was giving me fits, so I did […]

Some Quantified Self Honesty

Most of what you read from the Quantified Self movement is celebratory nonsense. Without repeating my opinion and how I arrived at it, I’ll direct you to these posts: What Weight Lifting Should Have Taught Me About Quantified Self Quantified Self and False Pattern Recognition I’m not alone. There are other voices of reason emerging […]

20 Pound Bet: Week 9 Weigh In

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet. Week #9 Weigh-In: -2. Total Loss: -10. This was a good week. My plan last week was to journal the number of hours in my eating window. It worked! I was solid on my morning fasting and I lost 2 […]

20 Pound Bet: Week 8 Weigh In

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet. Week #8 Weigh-In: -1. Total Loss: -8. 8 weeks, 8 pounds. Grinding away. My knee rehab had a setback this week. Cycling for more than 5 minutes started to become uncomfortable, so I’ve scaled back. This means going into Week […]

Have I Been Napping Wrong?

I’ve always had trouble napping. I could be dead tired and in need of a nap, but I’ll close my eyes and nothing will happen. Sometimes my mind will race. Sometimes it won’t. I would say the odds of me being able to fall asleep for 20-40 minutes was about 10-20% until recently. The fact […]

My Last Post on Headaches

An interesting thing happened last week after my post Quantified Self and False Pattern Recognition. In that post I mentioned the benefit I have received from ending the daily tracking. I don’t think I’ve had a single headache this entire year that has woke me up in the middle of the night that was intense enough to […]

20 Pound Bet: Week 7 Weigh In

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet. Week #7 Weigh-In: -1. Total Loss: -7. Last week was the one week where I gained a pound. I was concerned that I might need to go back to the food journals. On Monday, I weighed myself and saw […]

20 Pound Bet: Week 6 Weigh In

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet. Week #6 Weigh-In: +1. Total Loss: -6. The bad new is this was the first week where I gained weight. The good news is I lost another 1/2 inch off the waist. My pants are getting a little […]

20 Pound Bet: Week 5 Weigh In

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet. Week #5 Weigh-In: -2. Total Loss: –7. After I posted the ant-Quantified Self post, I decided I didn’t want to continue creating food journals. The purpose of the journals were to keep me away from the foods I […]

CrossFit: 73.5% Chance of Getting Injured!

Anyone that has read this site knows I am not a fan of CrossFit. I believe it is the wrong approach to fitness for a number of reasons, but my root reason is the high rate of injuries. When you combine speed + load + volume, bad things happen. Until yesterday I had no idea […]

20 Pound Bet: Week 4 Weigh In and Food Journal

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet. Week #4 Weigh-in: -1. Total loss: -5. Slow and steady appears to be how my body wants to drop the weight. The good news is I’ve already dropped over 1/2 inch on my widest point, which tells me […]

20 Pound Bet: Week 3 Weigh In and Food Journal

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet. Week #3 Weigh-in: -1. Total loss: -4. This was an odd week. One of my competitors left a big bag of sliced salami in my refrigerator and I was tempted. I ate more than I should have early […]

Training to Failure is a Tool

I just finished reading Solving the Paleo Equation by Matt Stone and Garrett Smith. With a minor exception I really liked the book. The audience is not necessarily just those stuck on a Paleo diet, but any dieter that finds themselves stuck, especially those that exercise a lot. This book was an extension of some […]

20 Pound Bet: Week 2 Weigh In and Food Journal

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet. Week #2 Weigh-in: Unchanged. I weighed myself a few times this week and was down, then up, but I ended the week even. Due to a project I was less active than Week 1. Sunday March 2 banana […]

I May Have Finally Found a Headache Cure

Last December I reframed my headache question. After almost 3 years of trying to prevent headaches, I decided instead to look into how to eliminate the headache once it arrived. The full list of things I’ve tried is on the post Headache Remedies That Work?, but the takeaway is that the things that work for […]

20 Pound Bet: Week 1 Weigh In and Food Journal

For a background to this post see How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds and Win the Bet. Week #1 Weigh-in: Down 3 pounds. From 216 to 213. I suppose this is a common weight loss in the first week. It is especially common when people drop processed carbs with high levels of salt. But I consumed […]

How I Plan to Lose 20 Pounds – And Win the Bet

For those that don’t know the background story read How I Regained the Weight I Lost, The Fat Loss Bet and The Fat Loss Side Bet. In this post I am going to outline my plan for losing 20 pounds and winning this bet. Since I started researching and experimenting with nutrition again in 2007, […]

The Fat Loss Side Bet

There seems to be some disagreement on if the terms of the Fat Loss Bet are motivating enough to me to either win or sabotage myself. So I contacted the woman that came up with the bet idea in the first place. Here is what I offered to her: If you can lose 20 pounds […]

The Fat Loss Bet

In my last post How I Regained the Weight I Lost, I mentioned the bet. Yesterday I entered a bet with three others. We are all going to lose 20 pounds. If I lose, I will be required to go 1 week without coffee. My body could use the break, so this is a win-win. […]

How I Regained the Weight I Lost

For almost a decade I was weight stable at 210 pounds. My height is 6 feet 2.5 inches (189 cm). Not overweight, but not lean. Like other ectomorphs, I’ve always valued muscle over leanness. When I moved to Seattle and started playing with lower carbs, intermittent fasting and cold exposure, my weight dropped gradually to […]

Shivering Thermogenesis

Head on over to Getting Stronger and read What cold showers and exercise have in common. This post covers the what we know so far about cold exposure and how it could help us lean out. In addition to the calories burned from shivering and the brown fat adaptation, cold exposure could lower one’s body […]

Body Language and Exercise Warm Up

Recently I gathered a new insight into the success of my workouts that is related to body language. Body language is a topic that has been an interest of mine for the past few years. In 2008, I discovered the book The Definitive Book of Body Language and it opened my eyes to an entire […]

Experiments Update: Sleep, Gray Hair, Tight Neck

This will be a quick post on the status of my latest experiments. I’ve been sick since Saturday and haven’t felt like posting. Sleep There are two current experiments related to sleep. The first I outlined in the post An Amazing “Back to Sleep” Hack which involves dissolving a pinch of sugar and salt under the […]

An Amazing “Back to Sleep” Hack

Often when I’m reading a book I’ll think “I should be taking notes”, but then I don’t and keep reading. When the book is over, a few core ideas with stick with me. And some get forgotten. There was a gem of an idea in the book Eat For Heat by Matt Stone that I […]

Returning to Glitter…Already!

It has only been one month since I stopped going to the gym, but I signed back up today. In the post Stepping Away From the Glitter…Again! I ranted about how hot my glitter gym was and how I couldn’t take it anymore. I would go outside and do Hillfit instead. That was the plan […]

Candy Crush Headaches

I hesitate to post this, but I need to hear from others. As some of you know I sometimes experience night headaches that wake me up in the early hours of the morning. When I stopped quantified self, my rate of headaches dropped considerably. For a few months things were going OK. Then I read […]

Dorian Yates on Squatting

One of the false criticisms of High Intensity Training is that the top bodybuilders in the world don’t use HIT, so therefore it is less effective than traditional bodybuilding methods. This is false for a few reasons. I would guess that over 99% of all lifters are never even exposed to HIT. It would be […]

On Building Muscle

Time to head over to Conditioning Research to read Hypertrophy training – What does the evidence say? Chris provides an overview on what the scientific evidence says is required to gain muscle. It isn’t about compound exercises or high volume. It is about recruiting muscle fibers. Your muscles don’t know if that recruitment is coming […]

Headache Remedies That Work?

Some of you know that I spent 2.5 years quantifying data to eliminate my late night headaches that wake me up. In the end, I was unsuccessful on finding a single cause, although I learned caffeine plays a role. During that entire experiment, I solely focused on preventing the headache, not on eliminating the pain […]

20 Years of Weightlifting

Although I actually started lifting weights on a regular basis after I moved to Florida in June 1994, I do recall going to the old Ohio State student weight room a few times during winter break of 1993. The old weight room looked nothing like what is available to the students today. The old gym […]

Interview with Stephan Raczak of

In October I got to meet Stephan Raczak of when he visited me in Seattle. During our visit he interviewed me, so I thought it might be interesting to interview him. I read very few sites in the fitness domain, Biohacks is one that I do. The posts on Biohacks are interesting and well […]

Homeschool Yoga

For over a decade I’ve had a weird relationship with yoga. I always suspected it had value, but I never made it a priority. It was something I’d get around to doing later. In the meantime, I’d focus on the real exercise of lifting weights. But every so often, I’d get motivated to start doing […]

My 3 Issues with Becoming a Supple Leopard

Based of all the reviews and comments I’ve seen on the web, I think I might be the only person who didn’t love the book Becoming a Supple Leopard. This post will be a brief review covering the three reasons I didn’t care for the book. #1 Who is the Audience? Throughout reading the book, I […]

Stepping Away From the Glitter…Again!

Yesterday I gave my Glitter Gym notice I was leaving. For those new to the site, I use the term “Glitter Gym” to refer to the modern gym which is full of cardio equipment, mirrors and often loud dance music. When I coined the term over a decade ago. I use it as an umbrella […]

Life After Quantifiable Self

On September 1st, I quit my Hunting Headaches quest. After 2.5 years of tracking, I’m now 2 months free of the daily quantifiable self habit. Did taking my eyes off the data make things worse? Nope. I guessed that ending my daily data collection would have no effect, which is why I ultimately decided to […]

My Left Knee is Bumming Me Out

My left knee hasn’t been 100% since spring. I don’t know what happened to make it sore, but it has been bumming me out for months now. It gets better and then it gets worse. Just when I think it is healed, the soreness comes back. I suspect that the reason my knee hasn’t fully […]

Finding My Relatives on 23andMe

Back in April I shared my genetic test results from 23andMe. That post focused on the health side of the test. At that time, I didn’t really pay much attention to the ancestry side of the application. My thinking was that as more people signed up, my relatives would be found and connected. So today […]

Post Workout Fasting?

I got an email from Don with a question that ties into my ice cream post on the topic of post workout fasting. I am wondering what you think of the “no fructose (or any carbs, really) for about 4 hours after a fasted work out” so as not to suppress the natural growth hormone spike […]

Maybe Sprint 8 Should Be Sprint 4?

I recently got a comment that got me thinking again about Phil Campbell’s Sprint 8 protocol. For those unaware, here is a Sprint 8 summary from the article Sprint 8 Workout from Ready, Set, GO! Synergy Fitness: …the Sprint 8 Workout means you progressively run 8 sprints for 60 meters (70 yards) in 8 to 15 […]

Fitness Professionals Fail to Understand Survivorship Bias

So many fitness bloggers and professionals fail to understand survivorship bias. They model their advice around what they see working best for a handful of outliers with little regard to safety, recoverability or sustainability. In their minds, willpower is the limiting factor and that any failures rest with the individual and not their training protocol. They […]

Hunting Headaches – Ending the Hunt

On March 24, 2011, I began tracking my headaches in a project I called Hunting Headaches. For over two years, I’ve started every morning by dropping numbers into a spreadsheet. Headache intensity, sleep quality and number of coffees. I also tracked numerous other metrics from shorter term experiments, such as weather and supplements. On September […]

Why I Traded Volume for Intensity at the Glitter Gym

Anyone that has read this blog in the past few years knows that I am a fan of HIT (High Intensity Training). Machine based workouts performed very slowly without locking out at the top or pausing at the bottom. When the movement gets extremely difficult, I might perform a static hold. Then I lower the […]

Foundation Training is the Real Deal

Back in April, I received an excellent recommendation from Tezza in the comments. You might want to try some exercises by a guy named Eric Goodman (Foundation Training). They seem to be more related to the lower back but they are meant to help the posterior chain and posture. I’ve tried them for about a […]

What I Learned About Running and Injuries

One of the purposes of this blog is to throw ideas against the wall and see if they stick. Sometimes I’ll openly ask for feedback and sometimes one of you will leave a comment that changes my opinion. When I have a bias, I try my best to disclose it. I also try not to […]

Can Running Be Antifragile?

Last month I got into a debate on the Facebook page about the article that declared that running was good for you. I put my thoughts into the post Sorry, but Science Has NOT Proven That Running in Good For You. This month put out another pro running post that suggests that running could actually make […]

Hillfit 2.0: A Zero Budget Approach to High Intensity Training

In early 2011, I became a convert to High Intensity Training. Unlike traditional strength building protocols, HIT focuses on using slow controlled movements, less volume and higher intensity. Safety is a priority. Movements have a low skill component, so they are ideal for lifters at all stages of their fitness journey. My introduction to HIT […]

First Time in the Isolation Tank

Last Friday I did an hour in an isolation tank at Float Seattle. I heard Joe Rogan raving how powerful the experience of being in a sensory deprived chamber, so when I learned there was a place just a few miles away from me where I could try it, I went. In this clip Joe […]

One Confusing Month: My June 2013 Experiment Wrap-Up

A month ago I posted June 2013 Experiments. Using a few strategies my plan was to reduce headache frequency/intensity and lose 5-7 pounds. Well I succeeded on the first goal and failed on the second and I’m clueless to explain either outcome. This month has completely stumped me. Maybe you can help me make sense […]

Cold Thermogenesis – 5 Years Later

It has now been just over five years since I began exploring cold temperature exposure. When I first started doing this, I didn’t use the term thermogenesis. My goal was not to lose fat, but to widen my comfort zone of temperatures. Having moved to Seattle after 7 years in San Diego, I was a […]

23andMe: Key Health Recommendations

I haven’t logged into my 23andMe account for month or so now, but I did this morning and I found they added something cool. The new feature is a report called Key Health Recommendations. Unlike typical health advice, which knows nothing about you, this report is based on your DNA. Unless you are a data […]

Maybe I’m Wrong About Exercise Injury Risk

Anyone that has read this site in the past few years knows that when it comes to exercise I seek out movements that are kind to the joints and respect how the muscles move. My general position is that much of what passes for exercise today exposes the exerciser to too much injury risk. There […]