Did I Heal My Cavities With Ice Cream?

July 28, 2011: I sat in front of a monitor as the dentist showed me two dental cavities. They were in my wisdom teeth. On the screen I could clearly see each cavity. April 23, 2015: A new dentist walked me through my x-rays. I asked him to focus on my wisdom teeth and tell me […]

An n=1 Skeptic

I spent last week fixing years worth of grammar errors on this site. Over 300 posts were updated. While fixing the posts I was reacquanted with many of my old n=1 experiments. A lot of what I read made me cringe. Yeah I got a few things wrong. Many of the n=1 experiments that I […]

Embracing Food Reward

I mentioned at the end of the post Food Reward and Old School Bodybuilders that I would be testing the food reward theory for myself. There are several bloggers that get hung up on the definition of food reward. To me is simply that we tend to gain weight more easily on the foods that […]

The Grand Experiment Revisited

One of the wonderful things about having a blog that goes back years is you can revisit older posts and see not only what you were up to but how you interpreted those events. With more time and knowledge, we can revisit those experiences with new analysis. Today I am going back to 2011 to revisit what I called […]

Visiting the Cryotherapy Chamber

For the past six years I have been fascinated by cold temperature exposure. When I left the perfect temperatures of San Diego in 2007 for Seattle, I became uncomfortable at temperatures as high as 65 F. I had gotten way too soft. I wanted to reverse that. Inspired initially by Art De Vany, I set […]

Casein Not Whey For Reducing Appetite (n=1)

In mid June I decided to revisit the Tim Ferriss 30 in 30 experiment. The 30 in 30 refers to getting 30 grams of protein ingested within 30 minutes of waking. Doing this is suppose to help you lower appetite and lose weight. Although real food is ideal, Ferriss says it is OK to have […]

Revisiting the Tim Ferriss 30 in 30 Experiment?

Last year I unsuccessfully tested Tim Ferriss’s idea of consuming 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. Instead of curbing my hunger, it increased it. Here is what I posted on Ending the Tim Ferriss 30 in 30 Experiment: It not only isn’t working, but I’ve actually gained 4 more pounds. It has […]

Experiments Update: Sleep, Gray Hair, Tight Neck

This will be a quick post on the status of my latest experiments. I’ve been sick since Saturday and haven’t felt like posting. Sleep There are two current experiments related to sleep. The first I outlined in the post An Amazing “Back to Sleep” Hack which involves dissolving a pinch of sugar and salt under the […]

Life After Quantifiable Self

On September 1st, I quit my Hunting Headaches quest. After 2.5 years of tracking, I’m now 2 months free of the daily quantifiable self habit. Did taking my eyes off the data make things worse? Nope. I guessed that ending my daily data collection would have no effect, which is why I ultimately decided to […]

Ending the Tim Ferriss 30 in 30 Experiment

On Friday September 20th I began each morning by consuming 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking. This is a fat loss strategy Tim Ferriss explained in his book The 4 Hour Body. Less than 3 weeks after starting, I’ve decided to end this experiment. It not only isn’t working, but I’ve actually […]

One Confusing Month: My June 2013 Experiment Wrap-Up

A month ago I posted June 2013 Experiments. Using a few strategies my plan was to reduce headache frequency/intensity and lose 5-7 pounds. Well I succeeded on the first goal and failed on the second and I’m clueless to explain either outcome. This month has completely stumped me. Maybe you can help me make sense […]

Cold Thermogenesis – 5 Years Later

It has now been just over five years since I began exploring cold temperature exposure. When I first started doing this, I didn’t use the term thermogenesis. My goal was not to lose fat, but to widen my comfort zone of temperatures. Having moved to Seattle after 7 years in San Diego, I was a […]

June 2013 Experiments

When I’ve done experiments in the past, I focus on one thing. For June 2013, I’m going to mix some past experiments together to see if I can get a synergistic effect. I’m also going to try a new idea, which I couldn’t previously test. My goals this month: Reduce headache frequency and intensity. Drop […]

Diet Recovery 2 and the “Turn Up the Heat” Experiment

In the past year, I’ve become a fan of Matt Stone at 180DegreeHealth. We agree on many things. The two primary things are we both see the neurotic approach to food and exercise as being unhealthy. My primary health interest is to find sustainable ways to become more resilient in a stressful toxic world. What interested me about […]

Low Caffeine Weight Gain

Beginning in late September I scaled down my caffeine intake. Then in October, I went the entire month without coffee and 21 days without any caffeine. This month I have been on a very low caffeine intake, averaging just 1 cup of coffee a day. I covered that experiment in the article A Month Without […]

Hunting Headaches – A Favorable Trend

In the last installment of Hunting Headaches, I reported that I finally appeared to be making some progress on solving my night headaches. By wearing a mouth guard, I was able to reduce my headache intensity by 45%. For those new to the site, I use spreadsheets to track health metrics. This allows me to […]

Did It! A Month Without Coffee!

I completed my most challenging health experiment to date. I went the entire month of October 2012 without coffee. No decaf either or any food that used coffee for flavoring, such as ice cream. For 21 days of that month, I went 100% caffeine free. My prior record was 100 hours set back in 1997. […]

Hunting Headaches – Progress?

I haven’t posted about my night headaches since May. There are many posts about headaches on this site. When I started the project in March 2011, I was confident that I could figure it out quickly. But I didn’t. I tried many things and nothing seemed to help. Thousands of words have been written so […]

Coffee and Caffeine Detox Update

The month is almost half over, so I thought I’d provide a quick update on My Caffeine Detox Plan. My last coffee was on September 30th. Then for a week, I continued to drink some tea. On Sunday October 7th at Noon, I stopped consuming all tea. I’ve been 100% caffeine free since then. First […]

Results From My 30 Days Without Grains Experiment

I was just reminded that I never posted the outcome to My Current Experiment: 30 Days Without Any Grains. There was a data issue with this test. On September 1st, I got exposed to gluten at a gyro restaurant. That experience led me to post Commercial Gyro Meat is Absolutely Not Gluten Free. Even though the […]

The Guinea Pig Diaries

During a recent trip to the library, I spied this book out of the corner of my eye under Staff Picks. Just look at that cover. I had to read it. The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment by A. J. Jacobs I pride myself on my nutritional experiments. Seems I’ve been thinking […]

My Caffeine Detox Plan

Last week I posted Caffeinated Delusions, which outlined my addiction to caffeine and my desire to overcome that addiction. It also covered how my prior detox attempts were flawed or too short. Well I started down the path a week ago. Immediately I dropped my intake by 50% and then yesterday I dropped my levels again. […]

Update on My Ice Cream Experiment

Last year I only had two servings of ice cream the entire year. I’ve more than made up for it this year. Around March I started eating ice cream on a weekly basis. As we moved from spring to summer, I kept increasing the amount of ice cream I was eating. Then in July I […]

My Current Experiment: 30 Days Without Any Grains

Even though I gave up gluten years ago, I still would from time to time have gluten-free grain options. In the past several months as I’ve increased my carbohydrate levels, I’ve been consuming popcorn and treats from Dolce Lou (now Nuflours), a local GF bakery. At first I thought I was OK with the gluten-free […]

Better Than Bulletproof Coffee

I’ve received several requests to comment on Bulletproof Coffee. The reason I am being asked is not only have I been an active blogger on nutrition for a few years, but I’m also a coffee enthusiast. I run the site INeedCoffee.com and have been home roasting coffee since 1998. I live in Seattle and have taken […]

The Low Histamine Diet

Well the day finally arrived. Yesterday morning my refrigerator had no ferments at all. For the past few weeks, I have been finishing up all my sauerkraut and kimchi in preparation for my latest dietary test. For the next 30 to 60 days, I will go on a highly restrictive low histamine diet. I’m trying to determine […]

Chlorine Shower Filter: 3 Month Update

Back in February I started a test I called Chlorination Elimination Experimentation. I wanted to see if using a shower filter that removed chlorine could positively impact my skin. I was a bit skeptical, but it was too cheap of an experiment not to try. So do I have the skin of angel now? Nope. Everything is […]

Gelatin Supplementation and Deep Sleep

A month or so ago I stumbled across a recommendation for using gelatin supplementation to improve sleep quality. Specifically the theory was that gelatin could minimize early morning awakenings. This idea appealed to me, since the period of my sleep that is the most fragile is that 3 AM to 5 AM period. This is […]

Defending the Quantified Self

I got a healthy dose of criticism on Facebook for the experiment I outlined in the post My Chamomile Tea and Sleep Quality Experiment. To bring everyone up to speed, I design tests and collect data about myself. I am just one member of a growing movement called The Quantified Self. The purpose of my […]

Hunting Headaches – Side Sleep

One of the jobs I had in college was loading trucks for UPS. It was the most exhausting job I’ve ever had. It made Army Basic Training seem like working at a library. One night I came home so worn out that I couldn’t even turn to my side to go to sleep. After an […]

Chlorination Elimination Experimentation

Last week I ended my topical coconut oil experiment and started a new skin experiment. A month ago I was poking around the Underground Wellness site when I found a post about shower filters. My first thought was skepticism. I understood why you filter drinking water, but was doubtful there were risks to city water […]

The Topical Coconut Oil Experiment

When I returned from my trip to Ohio in December parts of my face were dry, slightly red and starting to flake. Damn you veggie oils and gluten! I had read about how some people use coconut oil to both moisturize and rejuvenation their skin. Could coconut oil restore my skin? I decided to do […]

Hunting Headaches: Remaining Suspects in Early 2012

Last March I decided to finally figure out the cause of my late night sinus headaches. I started a headache journal, ran numerous tests and tried several supplements. Nine months later and I still haven’t figured it out. The good news is that many of the things I suspected might be an issue were cleared. […]

Nut Elimination Test Completed

I completed my 30 day elimination test with nuts. At the end of the 30 days, I reintroduced almonds, pistachios, cashews and pecans. The result is I have zero issues with nuts. This is what I expected. However, I did learn something interesting. Almonds by Shelby Root Nuts vs Dairy vs Double Nuts vs Double […]

The Next 30 Day Test: Nuts!

My next 30 Day elimination test will be nuts. Starting on October 29th, I will go 30 days without any nuts or nut butters. Then I will reintroduce nuts, probably almonds, for a period of 4 days and monitor my heath for changes. I don’t expect there to be a problem, but I won’t know […]

My First Week Back on Coffee

In the post What I Learned During My Coffee Detox, I covered the results that I experienced by gradually lowering and eventually taking a full 2 weeks off from coffee. As informative as that test was, I have learned more about how my body reacts to coffee since I resumed espresso drinking just a week […]

What I Learned During My Coffee Detox

The last time I did a serious coffee detox was in 1997. I was long overdue. I got down to a single espresso by August 22nd. In the end, I went 14 days without coffee. During this time, I did still drank tea. I returned to coffee on Saturday. Here is what I learned during […]

30 Day No Dairy Test Complete

Although I messed up a few times, which forced me to restart the test, I have now completed a 30 Day No Dairy test. One of the methods to test to see if dairy is a problem is to completely eliminate it for 30 days. Then reintroduce it for a few days and monitor for […]


I haven’t posted much this week, because I’m feeling really sluggish. I’ve dropped my daily coffee intake to a single espresso (double ristretto). That might not seem extreme to some, but I live in Seattle and INeedCoffee! Today is Day 5 of just 1 espresso. Below is a chart of my coffee intake going back […]

Do Cold Showers Lead to Fat Loss or Fat Gain?

There seems to be some contradictory opinions on whether cold temperature exposure leads to fat loss or fat gain. Before I share my current thoughts, I do want to say that regardless of fat loss, I find cold weather training to highly beneficial for the reasons I listed in the post My Cold Weather Challenge […]

My Case For Self Experimentation

In 2008 I did something that completely changed my outlook on personal health. I embraced the idea that the way to resolve disagreements on what is best for optimal health could be addressed with self experimentation. In the post Intermittent Fasting – Fears and Motivation, I discussed how I was torn between the arguments for […]

Hunting Headaches Take 3

This has been a rough summer for me. Things haven’t turned out like I expected. In addition to personal and financial setbacks, I still have not solved the riddle of my headaches. When I began actively researching a solution to my headaches back in March, I had high confidence that I’d figure it out. After […]

30 Days Without Cheese

I completed another 30 Day experiment. This time I went 30 days without any aged cheese. This restricted me to just cottage cheese and cream cheese. All other types of cheese were eliminated during this period. I was motivated to see if this would have an impact the the frequency and intensity of my headaches. […]

Hunting Headaches Take 2

In the post Hunting Headaches, I shared my headache journal and my inability so far to solve my headache problem or even isolate what type of headaches I’m getting. In the comments, I got a lot of good ideas for things to try next. I created a brand new tab on my headache journal spreadsheet. […]

Be Your Own Dermatologist

From about the time I was in college until two years ago I would occasionally get rosacea outbreaks on my cheeks and forehead. Rosacea is a skin condition that manifests as redness. It is mostly just a cosmetic annoyance. A flare-up can make you look like you are blushing. In 2008, I decided to see […]

30 Days Without Sugar or Fruit

I love a good experiment and I’m about to start a new one. I’ve done 30 days without sugar and 30 days without fruit, but not at the same time. Yesterday I realized that if I really want to test the effects of removing fructose from my diet, then I need to remove both for […]

Life Without Gluten

I am a fan of doing experiments on nutrition and fitness. And although I understand most people do not share my enthusiasm, if I were to pick a single 30 day experiment for mankind it would be to go gluten free. Go 30 days without bread, pasta, beer and cereals. Then after the 30 days, […]

After 30 Days Without Sugar

I completed my 30 Days Without Sugar challenge. It wasn’t hard at all. Actually it was quite easy and it just got easier. The purpose of the test was to see if I could detect any positive health benefits by going from a low sugar diet to a zero sugar diet over 30 days. I […]

No Jacket Required Revisited

In December 2008, I did a post titled No Jacket Required. It detailed my experiment with cold weather exposure. At the end of that winter I shared my results in the post Still No Jacket Required. Since I didn’t post about it this past winter, you might be wondering if it was a one time […]

Nutritional Confidence

On the post My Exercise Program – April 2010, I got a great comment from DHammy regarding my statement that I am much more confident in my knowledge of nutrition than I am in fitness. Im going to take a shot here and suggest that it would be wise to be much less confident in […]