Eating for Volume to Lose Weight

I recently saw a neat graphic on Precision Nutrition. From the article Here’s why you’re always hungry. The article goes into why we reach satiety quicker when the volume of food in the stomach is greater. This is obvious, but I like the simplicty of how this framed. A simple image that demonstrates how at […]

Did I Heal My Cavities With Ice Cream?

July 28, 2011: I sat in front of a monitor as the dentist showed me two dental cavities. They were in my wisdom teeth. On the screen I could clearly see each cavity. April 23, 2015: A new dentist walked me through my x-rays. I asked him to focus on my wisdom teeth and tell me […]

Coffee Levels Coming Down

Last week I posted on my current issues with coffee in the post Hello Darkness My Old Friend. …my relationship with coffee right now is troubled. Coffee is now making me feel both good and awful at the same time. Not only has this affected my energy level, but my food reward experiment. I’ll drink […]

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

I should be in Seattle this weekend attending the SCAA, which is the biggest coffee event of the year. It is like Comic-Con for coffee. Last year I attended three days and had a ridiculous amount of espresso. Some of the best roasters from around the country and beyond were pulling shots. I got to […]

How I Reintroduced Alcohol

I was just asked how I reintroduced alcohol after a multi-year absence. Prior to giving up alcohol completely, I liked going to brew pubs and trying out the sampler trays. It wasn’t something I did often. Maybe 1-2 times a month. When I discovered my issues with wheat, I cited 4 reasons for giving up beer. […]

Embracing Food Reward

I mentioned at the end of the post Food Reward and Old School Bodybuilders that I would be testing the food reward theory for myself. There are several bloggers that get hung up on the definition of food reward. To me is simply that we tend to gain weight more easily on the foods that […]

Wheat Resiliency

I wanted to respond to a comment on my post Peanuts and Resiliency from Terance Do you think that the resiliency/fragility argument can be applied to wheat products as well? I seem to be much less tolerant to gluten since I’ve mostly avoided it for a few years. I am not suggesting that wheat be a […]

Peanuts and Resiliency

This is going to be a quick post about a story that just came out. From the article Shielding kids from peanuts might cause peanut allergies: Children are much less likely to develop peanut allergies if they are frequently fed peanuts, according to a new study published this week in the New England Journal of […]

Food Reward and Old School Bodybuilders

The outstanding book The Low-Carb Myth make a case for the food reward hypothesis. That is defined on Whole Health Source as: The food reward hypothesis of obesity states that the reward and palatability value of food influence body fatness, and excess reward/palatability can promote body fat accumulation. What this means to me is that at […]

No More Low Carb Lies

The original title of this post “Tell Me Low Carb Lies” was confusing, so I renamed it. I still recall exactly where I was when I discovered that Gary Taubes was wrong about his insulin theory of obesity. It was January 2012 and I was in Long Beach, California staying on the Queen Mary. Someone was trying […]

My Approach to “Eating Clean”

In the post Approaching Fat Loss Like an Investor, the concept that “eating clean” can have mixed results was briefly mentioned. What does it mean to “eat clean”? In the most simple terms, it means restricting or eliminating nutrient poor foods. How one defines nutrient poor will depend upon their nutritional biases. A typical Paleo definition […]

Approaching Fat Loss Like an Investor

A few days ago I read a comment on 180degreehealth from Jason who is frustrated with figuring out how to lose weight. So basically what I gather is that its pretty much impossible to lose fat. Calorie restriction doesn’t work. Macro restriction doesn’t work. Food reward is out the window. Exercise doesn’t cut it. Eating clean […]

Chris Kresser Comes Clean on Sugar – It is Not a Toxin!

Last September I posted 5 Issues I Had With Your Personal Paleo Code, which was my review of Chris Kresser’s book. From that review: #2 Refined Sugar is “Toxic” No it is not. The fact there are carbohydrate sources with better nutrient profiles does not make sugar toxic. Chris likes and recommends ice cream, but […]

Nutritional Guidelines – Where Are We in Early 2015?

The last several years has been a wild roller coaster for the nutritional hobbyist. So many ideas that seemed like solid advice fell apart. Everywhere you look there are divided camps on what is good and what isn’t. I thought I’d put together a quick post on how I am personally resolving the debates. I […]

In Defense of Sugar

I used to be like you. I used to think sugar was awful, even toxic. I avoided it as much as possible. My diet was squeaky clean. I was super lean and I thought I had it all figured out. Then I kept losing weight. My face looked haggard. My hands were always cold. It […]

My Bulletproof Diet Testimonial?

In July of this year I got a very odd email. Someone working with Dave Asprey of the Bulletproof Exec requested permission to use my testimonial for his book. Thank you for your recent testimonial of the wonderful things being Bulletproof has brought you! We’d like to know if we can utilize your testimonial in the […]

5 Ideas From Food For Mood

Matt Stone just released a new book titled Food for Mood: Dietary and Lifestyle Interventions for Anxiety, Depression, and Other Mood Disorders. Like his other books it is an extension of the metabolism discussion. This particular book focuses on the role that our food and beverage choices and timing can have on both reducing or inducing […]

Proposal: Vegetarian/Vegan Offset Credits

I’ve had this thought for a while. It is an offshoot of an idea in my post Approaching Nutrition From An Investor’s Mindset. When you are investing the goal is to put your money into something undervalued and then get out before it becomes overvalued. In other words, buy low and sell high. The more undervalued the investment, […]

10 Awful Nutritional Myths Gets One Half Wrong

It feels like I wrote this post once before for a similar article. This response will take a different angle. Kamal Patel’s article 10 Awful Nutrition Myths Perpetuated by the Media The truth behind the lies is yet another attempt to ignore or dismiss the fact some people are sensitive to bread and that their health improves […]

5 Issues I Had With Your Personal Paleo Code

I just finished reading Chris Kresser’s book Your Personal Paleo Code. There is nothing new in this book if you are familiar with his blog or the basics of Paleo. It is a long winded version of Primal Blueprint mixed with Perfect Health Diet mixed with The Primal Connection. For the most part, the information […]

Gaining Weight on a Paleo Diet

Yesterday I listened to Chris Kresser’s podcast on how to gain weight on a Paleo diet. If you don’t have 36 minutes, I’ll summarize it quickly and then give you my thoughts. Show starts with a recorded message from a man who wishes to gain weight on a Paleo diet, but he is also concerned […]

Nuts, PUFA and Vitamin E

Last December I did a 3 part series on PUFA (polyunsaturated fats). The Common Enemy in Nutrition The Problem with PUFA Quantifying PUFA, Expert Opinion and My Conclusion My very brief summary of those posts were that ALL nutritional camps seems to agree that excess PUFA is bad for health. Finding across the board consensus […]

Casein Not Whey For Reducing Appetite (n=1)

In mid June I decided to revisit the Tim Ferriss 30 in 30 experiment. The 30 in 30 refers to getting 30 grams of protein ingested within 30 minutes of waking. Doing this is suppose to help you lower appetite and lose weight. Although real food is ideal, Ferriss says it is OK to have […]

The Food Poisoning Diet

I’m interrupting my blog vacation to tell you about an amazing diet that I stumbled upon. You can lay in bed all weekend, sleep most of it if you like and lose weight! Absolutely no exercise required. No special supplements required either! On Friday afternoon I had 3 tacos an authentic taco place in Redwood […]

I Survived My First Beer in 5 Years!

Up until Friday, my last full beer was in September 2009. When I discovered gluten was causing me issues, I stopped drinking beer. Other types of alcohol didn’t really interest me, so I stopped drinking completely. I never drank that much, so it was no big loss. But starting last year, I started missing the […]

The 10 Health Myths Article Gets One Wrong

The article 10 Health Myths That Just Won’t Die, Debunked by Science was posted back in October, but I just saw it this morning. When I scanned the list, I mostly agreed with their conclusions or didn’t know enough about the topic to form an opinion. However, I feel they got one wrong. Myth 5: Gluten-Free […]

Natto + Sriracha

Oh nooz carbs, legumes and fermentation! The Paleo and Peat godz are weeping. I can feel the diabeteez and super bug mycotoxins killing me. Lordy lordy this inflammation is eating me up! Ahh!!! Must do a Hole30 DETOX for my purity. My lunch was great.

Wow! A Good Article on Calories!

For what seems like years there has been this endless debate on calories. It probably will never end. On one side you have charlatans that preach certain calories in excess somehow magically won’t make you fat. This belief is rampant in the low carb community. The other side endlessly repeats the Eat Less More Move (ELMM) […]

The “4 Toxins” Revisited

My thoughts on nutrition have changed quite a bit in last few years. I was just going through the archives and I came across the post I did after my December 2011 trip to Ohio. In the post Paleo in Ohio, I declared there were 4 toxins when it came to diet. They were: Gluten, […]

Death By Food Pyramid vs The Calorie Myth

I just finished reading two books on nutrition. One was excellent and the other not so much. Death By Food Pyramid Death by Food Pyramid : How Shoddy Science, Sketchy Politics and Shady Special Interests Have Ruined Our Health by Denise Minger was outstanding. It has an excellent section on the history of the food […]

Step Out of the Paleo Echo Chamber

This weekend when I learned that 12 Paleo Myths by Matt Stone was available for free on Amazon Kindle until Feb 20th, I reached out to several of my Paleo friends. Although each message was different. The general point was I found this to be a well written caring critique of some of the Paleo […]

Rejecting the Seasonal Approach to Nutrition

In July 2011, I completed a one year experiment where I took a seasonal approach to fitness and nutrition. The fitness part isn’t important, but I’d like to revisit the nutrition part of that experiment. For a background see the post Concluding Seasonal Strategies For Fitness and Nutrition. The short version of this experiment was […]

21 Ideas From Eating on the Wild Side

Yesterday I reviewed the book Eating on the Wild Side. The book is full of excellent ideas on how to increase the nutrient density in your diet by making better choices when shopping and preparing fruits, vegetables and legumes. Here are the 21 ideas that I found the most interesting. The book has way more. […]

How Low Carb Paleo Can Fool You

Yesterday I listened to an excellent podcast between Justin Manning and Richard Nikoley (language NSFW). It might have been the single best hour of any health podcast I have heard. Unlike most health podcasts today which promote neurotic food obsessions or unsafe fitness practices, this was the story of Richard Nikoley of and what happened […]

Rage Against the Gluten Skeptics

The gluten defenders lapped up the article This Is Your Brain on Gluten by James Hamblin. Anything that conforms to their opinion that avoiding gluten makes one orthorexic is a message worth spreading. The article goes after Dr. David Perlmutter, who wrote the book Grain Brain, which is about his view that grain consumption is linked […]

Revisiting and Improving The Zone Diet

Two weeks ago I asked CarbSane in the comments of her post about Robb Wolf’s book what mainstream nutrition book gets it most right. I have yet to come across a mass media diet book that gets it right. There’s always a schtick. One also has to separate the diet itself from the book/rationale. The […]

My Tweaks to the Latest Free The Animal Paleo Guidelines

A few days ago Richard at Free The Animal posted New Free the Animal, Resistant Starch-Based Dietary Guidelines. I want to comment, because I really like the direction Richard has taken Paleo. I probably have more in common with him than any other nutritional blogger. Although we both started in the Art De Vany low-carb […]

Quantifying PUFA, Expert Opinion and My Conclusion

This is the third post I’ve done on PUFA. If you missed the other ones, read The Common Enemy in Nutrition and The Problem with PUFA. I think this is an important topic, not because we haven’t heard about it, but because so few people have actually pulled out a calculator and ran the numbers. […]

The Problem With PUFA

In my last post, The Common Enemy in Nutrition, I discussed how different nutritional camps that can’t seem to agree on much, agree that the average diet is too high in polyunsaturated fats and we’d have better health outcomes if we reduced those levels. In this post, I am going to list the problems associated […]

The Common Enemy in Nutrition

There are so many conflicting opinions in nutrition. What one camp finds healthy is considered unhealthy by others. The low carbers fight the high carbers. Paleo and vegetarian attack each other. Everywhere you go there is rampant disagreement. Every side has their their PubMed Warriors ready to drop links to prove someone else is wrong. […]

Commercial Gluten Free Gochujang is Now Available!

UPDATE (September 7, 2014): This product is wheat-free, not necessarily gluten free.  Good news for my fellow gluten free peeps that wish to cook more Korean dishes at home. You no longer need to make your own gluten-free gochujang (Korean chili pepper paste). There now exists at least one option that does not have added wheat. […]

Who is the Guinea Pig Dr. Katz?

In my last post Call Me a Saturated Fat Guinea Pig, I attacked an article written by Dr. Katz which implied – without evidence – that those people that increase their intake of saturated fat would die before he did. He never states what level of saturated fat that is, but instead uses the term […]

Call Me a Saturated Fat Guinea Pig

A few people I follow have been gushing over the article Scapegoats, Saints, and Saturated Fats: Old Mistakes in New Directions by Dr. David L. Katz. The article was a response to the latest admission by medical journals that saturated fat is not the unhealthy fat. Our good doctor says it was wrong to demonize […]

An Incomplete Explanation for Food Cravings

I just finished reading How to Stop Food Cravings by Matt Stone. It is a good post, but I feel it is incomplete. To summarize his article, he feels that food cravings are a sign that we are underfed or under stress. Instead of denying ourselves the foods we crave, we should listen to our body […]

The “Now I Know Better” Fallacy

I want to start by saying that I greatly respect those in nutrition that come out and admit they were wrong instead of clinging to an old idea that may no longer be correct or was never correct. However, these same people greatly destroy their credibility when they use their own change of opinion as […]

Ending the Tim Ferriss 30 in 30 Experiment

On Friday September 20th I began each morning by consuming 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking. This is a fat loss strategy Tim Ferriss explained in his book The 4 Hour Body. Less than 3 weeks after starting, I’ve decided to end this experiment. It not only isn’t working, but I’ve actually […]

(Probably) My Last Post on Gluten

After posting both parts of Was I Wrong About Gluten?, I felt I still needed to tie everything together. Like other aspects of nutrition, when there is massive disagreement, I try to approach the debate as an investor. When disagreement levels are high among smart people, one should assume that both parties are working from […]

Was I Wrong About Gluten? Part 2

For those that haven’t read Part 1, please do so now. In it I describe how I removed gluten from my diet and experienced positive health benefits. Then I reflected on how I became sensitive to gluten and how I am in a better position now to handle small amounts of gluten. Has the fear […]

The 30 in 30 Experiment

I’ve started a new experiment. This time I will be testing an idea from Tim Ferriss. Upon waking I will consume 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes. In the book The 4 Hour Body, Ferriss mentions how this trick helps accelerate fat burning. By starting the day off with a high dose of protein, […]

The Bug Buffet

Wednesday night I got a chance to listen to author David George Gordon talk about eating bugs. After the talk, I joined the bug buffet and ate some bugs myself. I’ve owned the 1998 edition of his Eat-A-Bug Cookbook for a few years now. At the event, I learned a new and expanded 2013 edition was […]

Was I Wrong About Gluten?

For years I have been anti-gluten. I removed it from my diet and my skin quality improved and I got leaner effortlessly. But lately I’ve seen a growing backlash against the gluten backlash. Instead of dismissing the new wave of gluten defenders, I thought I’d look at gluten with fresh eyes as well as reconciling […]

Reversing Gray Hair? Part 2

A year and half ago I posted on the idea that the amino acid L-Tyrosine might be able to reverse or delay gray hair. L-Tyrosine is used to make melanin, which gives your hair its natural color. What prompted the post was a guest article Jimmy Moore had about an upcoming podcast guest. After listening to the […]

Weight Gain on a Ray Peat Diet

I wanted to bring up a topic that I see mentioned frequently on forums and comments that relate to the Ray Peat diet. Seems a lot of people experience weight gain. Last month I received this comment from Greatgiantsteppah: I have tried this diet for a couple of months now and have gained a lot […]

Fish Oil is so 2010

I stopped buying fish oil in 2010. I was already becoming highly skeptical that it was the miracle supplement it was supposed to be. Whenever I’d hear claims that we need it to fight inflammation, I’d think about what was causing the inflammation and shouldn’t we be minimizing it, rather than fighting it? A lot […]

Results From the Low Histamine Diet

Thanks to Pauline for bringing to my attention that I never shared the results of my low histamine diet from May 2012. The Low Histamine Diet was an experiment to see if histamine was playing a role in my late night headaches. The short answer is that dropping from a high level of histamines to […]

Revisiting the Paleo Books

Starting around 2008, I read and reviewed several nutritional books on this site, most of which have some popularity in the Paleo community. Although I’ve really enjoyed experimenting with a Paleo diet approach, as time goes by I find myself increasingly critical of ideas that made perfect sense to me just a few years ago. […]

4 Reasons Not to Ferment Veggies

I am a big fan of making ferments. I love my kimchi and sauerkraut. However, I have heard 4 reasons why someone may want to avoid fermented veggies. In this post, I’ll do my best to explain their position and my response. #1 Fear of Mold This is the easiest concern to address and it […]

Time to Examine My Current Supplements

In May, I posted Thinking About Supplements – 2013 Edition. Perhaps a better title would have been Guessing About Supplements? For me and probably most consumers, when it comes to supplements, we do our best and try not to get suckered into wasting our money on worthless crap. But we continue to waste money. We are […]

BCAA Again?

With the possible exception of diet colas, the one idea I have flip-flopped on the most is if BCAA (branch chained amino acids) are a valuable supplement. In the post Thinking About Supplements – 2012 Edition, I mentioned I lost faith in BCAA. BCAA – I know Leangains loves BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) as […]

Maybe Paleo Shouldn’t Let GMO Crops Upset Them?

Almost without exception, everyone that I know from the Paleo community loathes GMO food. The story goes something like this. Small farmers produce the organic heirloom stuff we buy at the farmers markets. We dive into nutrition and then read Omnivores Dilemma and watch Food Inc. We learn than organic farming is good and GMO farming […]

June 2013 Experiments

When I’ve done experiments in the past, I focus on one thing. For June 2013, I’m going to mix some past experiments together to see if I can get a synergistic effect. I’m also going to try a new idea, which I couldn’t previously test. My goals this month: Reduce headache frequency and intensity. Drop […]

Post Paleo in Ohio = No Inflammation

I am back from an 8 day trip to my home state of Ohio. My last visit was in December 2011. I covered that experience in the post Paleo in Ohio – Adventures in Inflammation. In that blog entry, I discussed how I tried my best to dodge the 4 big toxins, which were gluten, […]

The Twinkie Diet Proved Nothing New

I wrote this post two years ago, but never hit publish. It got lost in the drafts. Consider this a “lost episode”. In 2010, Escape the Herd alerted me to the story of a professor that proved that fat loss was all about calories and not about nutritional quality. I still read people who cite this study as proof […]

Thinking About Supplements – 2013 Edition

Last July I posted Thinking About Supplements – 2012 Edition. Although I still fancy myself as someone who is mostly anti-supplements, the evidence suggests otherwise. I do take supplements daily, but what I take changes over time. Someday I fully expect we will have gadgets that alert us to every nutrient deficiency in real time, but […]

Approaching Nutrition From An Investor’s Mindset

Over the last few years I’ve read numerous accounts of people who have tried different diets only to end up in worse health. Most often the diet works very well in the short term, but then things go wrong. At the point things go wrong, the person following the diet usually stays loyal for an additional […]

Speed Round: Fitness and Nutrition (April 2013)

Sometimes I cringe a little when I go back and read some of my earlier posts on nutrition. Not always, but sometimes I am tempted to remove a sentence or add an update. But with almost 2,000 posts on this site, it would be an impossible task to maintain current views on all those entries. […]

Am I Paleo?

The biggest trend I’ve seen in nutritional blogs in the past year is the growing anti-Paleo movement. Unlike the 2008-2010 period, the attacks aren’t coming from the conventional “whole grains are good and cholesterol is bad” crowd. The attacks today are coming from those that tried a Paleo diet and have abandoned the label. Many […]

My Evolving Opinion of Sugar

There is a big divide in the nutritional blogs I read about sugar. Most conventional and Paleo type blogs are still anti-sugar. Many claim that sugar is toxic, inflammatory and more likely to be fattening than other foods. On the other side, you have the defenders which argue that sugar is fine and how it […]

The Neurotic Approach To Food

In the last post, I used the phrase “neurotic approach to food”. I want to explain this more. When we dive into nutrition and make an effort to eat healthy, regardless of what healthy means to us at that time, we divide the world of food into “good” versus “bad”. If we eat “good foods”, […]

Diet Recovery 2 and the “Turn Up the Heat” Experiment

In the past year, I’ve become a fan of Matt Stone at 180DegreeHealth. We agree on many things. The two primary things are we both see the neurotic approach to food and exercise as being unhealthy. My primary health interest is to find sustainable ways to become more resilient in a stressful toxic world. What interested me about […]

Primal Certification? Are You Kidding?

I was half paying attention to the FatBurningMan podcast interview when I heard Mark Sisson state he was starting a Primal Certification program. You’ve got to be kidding me? Has it really come to this? I made a joke on this blog in August 2010 that we would see a Paleo certification. It was a […]

So Much Paleo Drama

In the past few years, I’ve seen many nutritional bloggers attack each other. Not just their ideas, but personal attacks. As someone with strong opinions on certain topics, there have been times I was tempted to “throw down“, but I’ve always resisted. At the times when I found myself most likely to go into attack […]

Diet Colas and Changing My Opinion

Several times on my health journey I have changed my opinion on a nutrition topic. Part of the freedom I have as an individual is that I am not accountable to clients or some brand. I’ll embrace an idea, test it, use it as long as it suits me and then discard it when I […]

The Minimal Effort Approach and Fat Gain

Almost three years ago in the post The Minimal Effort Approach, I outlined what I felt was different about my approach to fitness and nutrition. Minimal Effort means discovering what is the least effort, least time commitment and least cost one can invest to achieve their health goals. If something requires excess cost or effort that […]

Rejecting Nutrition

In my last post Not a PubMed Warrior, I explained that although I love reading good analysis of nutritional studies from those skilled in communicating that information, I no longer waste my time trying to determine what is or isn’t good research. I’ve been suckered by studies that ended up being crap. Instead of taking […]

Not a PubMed Warrior

From time to time, I throw out the phrase PubMed Warrior. It is a term I coined to describe those health bloggers and commenters that pour through research studies to find evidence to support their nutritional views. Once they have their references they race into battle determined to squash their opponent or convince others of their superior research […]

Results From My 30 Days Without Grains Experiment

I was just reminded that I never posted the outcome to My Current Experiment: 30 Days Without Any Grains. There was a data issue with this test. On September 1st, I got exposed to gluten at a gyro restaurant. That experience led me to post Commercial Gyro Meat is Absolutely Not Gluten Free. Even though the […]

A Month Without Coffee – Here Goes!

Today is Day 1 of my most challenging self experiment to date. I am going to go the entire month of October without coffee. No decaf either. My prior record was 4 days in 1997. 😮 I outlined my goal and plan in the previous post My Caffeine Detox Plan. That post was written on Thursday and […]

Caffeinated Delusions

My name is MAS and I’m a caffeine addict. For the past few years I have been deluding myself that my relationship with caffeine was healthy. When I mention that in a typical day I only consume 3 or 4 espressos, some people are shocked. Then I explain that back in my San Diego days […]

I Thought You Were a Vegetarian?

In the past couple of years I’ve had several people tell me that they thought I was a vegetarian. I’m not. Maybe it is a Seattle thing, but they learn that I cook or make vegetable ferments and jump to the conclusion that I might be a vegetarian. It makes sense. Vegetarians tend to know […]

Update on My Ice Cream Experiment

Last year I only had two servings of ice cream the entire year. I’ve more than made up for it this year. Around March I started eating ice cream on a weekly basis. As we moved from spring to summer, I kept increasing the amount of ice cream I was eating. Then in July I […]

My Problem With “Eat Less Move More” Part 2

Judging from the comments on My Problem With “Eat Less Move More”, I think I did a poor job explaining my position on Eat Less, Move More. Let me summarize my view. Calories do count. (Eat Less) Exercise is vastly over-rated for long-term fat loss. (Move More) ELMM most likely explains every success. (or in […]

My Problem With “Eat Less Move More”

If you do a Google search on the phrase “Eat Less Move More“, it will return over 9 million results. If you listen to most health care professionals and personal trainers they will say that the only way to lose weight is to eat less and move more. They repeat that it is simple logic […]

My Current Experiment: 30 Days Without Any Grains

Even though I gave up gluten years ago, I still would from time to time have gluten-free grain options. In the past several months as I’ve increased my carbohydrate levels, I’ve been consuming popcorn and treats from Dolce Lou (now Nuflours), a local GF bakery. At first I thought I was OK with the gluten-free […]

The Healthy Optimist

Our food system is toxic, people are unhealthy and it seems health outcomes are getting worse and worse. Yet, I am optimistic that in the near future things will be better. A lot better. The positive changes I’m envisioning won’t come from better education or a cleaner food supply. They will come from scientists and […]

The Endgame for Paleo is WAPF

There have been a few popular Weston A. Price (WAPF) bloggers that have attacked the Paleo diet. I understand some of their criticisms, but dislike their techniques. I find that the two diets to be highly complimentary. For those new to these terms, check out my post Paleo vs Weston Price. I like the Paleo diet […]

A Juicing Skeptic

I’m often asked if I juice. Not steroids, but with fruits and vegetables. The answer is I don’t. I remain unconvinced that juicing offers the health benefits its fans claim. Before I get attacked in the comments, I’ll explain why I am a juicing skeptic. I could be wrong. Whenever I run into a fan […]

High Satiety Foods – The Results

Last October I posted High Satiety Paleo Friendly Foods? In that post I started a discussion about what foods delivered the most satiety at the fewest calories. The other requirements were easy to prepare and inexpensive. I received lots of comments and since then I have been running my own tests. These are my results. What works […]

Hacking Testosterone and Increasing Oxytocin

This post is a continuation of the ideas put forth in the post Hacking Hormones in a Relationship. On a hormonal basis women are becoming more masculine and men more feminine. After watching Dr. Gray’s video, I can now see that each change is a response to the other. As women are becoming more dominant, men are […]

Hacking Hormones in a Relationship

Over three years I watched the DVD lectures by evolutionary fitness guru Art De Vany. In those seven hours I learned a lot about hormones and how they applied to human performance. Using what I learned, I made several changes in my life which ended up yielding a positive health outcome. Because I was in […]